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These tables list all the homebrew 3.5e prestige classes on the wiki. You can also view this page in category format, if you wish.

Name Description Minimum Level Length Balance Point
Aboleth Disciple Your psionics awaken some hidden power, revealing the abolethian tainting of your ancestors. 5 10 High
Abomination Abominations have been present throughout history, some making themselves well known such as the Frankenstein monster, whilst many have tried to emulate their hideous appearance, it takes a truly twisted and deformed mind to create such a being. Though it takes much more vision to become one as opposed to giving life to one... 5 10 High
Abyssal Alchemist An Abyssal Alchemist is a very very special spellcaster, she is an expert of twisting and transmuting the chaotic primal essence of the demons, lords of the abyss. 5 5 High
Abyssal Blackguard A knight of the Abyss, serving their lord with the power of their sword. 5 Very High
Adversarialist The Adversarialist embody the idea of the opposer, causing discord and opposing the Gods. 6 8 High
Aeon Walker In this world, time walkers find themselves offered many thousand different paths to walk, the path of the aeon walker is one such path., A man with a friendly, welcoming air about him, wearing some fine padded pieces of armor, with a thin blade slung over his shoulder. 2 10 High
Aghori Guru The Aghori are a small cult of occult monks that worship a deity of destruction and rejuvanation, delving into eldritch arts and specializing in grappling foes. 6 10 Moderate
Air Cutter Martial warriors who have linked themselves with the power of air, they dash at great speed unbound by earth's grip. 6 10 High
Airship Pilot Control the skies in your own airship. You may be a army commander or a pirate captain, but you own the air! 8 5 High
Akuma Samurai A rework of the Demon Samurai to be more usable without much tome stuff in games. 5 5 Very High
Angel Disciple Those with angelic heritage can draw on their blood to transform into a higher power of good. 6 10 Moderate
Animal Soul Some find themselves drawn to certain animals. Some have a bond so strong they eventually become part of that animal. 6 10 Moderate
Animorph A class which grant the ability to turn into various animals. 3 4 Unquantifiable
Antitheist Antitheists come from many different pantheons and groups. More often the results of dogmatic cultures. They are disillusioned by group-think and the spirits of the times. In the past, anthitheists have been called sorcerers, witches, pagans and satanists. This sensationalism is far from true, it would be more accurate to say that they are iconoclasts. Antitheists of all forms have a lot of abilities that counter clerics, paladins, holy warriors and other illusionists. Surprisingly, antitheist, are not devil-worshippers. Antitheists despise religion and group-think. However, antitheists see a value in going on the offensive against divine spell-casters – using the symbols of Satanism to dispel and thwart holy powers. 5 10 High
Antmaster Antmaster are telepaths or latents telepath who were capable of created a ant hivemind. 2 5 High
Ape Warrior Those that attune themselves with the revered power of great apes gain the power to transform themselves into apes and retain some of their abilities. 7 10 Moderate
Arcane Lord A prestige class for extremely powerful spellcasters. 15 5 Very High
Arcane Thief You are a mage and a thief, an arcane thief. Hey! at least it better than Thiefmage. 5 10 Very High
Arcane Trickmaster What if Arcane Trickster didn't suck so much... 6 10 High
Arcane Trickster, Variant A high-powered version of the arcane trickster prestige class from the Dungeon Master's Guide. 6 High
Arch-Golem Execution Girlfriend Obsessive and clingy robotic death machine 6 10 Very High
Archblade The elite of those who take up arms, they are masters of the physical blows. 12 5 High
Archermage An Arcane Archer fix with more versatility. Also no longer limited to arcane spellcasters. 5 5 Very High
Archkineticist Extend the Pyrokineticist class to become master of all elements, even force! 7 5 High
Archmage A less boring, and somewhat better, Archmage. 13 5 Very High
Archmage, Variant A remake of the archmage class from the Dungeon Master’s Guide. 5 Very High
Archmagus Combine both prepared arcane spellcasting and spontaneous spellcasting. The Archmagus is a remake of the Ultimate MagusCM. 5 10 Very High
Archpsion The masters of psionics, as archmages are to wizards. 13 5 Very High
Argent Battle Mage A class focused on dealing force damage and manipulating force energies. Very High
Art Flow User A person infused with the power of the Art Flow, gifted with phenomenal creative power and outrageous durability. Just stay away from water. 8 10 Very High
Arthroparch A master of vermin, with the unique ability to bend them to his will. 7 10 High
Ascetic There are people in this world who seek wisdom, and they are known as monks. Then there are people who actually have become wise, and they are known as wise men. But then there are Ascetics, and they are as to wise men as wise men are to monks. 5 10 High
Awakened Blade An Awakened Blade has transcended being a mere swordsman and can alter reality with her blade. 11 5 Very High
Baatorian Arcanovore Special agents of a cryptic and infernal order from the 9 Hells that specialize in the elimination of arcane spellcasters and outsiders. Intended for campaigns that allow Outsider PCs, or as an NPC Outsider class. 7 10 Very High
Barbarian, Sublime An alternate way to use barbarians in your campaign (a prestige class that warblades can follow). 5 15 High
Bardbarian Barbarians and Bards have always been a good combination. This makes them overlap more effectively. 6 11 High
Baron of the Grave The divine hand of the undead, the royalty and master of the undead, and the blurring of line between life and death., A woman sits there in the dark, holding her head high as her hand rests up the arm of the golden throne. 5 10 Very High
Barrister of the Nine A contract broker of the Nine Hells; often times, the contract's collateral is one's soul. 9 10 Very High
Battle Barmaid A battle barmaid is exactly what it sounds like. 2 10 High
Battle Chemist You are a master of potions, able to employ them to great effect. 3 5 High
Battle Engineer A battle Artificer, focusing on tactical abilities. 6 10 Very High
Battle Robot A modification of Eiji-kun's Mechwarrior for those who want to play an robot instead of a mech pilot. 3 10 High
Battlerunner Running from target to target like a proper skirmisher, you fight best when facing many enemies all lined up and ready to die. 5 10 High
Beast Totem Warrior By wearing beast skins and performing strange rituals, you can gain their power. 10 10 Very High
Beholder Aspirant You embrace the powers of beholders, gaining eyestalks which can launch your spells out at range. 3 10 Very High
Bender of Energy The Bender of Energy talked to a big reptile, and can permanently remove people's abilities now. 7 1 High
Black Healer A black healer is using forbidden spells to heal other people. 4 5 Very High
Black Knight A re-vamped take on the Blackguard class, granting dark powers to fallen paladins and criminals everywhere. 6 10 Very High
Blackfire Zealot A remake of the Black Flame Zealot from Complete Divine, effectively a divine assassin. 4 10 Very High
Blade Dancer Students of the Sublime Way with a preference for theatrics find a way to express their love of dance through martial combat. 7 10 High
Blade Invoker Combine invocations and maneuver in one single package. 4 10 Very High
