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Improved Manyshot [Epic] Prerequisites: Dex 19, base attack bonus +21, Manyshot, Point Blank Shot, Rapid ShotBenefit: As Manyshot, but the number of arrows the character can fire is limited only by his or her base attack bonus (two arrows, plus one arrow for every 5 points of base attack bonus above +6). Normal: With the Manyshot feat, the character is limited to a maximum of four arrows fired (when the character’s base attack bonus is +16 or higher).Special: Regardless of the number of arrows the character fires, he or she only applies precision-based damage (such as sneak attack damage or the ranger’s favored enemy bonus) once. If the character scores a critical hit, only one of the arrows deals critical damage (character’s choice); all others deal normal damage.

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Facts about "Improved Manyshot"
PrerequisiteDex 19 +, base attack bonus +21 +, Manyshot +, Point Blank Shot + and Rapid Shot +
SummaryYour Manyshot attack increases. +
TitleImproved Manyshot +
TypeEpic +