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This table lists all Tome prestige classes on the wiki.

Name Description Balance
Barrister of the Nine A contract broker of the Nine Hells; often times, the contract's collateral is one's soul. Very High
Beast Totem Warrior By wearing beast skins and performing strange rituals, you can gain their power. Very High
Boatman of Styx A ship captain on the River Styx High
Bone Rider Rider of an undead mount High
Boneblade Reaper A hybrid spellcaster-monk who studies death as a form of dark enlightenment. High
Butoh The butoh is an actor so skilled that he can alter his appearance to suit his needs. They make excellent spies, infiltrators, and assassins. High
Celestial Beacon A beacon of light that shines even in the evil of the lower planes. Very High
Corpselight Whisperer Master of decay, and the secrets of the Will-o-Wisps. Very High
Crusader of the Elemental Forces Champion and wielder of the elements! Servant of the Wheel of the Season! One who can stab faces with the all the power of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air! The Crusader of the Elemental Forces! Very High
Death King The will of the people will at times keep a great hero from dying, having them return time and time again. Very High
Death Knight Combining undeath with the dark blessings of fiends, the Death Knight wields powers of both flame and death, able to raise undead servants and armies on his own through his spell-like abilities. Very High
Defiler of Temples A Defiler of Temples is a divine caster who likes ticking off the enemies of his god. Very High
Demon Samurai A warrior who's sworn to the service of a fiend, and granted power for it. Very High
Dragon Lancer A character who rides a level-appropriate dragon. Very High
Dragoon Dragoons specialize in fighting extremely large enemies. They prefer spears for this purpose because of the simplicity of use and the reach. With a bit of natural magic and a lot of hard work, they grow to be capable of incredible maneuvers. Very High
Dragoon, Variant You jump good and slay big monsters! Very High
Drunken Master, Tome AKA, the Drunk Monk. Uses Dungeonomicon Monk High
Dungeon Veteran You're well-suited to exploring and surviving dungeons. Moderate
Elothar Warrior of Bladereach A rather campaign specific prestige class. Very High
Fuuma Ninja The Fuuma ninja is a member of the myserious Fuuma clan, who seeks to undermine whatever society your world has with insidious plots and sleeper agents. Unquantifiable
Golem-Knight of Mechanus Super-crafter and tank extraordinaire. Very High
Heartless Mage The Heartless Mage obtains a stoic form of immortality. Very High
Hellwalker A wanderer of the lower planes. High
Henkan Mystic Some monks believe it possible for humans to transform into divinity. High
Imperial Policeman The imperial policeman is somewhat similar to the justicar from Complete Warrior, except he gains his power and authority from the emperor. Not only is he good at taking in lawbreakers, but he is also adept at politics, since he can arrest anyone who is guilty. High
Initiate of the Black Tower An enslaver of fiends Very High
Juggernaut Knight A Knightly prestige class focused on ultimate defense and protection. High
Legendary Strategist A guy who is good at telling other people what to do and have it work out okay. Very High
Lord of the Damned Student of the forces that create undead, you build a veritable army. Very High
Lurker in the Swarm Undead Beekeeper (no, really). Very High
Majo-Kari The majo-kari is an adaptation of the witch hunter from Oriental Adventures, meant for a Tome setting. They hunt down and kill teh evilz. Very High
Master of Snake Mountain Whenever you find a dungeon, take it over. Get eyebeams. Very High
Master of the Seven Necromantic Mysteries Necromancer extraordinaire, the Master of the Seven Necromantic Mysteries has control over life and death. Very High
Monitor Monitors are nihilistic Monks with their roots in the Kuo-Toa culture High
Mummy Lord The Mummy Lords are the top of the Mummies. Very High
Name Mage The Name Mage is a spellcaster who focuses on the useage of Name magic, and gains power through his True Name and the True Names of others. Very High
Ninja Enigmatic shadow warriors, the ninja are mysterious assassins and spies. High
Ninja of Gax Totally not a ninja! Very High
Nito Master The Nito Master is a samurai who specializes in using his katana and wakizashi at the same time. Very High
Progenitor of the Gith You were a slave to the illithids. Now you're not, and you've gained from the experience. High
Pumpkin King Leader of magical pumpkins Very High
Seeker of the Lost Wizard Traditions Use the old ways of magic to destroy the new ways. Very High
Seer of the Tempest A half-mad mage of Pandemonium. High
Shadowdancer, Clockwerks Variant A more flavorful variation of the Shadowdancer that's open to more than just Rogues. Very High
Shadowdancer, Tome A Shadowdancer variant that doesn't make us cry., {{{summary}}} Very High
Shubosha The shubosha is neither a martial adept nor a spellthrowing dude. Instead, he focuses on politics and amassing a crapload of followers. Very High
Skindancer A unique type of assassin who wears the skins of his victims High
Soul Merchant An arbitrator and salesman in the business of souls Unquantifiable
Speaker for the Dead A guardian of the souls of the dead, their voices, and their memories. High
Stranger with the Burning Eyes Living a parasitic existence, the Stranger occupies bodies of others in a twisted form of immortality. Very High
Sword Dancer Through swordsmanship and spell casting, some warriors can charge their blade with magical energy and gain great acrobatic prowess. Very High
Team Rocket Executive Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Moderate
Thief of Souls A thief after the most treasured possessions of all. Very High
Uttercold Assault Necromancer A gentlemanly officer in a corps of mindless undead. Very High

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