Blade of the Heavens A remake of the Fist of Raziel, make paladin really good at smiting. 6 10 High
Blademaster of Shambhala A five level prestige class that Pursues Perfect Mastery of a Weapon 11 5 High
Bladesong Warrior A bard who stops training his arcane abilities to become a graceful sword fighter. 5 10 High
Blighted Soul A blighted soul is more or less a being literally made of poison. 3 10 Very High
Blind Fighter To become a blind fighter, you must first blind yourself. Very High
Blood Knight Fighting. Fighting all the time. 10 10 Very High
Blood Mage A mage highly attuned to blood, just as advertised. 4 5 Very High
Blood Warlock A blood-themed spellcaster., A spider-obsessed blood magister with a summoning background. 5 10 Very High
Blue Vizier/Al-Zwuri The Al-Zwuri, or Blue Viziers, are hydromancer warlocks. They get their powers from pacts with mighty marids and use them for ruling, knowledge and religious ceremonies. 6 10 High
Boatman of Styx A ship captain on the River Styx 5 10 High
Body Snatcher A psionic variant of the Stranger with Burning Eyes, using the much less convenient mind switch power. 7 10 Very High
Bohemian Drifter A odd traveler who wander the world, learning odd and somehow mystical skills. 2 10 High
Bone Rider Rider of an undead mount 4 5 High
Bone Rider, Rebuilt A remake and retooling of Tome of War's Bone Rider, 6 High
Boneblade Reaper A hybrid spellcaster-monk who studies death as a form of dark enlightenment. 6 10 High
Boss A class/template for any major villain 10 5 Unquantifiable
Butoh The butoh is an actor so skilled that he can alter his appearance to suit his needs. They make excellent spies, infiltrators, and assassins. 7 10 High
Cacophonous Knight A gish class which employs sonic damage, all of the sonic damage. 4 10 Very High
Capnomancer Able to draw knowledge and power out of smoke and vapor, the capnomancer is the master of cloud effects and inhaled dangers. 4 6 Unquantifiable
Capra Spawn Those who don the cursed mask of the capra demon can call on its power, and transform into something like a capra demon themselves. 7 3 High
Carnage Princess Carnage Princesses chop people up with swords. That is their specialty. A prestige class for Samurai. 5 10 Very High
Carnage Zealot A character who blends essentia and maneuvers to achieve the most soulful of combinations. 7 4 High
Carrier of Bceilieod You develop an affinity for the bacteria living inside you. 6 5 High
Cauldron Chanter The Cauldron Chanter can cast spells from any distance, although it takes a lot of time. This is a pure casting prestige class that is casting system independent. 5 3 Very High
Caustic The warlock's pact with greater infernal powers has ended, and his power begins to turn on him. His blood becomes acid, slowly killing his body. But, the infernal power is also keeping him alive. This paradox occurring within the warlock ravages his body, but awakens powers inside him to stimulate his mind and further combat opponents. He is a Caustic, and every inch of him is trying to kill him. But, every inch of him... is fighting to stay alive. 10 10 High
Celestial Beacon A beacon of light that shines even in the evil of the lower planes. 7 10 Very High
Cenobite of Want A cenobite of Want is a martial initiator who seek to learn all maneuvers, through stealing them. 7 10 Very High
Cerebral Animator The cerebral animator stimulates the central nervous system of the dead and makes their bodies move, making him the psionic equivalent to the necromancer. 6 10 Very High
Cerebremancer The cerebremancer combines powerful arcane or divine spellcasting with psionic powers to create truly awesome might. 4 10 Very High
Chainlord Gain various abilities with the spiked chain, largely focused on grappling and slamming opponents. 5 10 High
Champion of Pretapodr One who seeks to bring good and light to the world, sometimes through personality manipulation, and sometimes through sharp objects. Basically a Paladin. 6 5 High
Chaos Engineer A Chaos Engineer blow shit up with bombs. 5 5 High
Cheerleader Give me a B! Give me an A! Give me an R! Give me a D! Bards who focus on supporting through dance and song can find their efforts rewarded as a cheerleader (or marching leader for a more manly look on it). 5 10 High
Chemist Potion crafting and user expert. 6 10 High
Chi Blocker The ability to hit people in their chi pathways is yours to command. 3 5 High
Chosen by Gadlnaom Gadlnaom chooses to grant you visions of the future for your own benefit. 6 5 High
Church Hunter Drawn from faithful ranks of rangers and paladins, these hunters strike down the enemies of the church and other monstrous ilk. 5 6 High
Clairvoyant Diviners supreme, the clairvoyant has eyes everywhere. Nowhere is safe from his prying gaze. 5 10 Very High
Clayshaper A spellcaster with the ability to manipulate and infuse clay with magic. 5 5 Very High
Cloaktower Watchman An arcane agent and spellweaving combatant in the service of the Cloaktower of Neverwinter. 5 10 Very High
Cogblessed Maker Be Doctor Wily in DnD! 8 6 Very High
Collector of Legendary Blades A Collector of Legendary Blades seek legendary weapons and other items to add to his or her collection. 4 10 Very High
Combo Maker You hit things until your combo meter fills up, and then big explosions ensue. 4 6 High
Construct Gadgeteer A construct gadgeteer is an expert at making and tweaking constructs. 3 3 High
Contemplative Meditant A remake of the meditant, a class for zen psionics. 5 10 High
Corpselight Assassin Revived from death rogue who becomes stronger against outsiders and undead. 6 5 High
Corpselight Whisperer Master of decay, and the secrets of the Will-o-Wisps. 6 10 Very High
Counter Mage 10 Very High
Craftsman A master mundane craftsman 4 10 Moderate
Crepuscular Visage These warlocks gain power by mixing light and darkness, manipulating positive and negative energies to do their bidding. 6 10 High
Crimson Corsair A rebuild of the Scarlet Corsair prestige class, become a feared pirate of the seas. 5 10 High
Crimson Inheritor The Crimson Inheritor has realized the power in combining the bloods of demons and dragons that run through they're veins, those who have fully realized this potential deign to use magic like a blunt instrument. 3 3 Very High
Crow Assassin A rebuild of the assassin class, made to be good and fun to use. 5 10 High
Crusader of the Elemental Forces Champion and wielder of the elements! Servant of the Wheel of the Season! One who can stab faces with the all the power of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air! The Crusader of the Elemental Forces! 11 10 Very High
Cyborg Ninja Due to accident or intentional augmentation, they have rebuilt you. Faster. Stronger. More weeaboo. You are... the cyborg ninja. 1 10 High
Daggerspell Mage, Rebuild A remake the daggerspell mage class. 5 5 Very High
Darkdrawn Priest Once in a new moon, a deity of great ability (and dark intent) will contact a powerful user of shadow magic, telling them of the dark powers to be had if they simply choose to worship them. Those rare few who accept are often regarded as the most powerful of all shadowcasters. 6 10 Very High
Darkhunter Depraved hunters of things more evil than themselves, Darkhunters turn darkness back upon itself to satisfy their own thirst for blood. 5 5 Very High
Darkwraith Assassin The initiator rogue, he combines sneak attacks with martial maneuvers. 5 10 High
Death King The will of the people will at times keep a great hero from dying, having them return time and time again. 8 6 Very High
Death Knight Combining undeath with the dark blessings of fiends, the Death Knight wields powers of both flame and death, able to raise undead servants and armies on his own through his spell-like abilities. 6 5 Very High
