Tiger Claw (3.5e Martial Discipline)

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Maneuvers of the Tiger Claw Discipline[edit]

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1st-Level Maneuvers

  • Feral Dash: Counter — Jump out of the way of attacks, but don't botch it or you'll be sorry.
  • Sudden Pounce: Strike — Move, then immediately attack, dealing extra damage.
  • Unbalancing Assault: Strike — You recklessly charge an opponent in an attempt to unbalance them.

2nd-Level Maneuvers

  • Distracting Blow: Strike [X-Discipline] — Strike a blow that hits a spellcaster where it hurts - his focus.
  • Stinging Rebound: Strike — Jump and attack a target, then jump back to your starting position while knocking them backwards and prone.

3rd-Level Maneuvers

  • Annoying Blow: Strike [X-Discipline] — Hit your foe with the specific intent of distracting him.
  • Pounce From the Canopy: Rush — Jump, gaining +1d6/+1 skirmish bonuses until your next turn.

4th-Level Maneuvers

  • Dive of the Eagle: Rush — Dive down a cliff and send weight into enemy.
  • Tiger Stalks its Prey: Rush — You make a swift silent movement that evades most form of detection. You become invisible if you are moving through tall grass or heavy foliage.
  • Tiger's Finishing Bite: Strike — Finish off a foe you have pinned with one blow to the neck.

5th-Level Maneuvers

  • Brutal Murder: Strike [Death X-Discipline] — If your enemy is stupid enough to stay within reach, they will suffer dearly.
  • Evasive Prey: Stance — Don't provoke attacks of opportunity for movement. Alternatively provoke, and take counter attacks of opportunity if they miss you.

6th-Level Maneuvers

7th-Level Maneuvers

  • Organ Smasher: Strike [X-Discipline] — Emulating a wild animal finishing off its prey, you attempt to strike your foe so hard and so precisely that it cripples a vital component of their body.

8th-Level Maneuvers

  • Life-Terminating Bite: Strike — Finish off a foe you have pinned with one blow to the neck, striking with such force and precision that no amount of Fortitude can prevent a swift death.
  • Soul of the Tiger: Strike [X-Discipline] — Pounce. Gain bite and claw attacks.

9th-Level Maneuvers

  • Law of the Jungle: Strike — You fly into a thirst for the blood of your enemies and attack at speeds that should be utterly impossible. Your accuracy takes a nosedive, though. (Yep... you substitute accuracy with enthusiasm.)

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