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Author: Spanambula (talk)
Date Created: 21 March 2017
Status: Minor balance tweaks, ask on talk page
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Treefolk are sentient plant creatures who can come from many possible sources, such as: being awakened by magic, via a cursed transformation, grown from spellwarped seeds, or the seeds of other treefolk.

Phyisical Description[edit]

As their name implies, Treefolk resemble walking trees. Their torso resembles a tree trunk, stumpy legs and root-like appendages for toes; long boughs for arms and long branch-like fingers, a torso resembling a treetrunk, very little neck, and a face framed by thin, leaf-filled branches instead of hair. Each Treefolk's leaves and bark strongly resembles a specific kind of tree, such as birch, elm, oak, pine, etc. Treefolk breathe and can eat or drink, though most treefolk absorb nutrients by taking root at night. Depending on the type of tree they resemble, the leaves that make up their hair may change color or even fall off with the changing of the seasons.

Treefolk are medium creatures, but grow to be nearly ten feet tall. They usually do not wear clothing, but can fashion belts and such to hold their possessions. Non-treefolk usually cannot tell male treefolk from females.

Whose Woods These Are I Think I Know[edit]

Ponderous and slow-moving, treefolk tend to think before they speak, and speak before they act. Treefolk come in all varieties of temperament and alignment, often depending upon their proximity to other intelligent creatures, and whether those experiences have been positive or negative. Treefolk are solitary creatures, only gathering in small groups when the need arises. Most treefolk claim their own territory much like an animal, which may be any size up to several square miles of forest. A treefolk will aggressively defend the trees within their territory if it is threatened by invaders.

Most days for a treefolk begin and end in the forest. After sunrise, the treefolk will uproot themselves and search for a spot where they can absorb the most light possible. Part of their day will be spent wandering through their wooded territory, keeping track of all the trees in their care. Occasionally they will cooperate with druids or rangers, even asking them for aid if the threat to their lands is greater than they can handle alone. At dusk, treefolk will find a patch of rich, moist soil and root down into it for the night, absorbing nourishing nutrients and water until sunrise the next day.

Treefolk: Fond of Trees, Amazingly.[edit]

Whether living in snow-capped mountainous timberlines, swampy bogs, high desert forests, rainforests, jungles, or any other forest type, Treefolk are most comfortable among trees of their own kind.

Wandering Treefolk: Something has happened.[edit]

A treefolk spotted outside of their forest usually has undergone some manner of tragedy: a forest fire, deforestation by other races, or even occasionally defeat at the hands of a more powerful treefolk who seizes the defeated treefolk's territory as spoils of victory. A treefolk without a forest to tend to may travel far until they find another patch of woods that suits their liking. If their woods were destroyed by other creatures, a wrathful treefolk will journey as far as it takes in order to exact revenge.

Treefolk Names[edit]

Treefolk created through magic are named either by their creators or name themselves. Treefolk created by other treefolk take names given by their parents. Most Treefolk have only one name. The names are usually nature-related, and sometimes physically descriptive.

Male Names: Treebeard, Stumpy, Roots, Gnarl, Broadtrunk

Female Names: Longbough, Frondwhisper, Brightberry, Silverleaf

Treefolk Traits[edit]


Creature Type. Humanoid
Ability Score Increase. Constitution +2
Age. Most treefolk reach maturity between 15 and 30 years. Treefolk often live for well over 300 years, the oldest living to be nearly 900.
Alignment. Most treefolk tend towards neutrality between law and chaos. Neutral good treefolk will help lost travelers, while neutral evil treefolk will seek to entrap and kill interlopers in their forests.
Size. Varies by subrace, but all adult treefolk are medium creatures. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.  
Barkskin. Treefolk cannot wear armor, but their bark-like skin provides them with some natural protection. A Treefolk's Armor Class equals 10 + their Dexterity modifier + their Constitution modifier. Treefolk can use a shield and still gain this benefit. 
Take Root. Treefolk do not sleep, but they must put down roots each night and enter a semi-conscious dormant state similar to an elf's trance for at least 6 hours. Treefolk can take root in sand, dirt, mud, loose gravel or similar material; but not worked stone or bare rock. While rooted, a Treefolk's speed becomes 0, and they become immune to both the prone condition and any form of forced movement, but have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws. Treefolk may root or uproot themselves as an action. 
Flammable. Treefolk have vulnerability to fire damage. Treefolk are weak to fire, and burn easily. 
Thick as a Plank. Treefolk have resistance to non-magical bludgeoning damage. 
Non-Humanoid. Treefolk are not subject to spells and effects that target humanoids, such as Charm Person. They count as plant creatures for the purposes of spells which target plants such as Blight
Immunities. Treefolk are immune to sleep effects.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Sylvan and Common Treefolk can communicate with any tree of their own type as though using a Speak With Plants spell.

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Oak/Pine/Redwood/Walnut Treefolk[edit]

The stoutest and strongest of all Treefolk, these treefolk usually have thick trunks and shorter limbs and wide feet. ' is a subrace of Treefolks

Ability Score Increase: Strength +1
Thick Bark. These Treefolk have an AC of 14 + their Proficiency modifier, and their bark is considered heavy armor for all intents and purposes. 
Heavy. Even when uprooted, these Treefolk have advantage on any save or ability check to resist forced movement.

Willow/Birch/Cedar Treefolk[edit]

Slender, flexible and thin, these treefolk are the quickest and agile of the Treefolk. ' is a subrace of Treefolks

Ability Score Increase: Dexterity +1
Speed. These treefolk have a 30 foot walking speed instead of the normal 25. 
Paper Bark. These Treefolk have an AC equal to 10 plus half their proficiency modifier plus their Dexterity modifier.

Flowering Cherry/Dogwood Treefolk[edit]

These trees grow small flowers instead of leaves for hair, though they may be male or female. ' is a subrace of Treefolks

Ability Score Increase: Charisma +1
Spellcasting. These treefolk know and can use the cantrips Druidcraft and Guidance
Swirling Blossoms. These treefolk can duplicate the effects of a 1st-level Fog Cloud spell by releasing all their flowers at once, which fills a 20-foot radius sphere centered on the treefolk. Once the treefolk uses this ability, they cannot do so again until they finish a long rest.

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