Defiler of Temples A Defiler of Temples is a divine caster who likes ticking off the enemies of his god. 6 5 Very High
Demi-god A class for new, weaker gods. 6 5 High
Demon Samurai A warrior who's sworn to the service of a fiend, and granted power for it. 5 5 Very High
Demonbinder Demonbinder are either the the master or the bane of all fiends, they are able to perform incredible task against or with them.... 8 10 Very High
Demonologist A demonologist study demons and use their power to further their own gains. 4 8 Very High
Depraved Cultist A depraved cultist is a powerful worshiper of an eldritch god. 5 6 Very High
Dervish of the Dark Dance The Dervish of the Dark Dance is the blade dance Personified, wielding his Greatsword with an almost unnatural grace. 5 10 High
Desert Initiate A desert initiate is a divine spellcaster with desert oriented powers. 4 5 High
Desert Thief A desert thief is a master of the desert wind discipline and fighting with two-weapons. 3 5 High
Destructive Warrior Destructive Warriors are the best in the art of battle and massacre their opponents. 10 Moderate
Deva Proselyte The deva proselyte is a path to becoming a martial celestial outsider with several Charisma-based abilities. 5 10 High
Devourer A ranger who develops a taste for his victims and a habit of transforming into them. 4 3 Very High
Dihiryn Shadowwright Dihiryn shadowwrights are Dihiryn who take full advantage of their natural prowess with shadow. 8 10 Low
Direfrost Knight Bound with an uncontrolled connection with cold magic, the very force of it warps the direfrost knight's body into an elemental force of absolute freezing force. 5 10 Moderate
Dirgesinger, Variant A remake of the dirgesinger from Libris Mortis. 3 5 Very High
Disciple of Athe A cleric of atheism, and its Goddess, Athe. No, really. 5 3 Very High
Disciple of the Spectral Tiger Mystic shamans who have learned to bring predatory spirits into the world. 6 5 Very High
Disciple of the Undying Cold A necromancer who embraces the power of bitter cold, eventually becoming undead himself. 7 10 Very High
Divine Healer A devout Cleric of Pelor who is as kind as he is wise. High
Divine Trickster A divine trickster is a divine version of the arcane trickmaster, focusing more around the use of the trickery domain than legerdermain., ??The Arcane Trickster for divine casters. 4 10 Very High
Dizzy Master The dizzy master is a warrior who has learned how to harness the power and momentum of being dizzy. 6 5 Moderate
Doombinder This binder prestige class binds you strongly to apocalyptic and eldritch vestiges, limiting your options but improving your abilities. 7 6 Very High
Dracolichbound For a caster-focused template, based on Lichbound, but now for dragons! 10 5 Very High
Draculus Nocturnus A prestige class designed to advance the Draculus template. 12 6 Very High
Dragon Aspirant Warriors who bind themselves to draconic mentors, gaining potent draconic magics 4 10 Very High
Dragon Lancer A character who rides a level-appropriate dragon. 9 5 Very High
Dragon Theurge Dragonfire adept version of the eldritch theurge prestige class with spellcasting advancement. 6 10
Dragoon Dragoons specialize in fighting extremely large enemies. They prefer spears for this purpose because of the simplicity of use and the reach. With a bit of natural magic and a lot of hard work, they grow to be capable of incredible maneuvers. 5 10 Very High
Dragoon, Variant You jump good and slay big monsters! 8 5 Very High
Dread Impaler A warrior who gain blasphemous and semi-vampiric abilities from a dark ritual 7 6 High
Dream Lord The masters of sleep and distillers of fear; dream lords are the Warriors of Morality, supplanting their own ideas on what is right and wrong. 5 5 High
Dreaming Summoner A Dreaming Summoner pull her summoned creature from the plane of dreams. 5 Very High
Drunken Master, Tome AKA, the Drunk Monk. Uses Dungeonomicon Monk 5 10 High
Dualist The dualist is a duelist with dual weapons. She is a melee fighter who relies on exceptionally quick reflexes above all else; as she parries and dodges, she waits for the opportune moment to strike - and then presses her advantage relentlessly. 5 5 High
Dungeon Veteran You're well-suited to exploring and surviving dungeons. 6 5 Moderate
Dwarven Defender A fix to the Dwarven Defender class. Now with features that don't render you a useless lump. 5 10 High
Dwarven Destroyer Dwarven Defenders are great, but sometimes the dwarves need to go on the offensive. Enter the Dwarven Destroyer, master of axe and hammer. 8 10 High
Earth Breaker Martial warriors who have linked themselves with the power of earth, imbued with heavy power. 6 10 High
Eatshaper You are what you eat, and technically everything is edible. Transform into your foes by eating them. 4 6 High
Ebon Bowman Beneath the earth, a group of archers have learned to channel copious amounts of shadowstuff into their bows, empowering their shots with dark power. 6 10 High
Ebon Eye Ninja Divination focused spies and infiltrators, using stealth and magic hand in hand. 4 10 High
Edgemaster Fighters don't get nice things, especially at high level. Well now they do, it's Fighter Elite! 10 10 Very High
Eidolon Aspirant Be they master thieves, radical cultists, or spellcasters who want ghostly powers, eidolon aspirants seek to become more like ghosts, sometimes even sacrificing their mortal lives in that pursuit. 10 5 Very High
Elastic Wonder Stretch yourself to the extreme. 2 5 High
Eldritch Agent A secret operative that blends arcane power with supernatural stealth and infiltration skills. 7 10 Very High
Eldritch Assassin Warlock, Rogue, Assassin 3 10 High
Eldritch Blade Esoteric warriors who combine martial prowess with a warlock's invocations., Eldritch essence invocation that infuses your hexblade's curse into eldritch blast. 6 10 Very High
Eldritch Blast Specialist Increases Eldritch Blast Damage High
Eldritch Necromancer Warlocks with a necromantic edge, they can command the undead as well as any cleric. 6 10 Very High
Eldritch Weaver One eldritch blast a round? No. Welcome to Bullet Hell. 5 10 Very High
Elemental Champion A knight who wields the combined powers of the four elements. 6 5 Very High
Elemental Warrior A knight who wields the combined powers of the four elements. 6 5 Very High
Elothar Warrior of Bladereach A rather campaign specific prestige class. 6 14 Very High
Elven Ascender Through intense training and magic, ascend into an elven form. 2 1 Moderate
Enlightened Fist A mystical fighter that uses astral copies. 7 10 High
Enlightened Spirit In The Dungeon This a remake of the Enlightened Spirit from Complete Mage and it's part of the In The Dungeon series.

These warlocks are few and far in between, having renounced their evil ways, or at least demonic connection, to embrace Light or some good superior entity. Their powers remind of a classic cleric or paladin, engaged in constant war with undeads and fiends. || 5|| 10|| Moderate

Ensorcelled Duelist A magical combatant who combine swashbuckling and spellcasting, using a weapon she wield mostly through magic. 6 10 Very High
Entropic Wanderer Entropic Wanderers are those who combine their innate ability to step outside time with the power of the all-consuming blackness within their own souls. 6 10 Very High
Erinys Sometimes called Furies, Erinyes (plural of Erinys) are heralds of justice and death, bringing righteous vengeance to those who deserve it.

They are relentless in their chase, hunting down evildoers of any kind, flying miles to reach them and exempt swift justice. They are similar to the inevitables in their doing.

