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Kindred Spirits
System: Novel 
Abbreviation: — 
Series: Meetings Sextet 
Author: Mark Anthony, Ellen Porath 
Publisher: TSR 
Publication Date: April 1991 
ISBN-10: 1560760699 
Preceded by: - 
Followed by: Wanderlust

Kindred Spirits is a novel set in the Dragonlance setting. It was written by Mark Anthony and Ellen Porath, based on characters and settings from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance Chronicles series. Published in 1991, it is the first volume of a six-part series on how the Companions first met.


This novel begins in the land of the Qualinesti elves, where Flint Fireforge is invited to because of his legendary metalsmithing. He meets and befriends the young half-elf Tanis, who is a ward of the Speaker of the Sun. Tanis is an outcast, as his mixed blood makes him subject to ridicule in the aristocratic court. Tanis is framed for murder by a jealous rival when the Speaker's daughter declares her love for him, and Flint comes to the rescue of Tanis.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

The book narrates the first meeting between dwarven metalsmith, Flint Fireforge and a young Tanis Half-Elven. While working and living in his hometown of Solace creating jewelry, Flint receives a wondrous summons from the Speaker of the Sun, Solostran who admires Flint's work. Flint journeys to the fabled elven city of Qualinost, where he spends every Spring working on jewelry and projects for the Speaker of the Sun. Foreigners are not allowed in Qualenesti, therefore Flint finds himself an outcast. There he meets Tanis, a thoughtful youth born of a tragic union between elf and man. Flint and Tanis, each being a misfit in their own ways, Flint for being a dwarf and Tanis for being of mixed race, find themselves unlikely friends.


  1. Heeszel, Marlys (April 1991). "Novel Ideas". Dragon (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin: TSR) (#168): 66. 

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