This class is intended for the favored soul variant: Favored Soul In The Dungeon, but with little adaptation should be fit for the paladin, ranger and cleric class. || 8|| 10|| Very High

Esoteric Inventor A creator and an engineer that combines the acuity of the mind with eldritch knowldege to build powerful contructs and golems, infused with occult energies. 8 10 Very High
Esoteric Investigator A class for investigator and detectives. 3 10 Unquantifiable
Esoteric Maker Be Doctor Frankenstein in DnD! 8 6 Very High
Eternal Guardian A mimic decided to protect her master until the very end. 5 5 Very High
Eternal Incarnate A spellcaster who mastered the art of reincarnation, being able to modify the cycle and recall former lives memories. 7 8 Very High
Ether Knight A ancient khen-zai fighting style that combines the Etherblade with arcane magic. 8 10 Very High
Exalted Saint You are super good and receive appropriate super good abilities. 5 10 High
Executioner Sneak attack with a greatsword like blade and leave a bloody mess 6 10 Moderate
Exiled Ruler Your kingdom has been without a rightful ruler long enough 5 High
Faerie Warlock The warlocks of the Faerie Covenant are mysterious arcanists that benefit from a pact made with a powerful fairy lord or queen or other similar natural spirits. Every pact is usually made with a different fairy for each warlock so they are not a cohesive society, reflecting the chaotic nature of their patrons. 10 High
Fairy Godmother Become a stereotypical Disney fairy godmother. 8 5 Very High
Faithsworn Hunter The Ranger, a stealthy huntsmen capable of delivering death from melee or at range. The Paladin, stalwart warrior of the Faith. Combined, they are a force to be feared. 5 Very High
False Prophet The false prophet sets themselves up within the clergy of others, performing miracles while subtly subverting their dogma from the inside out. 8 10 Very High
Fang of the Four Winds Students of the Desert Wind discipline expand their mastery over fire until other elements of the world. 5 10 High
Farspawn Scion Release your inner eldritch beast as you obtain the half-farspawn template. 5 10 High
Fell Contract You renew your pact, gaining more invocations at the cost of normal class abilities. 6 5 High
Fell Scholar A Prestige Class that allow spellcasters, both arcane or divine, to pursue the study of dark spells and occult methods. 6 Very High
Fell Warrior The warlock's answer to the spellcaster's eldritch knight 6 10 High
Fencer You are supreme with rapiers and rapier-like weapons. 4 10 High
Fighter Elite The best of fighters get a promotion to fighter elite, and have the skills to show for it. 4 16 High
Flare Buster Martial warriors who have linked themselves with the power of fire, their souls burn with an unquenchable flame to cause all their problems to... explode! 6 10 High
Flesh Alchemist Some alchemists, instead of applying their concoctions to the enemy, use alchemy to transform themselves into monsters 5 5 Very High
Fleshcrafter A crafter, weaver and stitcher of mort flesh 8 10 Very High
Fleshcrafter, Liber Demonica A student of the obyriths, the fleshcrafter transforms their own body and those of others. 5 Very High
Follower of the Third Synergistic abilities between Diamand Mind and Hero's Edge martial disciplines 6 5 High
Force Missile Specialist A remake of the Force Missile Mage PrC from Dragon Compendium, it focuses entirely on turning magic missile into a powerful weapon of destruction. 5 5 High
Forsaker A Magic Forsaking Warrior who specializes in defeating Spellcasters and Destroying Magic Items. He relies on quick wits, quicker reflexes, and sturdy fortitude to protect himself from the twisted corruption that is Magic. 1 10 High
Fortune Spinner Spin the wheel of fortune itself through fate and luck magic. 6 10 High
Fuuma Ninja The Fuuma ninja is a member of the myserious Fuuma clan, who seeks to undermine whatever society your world has with insidious plots and sleeper agents. 3 10 Unquantifiable
Gambler Life is the luck of the draw, now you learn how to bring some of that random fortune to your bidding. 3 10 High
Geometer In The Dungeon Geometers are magicians and master mathematicians, employing both arcane and divine spells. They use the power of numbers and physics to enhance their magic. 6 5 Very High
Ghost A spectre, conscience-controlling class that rules how others think - but not without a price. 5 5 High
Ghostlight Exorcist A ghostlight exorcist as a combatant who use her skill to fight ghosts and other incorporeal threats. 4 6 High
Glaive The King's Glaive is an elite group of rogue-ish fighters who specialize in a teleporting maneuver called Warp Strike. These people gain their power from a royal line of magical kings, these are among the most elite strike forces in the world able to wield magic as well as hold themselves up in battle. 5 High
Godling Turns you into a god, without breaking the game 7 10 Moderate
Golem Fist A Golem Fist turn a golem's fists into her own weapon. 7 10 Very High
Golem-Knight of Mechanus Super-crafter and tank extraordinaire. 8 Very High
Gravelord A gravelord is a master of summoning undead creature 6 5 Very High
Gravitist Gravitists specialize in manipulating gravity. 2 10 Moderate
Gray Monk Life is disparity. Life and death, light and dark, good and evil. The Gray Monk rejects these, and embraces the peaceful gray existance. 7 10 High
Griffon Rider Throughout history, people have fought on top of their loyal steeds, however, there is that rare warrior who goes beyond the standard land- or sea- based steeds. Thus, we find the Griffon Riders! 10 10 High
Grim Reaper
Guardian A defensive warrior clad in a thick coat of steel, standing in front of allies and protecting them from harm. 5 10 High
Half-Jinn The half-jinn prestige class is a method for characters to embrace their jinn ancestry, and gain power from it. 2 8 Moderate
Hammerlord A warrior with a huge hammer and know how to use it. 5 10 High
Handyman A class with an extreme focus on skills, and making the most out of them. They are, bar none, the top class at using skills. 3 12 Moderate
Haunted Doll Collector A Haunted Doll Collector is the owner of strange occult dolls with odd magical powers. 5 10 Very High
Heartless Mage The Heartless Mage obtains a stoic form of immortality. 9 5 Very High
HellFire Destroyer Fire. The Hellfire destroyer is a mage whose body has been through the devastating heat of the Hellfire. The presence of the Hellfire in his very soul does not consume him like the others, instead, he takes power from it becoming one with the flame itself, sharing the instinct of burning everything in his path. 7 10 Very High
Hellmaster Hellmasters are those damned souls who dared to deal with the devil. 10 Very High
Hellwalker A wanderer of the lower planes. 5 5 High
Henkan Mystic Some monks believe it possible for humans to transform into divinity. 7 10 High
Hiveplague Savant You've given into the terrible diease afflicting you, and now it gives back and makes you stronger. 10 5 Very High
Holographer An holographer is a specialist of light, using it to create various illusions and hurt her opponents. 5 10 Very High
Holy Hunter A Ranger devoted to the eradication of evil 6 10 High
Holy Knight Holy Knights have the most Devoted Spirits of all the champions of good and law, and have been granted a minute bit of divinity of their own. 6 10 High
Host of Possessions A binder that welcome more and more vestige into herself, as well as some other abilities. 4 10 High
Iaijutsu Master A master of the drawn blade, the Iaijutsu Master can cut faster than the eye can see. 6 10 High
Iaijutsu Master - Unoffical Update 7 10 Moderate
Idol Priest A idol priest use a false deity created by herself to draw more divine power. 6 10 Very High
Illusionary Weapons Master The illusionary weapons master is a spellcaster who specializes in illusions, and can create illusions so realistic that they actually border on reality. They use this to cast superior illusion spells and create fearsome illusion weapons with which they can vanquish a large array of foes. 5 10
Imago Quori Quori have melded with man to make kalasthar, but what happens when man attempts to meld with quori? 5 10 Very High
Immortalist Some are cowards, some fear death more than anything else in the world. Some become liches, undead or other non-living abominations. Some others don't want to surrender the pleasures of flesh. They take the path of the immortalist. 15 5 Very High
Impediment There are those in this world who claim that they cannot be stopped by anything, then there are those who stop them., The shadowy figure stood calmly in the moonlight, three stones whirling around his head. He grinned widely, his teeth glinting in the ghostly light. 6 10 High
Imperial Knight Loyal to the Empire unto death, the Imperial Knight both gains and gives much for his service. 6 10 Moderate
Imperial Policeman The imperial policeman is somewhat similar to the justicar from Complete Warrior, except he gains his power and authority from the emperor. Not only is he good at taking in lawbreakers, but he is also adept at politics, since he can arrest anyone who is guilty. 5 10 High
In-Denial FATALite A joke class about nobody in particular. 4 5 Low
Inanomancer The Inanomancer wields Spell Words like a blunt instrument applied swiftly to the head, causing confusion, havoc, and very little to do with careful spell design. 5 5 High
Indeterminable The Indeterminable is a three level prestige class that adds a bit of versatility to a character. With good Saves and BAB, he doesn't lose out on his combat abilities, and his ability to keep calm in any situation allows him to make checks that others could not. 5 3 High
Initiate of the Black Tower An enslaver of fiends 9 10 Very High
Instantaneous Fabricator An Instantaneous Fabricator is capable of creating vast swath of items in record time using supernatural abilities. 7 5 Very High
Ioun Master The Ioun Master has unlocked the true abilities of Ioun Stones, he my use them as weapons and gain further abilities form them. 5 5 High
Iron Buddha Heavy élite warriors and horsemen, these monk-like fighters wear armor and perform incredible techniques. 6 10 Moderate
Ironclad Knight The ironclad knight is master of wearing armor, able to move in even the heaviest of full plate like it was nothing. 3 5 Moderate
Item God Specialist with a specific item. 7 10 Very High
Jack of All Trades Jack of all trades, master of none. 5 10 Unquantifiable
Jack of Swords A three level prestige class that Pursues Perfect Mastery of a Weapon 11 3 Very High
Jogger Some people really like running. 3 5 High
Johnnya4344/sandbox/Master of Unlife There is an art to creating undead. Some do it the simple way, while you sacrifice all diversity in your undead armada to have crazy awesome zombies. 6 10 Very High
Jubilant Dazzler Throw sparkles and magic fireworks around, somehow efficient at it too. 2 6 Very High
Juggernaut Knight A Knightly prestige class focused on ultimate defense and protection. 15 5 High
Kamikaze The kamikaze's body has become unstable to the point where sudden impact causes his body to explode. The kamikaze learns how to control these explosions and learns to exercise a variety of powers with them. 5 10 Moderate
Karmic Healer A healer who focus on both positive and negative energy. 5 5 Very High
Kinesics Combatant A Kinesics Combatant is an expert at reading body language, making them expert at dodging and countering. 4 6 Very High
King of Racers Become a master of driving cars, turning a vehicle into a weapon. 2 3 Unquantifiable
Knight Specter A knight specter is a spellcaster/warrior who use the power of incorporeality to defeat her foes. 5 8 Very High
Knight of Kabong A mysterious hero with a stringed instrument for a weapon 6 5 High
Knight of the Broken Halo Not every fallen paladin falls unto evil. Some redirect their conviction to a more benign focus on good or law. 6 10 High
Knight of the Ebon Storm Using the power of controlled rage, the Ebon Knight embodies the principals of his Lord Crosis to bring order to the world. 6 10 Moderate
Legend Knight A Bard/Paladin prestige class who makes their own destiny instead of writing about someone else's. Focuses on support magic, such as healing and buffing allies. 7 10 Very High
Legendary Strategist A guy who is good at telling other people what to do and have it work out okay. 6 5 Very High
Lichbound For a caster-focused template, Lichdom is caster suicide, only barely passable for, ironically, melee characters. Now gain lichdom without 4 lost levels. 10 5 Very High
Life Master Class that fuses the Mender with a divine class 6 10 Very High
Literate Mage Mystic Theurge for the Wordmaster or the Word Wizard. 6 14 Very High
Livemetal Adept Use arcane power to become a construct. Perhaps what the green Star Adept should have been. 5 10 Very High
Living Tornado Spin so fast you turn into a tornado. 4 10 High
Lord Knight Holy warriors, crusaders for the cause of their lords, ladies and gods, the Lord Knight fights for all that is good and orderly in this chaotic, unpredictable world, Sir Morlan is the lord residing over the small town of Black Hill, a man only recently past his prime. 4 10 High
Lord of the Damned Student of the forces that create undead, you build a veritable army. 6 10 Very High
Lotus Disciple Lotus Disciple are a mysterious sect who developed in early ages the way of the Lotus Dance. Combining Spellcasting and the grace of dance, they mastered a strange method of spellcasting. 5 10 Very High
Luchador A luchador makes grappling a viable tactic in battle, and makes it look good. 5 10 High
Lurker in the Swarm Undead Beekeeper (no, really). 6 10 Very High
Mad Hybridizer Combining things is fun, but you take it to an insane degree. 5 Very High
Mage Knight What if Eldritch Knight wasn't boring... 5 10 Very High
Mage Monk Many adventurers begin as either a martial class or a spell caster and wish to learn the intricacies of the other. This prestige class allows just that, without the worry of stagnating in the original. 8 10 High
Mage Monk, Cleric Variant Combining the skills of both the Cleric and Monk, without the weaknesses inherent in multi-classing. 8 10 High
Mage of the Unseen Force A mage of the unseen force is a spellcaster who aim to control gravity. 4 10 Very High
Magehunter Bane of all spellcaster. 6 10 Very High
Magehänder A mage that specialize in using the mage hand spell for great effect. 4 5 High
Magocrat A mage who dominates his surroundings through power and guile (but mostly power). 12 6 Very High
Magus Portalus Master of the Portal 6 10 High
Magus of Staves Look! It's Gandalf! 7 Very High
Magus of the Scales Spellcasters that wield powers over both life and death 6 10 Very High
Maiden of the Crow A vampiric witch who seeks enlightenment 6 10 Very High
Majo-Kari The majo-kari is an adaptation of the witch hunter from Oriental Adventures, meant for a Tome setting. They hunt down and kill teh evilz. 7 10 Very High
Malevolent Temptress Become like an incubus or succubus by ingesting evil alchemical concoction. 4 6 Very High
Martial Mage A dual progressing class between spellcasting and martial maneuvers, designed for 7th to 20th level. 6 14 High
Masked Knight Mobile fighters who barrage their opponents with a storm of blades. 6 10 High
Master Arcanist 5 5 Very High
Master Assassin A Master of assassination, they travel the world in search for new and exotic ways to commit murder and get paid for it. 11 4 Very High
Master Biomancer <A highly select number of Biomancers posses the drive and aptitude to push their abilities far enough to become Master Biomancers. Master Biomancers are adept at shaping life on a cellular level and excel at mixing life forms and creating new life, new abilities, and new possibilities. They are highly adaptable and limited only by their will and imagination. > High
Master Dabbler Having tried all things, the Master Dabbler focuses on everything. 5 4 Very High
Master Expert You are a true master of the art of being an expert. 4 5 High
Master Grifter A social rogue and master con. 10 5 High
Master Invoker Not every warlock utilizes eldritch blasts. Some prefer to rely more on their invocations to control the battlefield. 5 10 Very High
Master Necromancer Dark spellcaster who studies the black art of necromancy and undeath. 8 10 Very High
Master Wild Mage Wildmage who rewel in the power of chance, 11 5 Very High
Master of Armor A master of armor has trained to overcome the penalties often granted by armor. 2 3 High
Master of Incarnum A prestige class just for Soulshapers. 10 10 High
Master of Snake Mountain Whenever you find a dungeon, take it over. Get eyebeams. 6 5 Very High
Master of the Seven Necromantic Mysteries Necromancer extraordinaire, the Master of the Seven Necromantic Mysteries has control over life and death. 9 7 Very High
Meat Shield, Grimoire A meat shield is a master at taking a hit for the team. Literally. 7 5 High
Meat Shield, Sublime A meat shield is a master at taking a hit for the team. Literally. 7 5 High
Mechwarrior Transform your heavy armor warrior into a mechwarrior, piloting a robotic exoskeleton into battle! 5 10 High
Meditant of Still Winter A spellcasting prestige class focused on the calm stillness of winter. 5 10 Very High
Merciful The master of non-lethality can turn most any class into one capable of holding back their power. 1 5 High
Mercurial Warrior There are those in this world who have the ability to accelerate to virtually impossible speeds, and move with uncanny dexterity. These individuals are known as mercurial warriors, and are said to be able to outrun their own shadows from time to time., A tall, unkempt, unshaven man wearing a torn and very beaten looking set of cloth armor. 6 10 Moderate
Metahand A metahand is a warrior of unusual standing, who focuses upon honing his prowess in battle with the tools that he is granted, instead of stretching his limits and attempting to master every possible form of fighting., Around the corner canters a stallion of a centaur, dust coating his form, and beads of sweat are visible on his forehead. 7 10 High
Meteor Steel Adept A remake of the ‘’green star adept’’, the meteor steel adept consumes the shards of a meteor and uses it to slowly metamorphose her body into a similar substance. 5 10 Very High
Midnight Paragon A pure manifestation of shadow, the midnight paragon is a shadowcaster who has learned to alter the shadow to empower his mysteries. 10 5 High
Midnight Sentinel The midnight sentinels are an order of psionic vigilante who protect the innocent and bring those who crawl in the dark to justice, a somewhat focused arcane trickster for psionics. 4 10 High
Millennium Host of Akhenaten You have fully accepted the power of King of Card Games Akhenaten into your being. 4 5 Very High
Mimic Spy A mimic who mastered the art of stealth. A mimic spy learnt how to manipulate her living metal to create powerful weapon. 3 5 Very High
Moment Breaker In this world, time walkers find themselves presented with many different paths to choose, the path of the Moment breaker is one such path., A man with a cold, calculating air about him, wearing a perfectly clean shirt and pair of pants. 6 10 Very High
Monitor Monitors are nihilistic Monks with their roots in the Kuo-Toa culture 6 9 High
Monk of the Higher Path A monk dedicated herself to altruism , finding both peace and power from it. 8 10 High
Monk of the Open Eye A ascetic or monk who manage to open her third eye, gaining substantial power through it. 8 10 Very High
Monk of the Red Fist A monk who embraced conflict in it purest form. 5 10 Very High
Monk of the Tiger Force A monk who dedicated itself to become power and eschewed most if not all monastery vow. 8 10 Very High
Monk, Prestige 4 10 High
Monster Gourmet A true connoisseur of the flavors of any creature you can think of, the Monster Gourmet can cook anybody into an exceptionally nutritious meal. 5 4 Very High
Most Holy Knight To a commoner, a Paladin is a Holy Knight who strives to uphold the highest devotion to the ideals of his church or holy order. They look to these warriors with awe and wonder. Paladins look at Most Holy Knights the same way that commoners look at Paladins. 6 10 Moderate
Mummy Lord The Mummy Lords are the top of the Mummies. 10 5 Very High
Mysterious Rose Take up the mantle of this generational hero title, become the Mysterious Rose! You are always there in the time of need to throw roses at people! It is surprisingly more effective than it sounds. 5 10 High
Mystic Demiurge The advanced mystic theurge, which unlocks new powers and blurs the line of arcane and divine. 6 7 Very High
Mystic Protector A mystic protector is a arcane spellcaster who use his or her skills to fight evil magic and those who use it. 5 7 High
Mythbinder A Prestige Class for meldshapers that lets them bind harmful effects into opponents. 5 10 High
Name Mage The Name Mage is a spellcaster who focuses on the useage of Name magic, and gains power through his True Name and the True Names of others. 7 10 Very High
Nataraja Devoted to her god, her receive blessings in the form of multiple arms. High
Nekomancer A cat themed spellcaster prestige class. Fear the kittehs! 5 10 Very High
Nerubian Reality Weaver Weavers of Reality tear and sew space and time using for this purpose the power of psionics and the speed of reaction of their mind. 10 Moderate
Nerubian Shadow-web Spinner When a Nerubian devotes magic and mysteries enough time, the darkness surrounding the society of spiders seeps into the canvas created by the webspinner. 10 Moderate
Nerubian Spider Queen A Queen has an ability to create a detachment of personal guards ready to die protecting her life. Also using pheromones and leadership qualities, a Queen is able to command and direct allies. 10 5 Moderate
Nightmask  ?The Nightmask is specialist of stealth, intimidation and using darkness their it advantage.? 6 5 High
Ninja Enigmatic shadow warriors, the ninja are mysterious assassins and spies. 7 10 High
Ninja of Gax Totally not a ninja! 6 5 Very High
Ninja of Lies A Ninja of Lies is a shinobi who is a master of untruth. 4 High
Ninja of the Ebon Shadow Masters of stealth that use shadow magic to foil sensors and confuse enemies. 6 5 High
Nito Master The Nito Master is a samurai who specializes in using his katana and wakizashi at the same time. 5 10 Very High
Nocturnus Initiate A vampiric version of dragon disciple, except it doesn't suck. 8 10 Very High
Object Animist An Object Animist specialize in bettering her object familiar. 4 6 Very High
Omnidisciple A psionic prestige class for getting all psionic disciplines. 9 5 Very High
Oozebound An updated and altered form of the Oozemaster, you slowly transform into a being of slime. 5 10 Very High
Orb Ponderer Spellcasters pondering the orb 3 5 Very High
Overmind Formidable casters that direct their mind-controlled subjects into combat 6 10 Very High
Paladin, Sublime A modification of the Prestige Paladin so that it meshes with the crusader class rather than the cleric. 5 15 High
Pale Maiden A monstrous progression class for becoming a pale maiden. 2 4 Very High
Pale Master, Rebuild A updated version of the Pale Master from Libris Mortis. 5 10 Very High
Peacock Sage The peacock sage a bit of everything: charmer, scout, and protector, complete with ability to go nova and obliterate just about anything moving, all wrapped in a brilliant package of shimmering iridescence., {{{summary}}} 9 10 Very High
Phoenix Knight Channeling the hottest of all flames, the Phoenix Knight burn away all opposition. Partially epic. 15 10 Very High
Phoenix Striker A phoenix striker is a melee-oriented combatant using great speed and fire at her advantages. 4 5 High
Planar Oracle A few outer planar creatures can grasp the threads of fate and see the future as well as Elemental Weirds can. They are called Planar Oracles. 8 5 Very High
Planecrosser Planecrossers use a variety of magic abilities to travel across the multiverse. 5 4 Very High
Platinum Dragoon This is a Dragoon class that is based fairly strictly off of the abilities and lore of the Final Fantasy series. I started with Kain Highwind as the base ideal model Dragoon and pooled the most common abilities and themes from all Final Fantasy Dragoons, using as little deviation and as little hocus pocus as possible, to stay as true to the original theme of Dragoons through out all Final Fantasy games as possible, and did a small amount of fluffing and tweaking it to balance it for Dungeons & Dragons. High
Player 5 High
Portalist Master thinking with portals, making shortcuts from A to B. 6 10 Very High
Precognosis Adept Your divinations enable you to enhance your evasive defenses and employ many talents. 8 10 High
Priest of Vratimsgot Lively fat people who feed the small to the big. 6 5 High
Primordial Thief 5 10 Very High
Progenitor of the Gith You were a slave to the illithids. Now you're not, and you've gained from the experience. 4 5 High
Psicrystal Savant Turn your psicrystal from a tiny pet rock to a powerful battle companion. 3 7 High
Psion Loremaster Loremasters with psionic roots instead of arcane/divine 8 10 Very High
Psionic Exemplar A Psionic Exemplar is a psionic prestige class based around the concept of endowing both their body and mind to turn themselves into physical gods. 8 5 Very High
Psycheblade A 3 level prestige class meant to replace the entirety of the soulknife class. 5 3 High
Psychic Assassin A psychic assassin kill people with her mind. 5 6 Very High
Psychocognizant The psychocognizants are masters of the clairsentience, psychokinesis and telepathy discipline. 7 10 Very High
Psychotic Slasher A psychotic slasher kill lots of people. 4 6 High
Pumpkin King Leader of magical pumpkins 5 8 Very High
Pumpkinhead Pumpkinheads are tricksters with a sweet tooth that adore to scare people just for fun. They wear pumpkin as headgear. 4 7 High
Radiant Wave Monk Monks who focus on their inner ki, allowing them to shoot blasts of energy, fly, and perform other supernatural feats. 6 10 High
Rage Mage What one gets when the fury of a barbarian and the spellcasting of a sorcerer mix. 4 3 High
Rage Summoner A rage summoner literally summon construct made of pure hate when he rage. 4 5 Very High
Ragecaster A revamped rage mage. What ho, will you cast something muscle wizard? YOU CAST FIST!!!! 6 10 High
Raging Crasher Rage and become an unstoppable train of destruction. I'm the Juggernaut!, A cruel minotaur who guards a travel pass, those who do not please his cruel humor are pushed into the deep ravine. 9 10 Moderate
Raging Hulk The Raging Hulk is a barbarian thats anger has reached a point where he actually increases in size when he rages. 10 10 Very High
Refined Soul A variant off the Soulbinder. A Refined Soul has looked inward, discovering the power of its soul and how to use it as a weapon, to protect itself, and to transcend mortal bounds. 7 10 Very High
Revenant Pursuer Return from the dead as an undying ghost in an armor shell, as you pursue your killers, justice, or merely a persistent desire to not die. 8 5 High
Rider of the Storm A horseman who harnesses the power of storms to vanquish his enemies. 6 10 High
Righteous Rager A paladin/barbarian multiclass prestige class. 4 10 High
Rogue Alchemist An Alchemist who delves into the forbidden realms of alchemy to mess with the social and natural orders. 4 3 Very High
Rokushiki Master Learning these techniques can take an entire life time, so most users choose a single ability to make their trademark attack. Rokushiki mainly focuses on either making the human body tougher or faster to execute normally inhuman feats. 10 5 High
Runeblade A powerful gish which mixes martial might with magic. 5 10 Very High
Sanguine Edge A secretive mage-warrior who uses blood magic to heal and harm. 3 5 High
Savage Berserker A remake of the frenzied berserker without the friendly fire, stupid weakness and not as abusable. 9 8 Very High
Scarred Mage Mage that uses memories that scars are reminiscent of to alter casting spells. 5 Very High
Schismsoul There are voices in your head, driving you crazy. It's time to take control and bend them to a more useful purpose. 6 10 High
School Master Specialist A School Master specialist is another take on the master specialist class, with more interesting abilities. 3 7 Very High
Scion of the Tenebrous Dragon A great descendant of the mighty shadow dragons, the Scion has learned to tap his heritage for added power, altering his form in foreign ways. 7 10 High
Scriptwriter The Scriptwriter wields the power of Word magic to craft magical items to fit the situation. 7 5 High
Scyran'Thamith A Scyramorka who has not only overcome, but embraced, their flammability. 5 5 High
Sea Scholar There are those who respect the sea, then there are those who become the sea. 5 3 Very High
Secret Agent A class for playing movie and video game super agents. 5 5 High
Seeker of Forms A shape shifting PrC that grants access to many new forms while still keeping Animal Companion progression. 5 High
Seeker of the Lost Wizard Traditions Use the old ways of magic to destroy the new ways. 6 5 Very High
Seer of the Tempest A half-mad mage of Pandemonium. 6 8 High
Sentinel A stalwart defender that shields his allies and can stand his ground against any foe. 6 10 High
Sentinel Blade A initiator class of elves who refined their skills with the blade, and eventually become true masters. 6 5 Very High
Shadow Adept Warlock slowly transforms into shadow. High
Shadow Decoy Master Create duplicate of you made of shadowstuff. 5 5 Very High
Shadow Theurgist A doubly for cleric/shadow magister combos. 4 16 Very High
Shadowdancer, Book of Elements A version of the Shadowdancer made more playable and thematic with the Book of Elements. 7 4 Very High
Shadowdancer, Clockwerks Variant A more flavorful variation of the Shadowdancer that's open to more than just Rogues. 10 Very High
Shadowdancer, Tome A Shadowdancer variant that doesn't make us cry., {{{summary}}} 5 10 Very High
Sharpshooter The sharpshooter is at the top of her game when it comes to ranged combat. She is the master of wielding a crossbow in each hand. The Sharpshooter always knows just where to fire to make her enemy feel it the most. Her rate of fire and damage output leave other ranged combatants envious. 5 10 High
Shieldmaster Sword & Shield style is terribly ineffective. Show them how to REALLY use a shield in combat. 5 5 Moderate
Shining Jade Corpsman Make boxing out of shining jade light! Among other things. 12 5 Very High
Shubosha The shubosha is neither a martial adept nor a spellthrowing dude. Instead, he focuses on politics and amassing a crapload of followers. 9 10 Very High
Siege Master Siege weapons are usually not used in direct combat, but you never played by the rules anyway. Become the one-man siege factory! 3 10 High
Silkweaver Witch The silkweaver witch is a spellcaster that is an expert at magically manipulating threads. 4 5 Very High
Silverlight Adept Silverlight adepts are people who turned themselves into liquid silver willingly and permanently. 6 6 Very High
Sivatar A preternatural fighter infused by a divine entity, going into battle with extra arms. 6 10 Very High
Sivatar, Variant A warrior-priest who draw power from the powerful Asura and eventually become more like Gods. 10 10 Very High
Skill Master A skill master is very obviously extremely skilled at using skills. 5 5 High
Skindancer A unique type of assassin who wears the skins of his victims 7 10 High
Skyward Sword A fighter specializing in aerial mounted combat (with almost any type of flyer from a giant eagle to a golden dragon) who can also charge his sword with power. 6 13 Moderate
Slider You are able to move without moving with the power to bend movement and motion to your will. 5 10 Very High
Sniper A ranged class specializing in precision for the patient. 1 10 Moderate
Socialite Deluxe The Socialite Deluxe is a master of contacts and connections. He is the ultimate smooth talker who knows just what to say, when to say it, and who needs to hear it. Whether putting in a good word with the local royalty for someone, or motivating a group of low down scoundrels to want to do his bidding, or even getting into an elite club under an assumed alias, the Socialite Deluxe can do it all. A highly experienced Socialite Deluxe can even call in favors from celestial outsiders and get advice from their deity. 6 10 Unquantifiable
Soldier Trained to the letter under harsh military discipline and well versed in the arts of war, a soldier is prepared specifically to become the most effective killing machine possible., {{{summary}}} 7 10 Moderate
Soul Collector Not to be confused with a grim reaper working for the sake of the natural cycle, soul collectors actually gather souls for their own use, drawing power from them. 17 10 Very High
Soul Merchant An arbitrator and salesman in the business of souls 9 8 Unquantifiable
Soul Salvager An agent of religion who seeks to destroy pact magic by restoring the vestiges binders draw their power from to reality. Ironically, he has to be a binder himself in order to achieve his goal, and his actions are motivated just as much by a desire to help the vestiges themselves as a desire to eliminate the heretical practice of soul binding. 6 10 High
Soul of Erebos Souls of Erebos are meldshapers tied to the dark demiplane of Erebos, which employ the darkness in their souls to enhance soulmelds., A shadow tiefling incarnate that melds the shadows of Erebos with its own soul to create soulmelds of darkness and chaos. 5 5 High
Soulbinder The soulbinder has learned to master the power of his very soul. He learns to bind his soul into his weapons, armor, and even his fellow adventurers to empower them with the awesome power of his very soul., A Soulbinder gone mad with power, he believes he can further the power of his soul if he steals the soul of others. He attacks with his sais in hopes to trap the PC's Soul. 7 10 High
Soulseared A warrior with power over fire. 7 5 Very High
Speaker for the Dead A guardian of the souls of the dead, their voices, and their memories. 6 10 High
Speaker of the Forbidden Tongue A truenaming prestige class who employs their dark insight to warp the universe farther than they really should., Expose targets to destructive madness by calling it forth, or repel beings of madness. 5 9 Very High
Spellblitzer A remake of the swiftblade, it grants more spellcasting levels with abilities slightly toned down and reworked. 5 10 Very High
Spellborg Adept Gain more spellborg abilities and become the 6 million dollar warrior. 3 9 Unquantifiable
Spellfire Channeler An update to the 3.0e Spellfire Channeler that doesn't inherently suck. 5 10 Very High
Spellstriker Combine martial maneuvers with spellcasting in this dual-progressing prestige class. Empower your strikes and stances with magic. 6 10 High
Spellthief A rewrite of the Complete Adventurer spellthief to be more of a rogue controller and also a prestige class. 6 10 High
Spelltouched Mutant Spelltouched mutant are thoroughly changed by magical forces they were exposed to. 0 4 High
Spellwielder Master of the touch spell, you can use them to much greater effect than normal. 5 10 Very High
Spider Rider Spider riders are warriors who ride monstrous spiders which are bonded to them mentally, physically, and spiritually, Spider rider servant of Lolth 7 10 Moderate
Spider Savage Evil martial class, with spider-like fighting and ability to summon a monstrous spider 4 10 Moderate
Spirit Artist Inspired to make works of art through spiritual enlightenment, the Spirit Artist manifests magic through their brush. 6 10 Very High
Spirit of Vengeance Transform into a hellfire wielding divine entity who is able to smite the guilty with supernatural chains and fire. 0 3 High
Sportwarrior Fight with sport, a sportwarrior turn regular sports into a deadly weapon. 4 5 High
Spy High
Staffshaper An arcane master that focuses on the creation of his personal staff. 9 10 Very High
Stalker of Limbo Stalkers of Limbo are an organization of neraphim hunters, and occasionally other races, that scours the Limbo in search of preys, whether they are are monsters, other outsiders or unsuspecting travellers. 6 10 High
Starspawn Host You've been touched by eldritch forces from beyond, and now your body and mind shifts to better suit their dark purposes. 5 10 Very High
State Alchemist Alchemists who decide to work for a powerful nation often get access to nice research notes and plenty of money. 5 5 Very High
Stone Sentinel Sure, you don't move much in battle but you'll be damned if that stops you from reaching the enemy! Open up the true potential of the Stone Dragon discipline. 5 10 High
Stoneblessed Shaper A warrior capable of shaping stone to her will. 9 6 Very High
Stormtamer These warriors attune with the storm inside of them and dominate it to unlock their true power.

They revere the Storm as driving force, that moves the arm, the blade and the arrow as one thing, one entity. They are elites rangers, fighters and scouts, maybe the three classes most attracted to the stormtamer. Contrary to the Storm's nature they must not be chaotic, lest they succumb to its sway. || 6|| 10|| High

Stormwitch The Stormwitch is a caster capable of fully channeling the power of a raging storm. 6 10 Very High
Strange Case Rip the Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde in DnD! 2 3 High
Stranger in the Night Shadowy wanderers that represent the mystery, both good and bad, of the night. 5 15 Very High
Stranger with the Burning Eyes Living a parasitic existence, the Stranger occupies bodies of others in a twisted form of immortality. 9 10 Very High
Strider A rogue uses his environment to sneak around and remain unseen. A Strider uses his background in druid to make his environment usable. 6 10 Very High
Student of the Second 6 5 High
Sublime Grandmaster A prestige class for mastering a discipline completely. 13 5 Very High
Sublime Mageblade A combination of sublime swordplay and arcane sorcery. 3 4 Very High
Suicide Survivor You kill yourself heroically several times per battle. 1 7 High
Sumo Overkill Sumo wrestlers are big, tough guys who take a lot to take down. This guy's unstoppable. 7 8 Very High
Survivor An update of the Survivor from Savage Species, a class focused on defense to the exclusion of all other things. 1 5 High
Sword Dancer Through swordsmanship and spell casting, some warriors can charge their blade with magical energy and gain great acrobatic prowess. 6 7 Very High
Sword of Justice The Sword of Justice prestige class is for idealists who fight for justice in the shadow. 5 10 High
Swordsman Specialists in the art of swordsmanship, whether with rapiers, longswords or mercurial greatswords. 4 High
Tactician of Legend While not a pushover herself, the Tactician of Legend just make everyone around her a complete fool or a badass. This is a good thing. 5 5 Very High
Tartarian Keeper A PrC for Tripstars 5 10 Very High
Team Rocket Executive Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! 7 10 Moderate
Technomancer A technomancer uses magic to do tech stuff. 6 7 Very High
Temporal Dancer In this world, time walkers find themselves presented with many different paths to choose, the path of the temporal dancer is one such path., A man with a warm, jovial air about him, wearing the colorful clothing of a dancer. 4 10 Moderate
Tenebrous Musician Combine bardic abilities with invocations. 4 8 Very High
Terrakineticist A terrakineticist control earth and stone through psionic concentration. 5 10 High
The Axe The Axe is there axe and the best at using axes! 2 5 High
The Entheomancer The Entheomancer is anathema to outsiders and divine spellcasters. 3 3 High
The Unworthy In the world, there are those who do battle. Some fight for power, some for fame, others fight for riches. A rare few fight for another, and these few are the most frightening warriors of all. 10 10 Very High
Thief of Souls A thief after the most treasured possessions of all. 6 10 Very High
Thoughtless There are those in this world who seem to have portions of their psyche erased from existance, and who can actually control portions of reality that should not even exist, and that are entirely unquantifiable. These entities are known as the thoughtless, and they are feared for their virtually uncontrollable mental ability., A woman sat there, in the dark, flipping a coin into the air and catching it repeatedly. 9 10 Very High
Thrasher of the Thunderbat Bards who follow the demon lord of music, they gain various powers of bats, lightning, and heavy metal. 5 10 High
Thunderborn Warrior A powerful combatant using the incredible power of thunder to defeat her foe. Partially epic. 15 10 Very High
Thundersmith The thundering blows of a hammer echo across the land as the Thundersmith toils away in a forge powered by Storms. Grabbing lightning itself with their own hands and shaping it with their own hammer they make weapons of it: swords and spears, arrows and hammers. High
Tiamat's Chosen A madman who represents the horrifying power of Kalus. 10 Moderate
Timeless Immortal A class for people who never die. 2 4 Very High
Tiny Hammerer In pictures of you holding a weapon, it's hard to find you. 4 6 Moderate
Token Master You are a master of the item known as the feather token. 3 5 Unquantifiable
Torchlight Mage A torchlight mage is an expert of using light spell to repel the forces of evil 2 3 High
Tormentor Tormentors are terrible spellcasters able to tap into pain and suffering for great power. 4 17 Very High
Touchstones Hunter They hunt planar touchstone, and therefore travel from plane to plane. 5 5 Moderate
Trapsmith A master trapmaker, the trapsmith excels in using tactical traps in combat to damage and impede his foes. 5 5 High
Trick Archer A verison of the arcane archer intended to be used by rogues. 7 10 Very High
True Arcanist Epic Spellcaster that wants to break free from constraints of the Weave. 30 10 Very High
True Thief You can steal anything. Yes, even the hearts of others, someone's soul, or concepts. 4 10 High
Tumbler Acrobats dodging through the battlefield, they take the art of the perfect tumble and turn it into something beautiful. 7 5 Moderate
Tuneseeker A tuneseeker use her magical instrument to play powerful ancient tunes that can greatly alter the flow of battle among other things. 4 10 Very High
Twice-Blessed Soul Class that fuses the Mender with the sorcerer 6 10 Very High
Twilight Thief A thief who use power from other dimension to do her bidding, similar in concept to the shadowdancer. 4 10 Very High
Umbral Assassin Part shadowdancer, part assassin, they cloak themselves in false reality to strike out at their prey. 5 10 High
Umbral Warlock A warlock that delves into darkness, or a shadowcaster who dabbles in the infernal. 6 10 High
Unbound A mimic who outlived it master, they gain newfound power in such freedom. Gaining powers by sustaining on the former telepathic bound. 4 5 Very High
Undead Slayer The suggested class on page 175 of the DMG 1 20 Very High
Undefeated A Undefeated is a badass warrior. 6 8 Very High
Unicorn Knight Somewhere between a Paladin and a Warlock, the soul of a Unicorn runs through your veins. 5 10 Very High
Unnatural Warrior An unnatural warrior is a remarkably strange character, who has studied several different technique's of fighting, and who attempts to use them all in tandum, resulting in an uncannily strange fighting style., A man wearing a flamboyantly cut, purple and green suit, twirling a metal cane around with one hand while an an exceedingly eccentric smile sits, plastered over his pleasant, warm face, and a little odd twinkle shines in his light blue eyes. 13 7 High
Unspoken Mind A class that mix psionic and truenaming., You create a barrier of pure will, which allow allies through but not foes., This utterance create a disc of psychic energy. which can be used offensively or defensively. 6 10 Very High

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Epic Prestige Classes[edit]

Name Description Minimum Level Length
Chasseur A nimble epic level warrior who strikes his foes down with a flurry of steel and extraordinary expertise. 20 10
Colossus Knight Clad in heavy armor, the colossus knight becomes an unstoppable juggernaut of steel. 20 10
Divine Ascendant So you're epic level and trying to go for godhood. Now there is a way to do it. 21 12
Firebrand A epic level prestige class for the pyromaniac class. 21 10
God The path to godhood, from quasideity to greater deity. 20 23
God Fist The paragon of physical potential, your martial arts allow you to exceed above and beyond through mystical eastern fighting arts. 20 10
Godslayer Godslayers are fighters specialized in the art of killing Gods. Using a dreadful draining strike and a great array of powerful spells, they can challenge the divine and actually win. 20 10
High God Following the path of divinity leads to this, the top spots in the games of the divine. 21
Thunderborn Warrior A powerful combatant using the incredible power of thunder to defeat her foe. Partially epic. 15 10

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