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Author: Aelaris (talk)
Date Created: 20 December, 2010
Status: In progress
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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These Characters are to test out the Word Warrior Class


Basic stuff, and anything Rogue-level or less on this wiki - basically what I assume of Word Warrior Players


An interesting question - I'm not knowledgeable about magic items used, so the base builds won't have magic things.

Progression for Ezlum Camhe[edit]


Ezlum was born into servitude, the son of an indentured warrior. His mother, a skilled warrior, fought with her own peculiar weapon, a ribbon dagger, and was the indentured bodyguard of a renowned Word Wizard, Bit Harrow. Not being bound by his mother's contract, Ezlum grew up with her as a mother, and Dr. Harrow as a sort of father figure. When Ezlum was 10, she was killed defending Dr. Harrow from a crowd of enraged villagers. Protective of little Ezlum, Dr. Harrow decided to adopt the child, in honor of his mother's sacrifice. As she had always wanted Ezlum to grow up to be an educated man, Dr. Harrow took the boy as an apprentice, teaching him the magic of wordcraft, in preparation of the boy succeeding Harrow as a Word Wizard.

As Ezlum grew into a fine young adept, the boy became fascinated by the tales of his mother, and particularly the use of her weapon, the Ribbon Dagger. While he lacked the dexterity of his late mother, Ezlum applied his considerable intellect to learn the complicated weapon, treating it as a matter of physics, timing, and momentum. Through drawn-out trial and error, Ezlum mastered the usage of the ribbon dagger.

His practice of martial skills troubled Harrow, who wanted the youth to become a pure Word Wizard. While he first argued with Ezlum that the boy's mother would have wanted him to be a Word Wizard, there was no dissuading the youth. One night, after a heated, and strangely familiar argument, Dr. Harrow realized that young Camhe was exhibiting many of the traits of his mother. Instead of trying to oppose the boy's nature, Dr. Harrow researched spell-knights, and found a sect of fighters who had taught a combination of wordcasting and martial technique.

Teleporting to the ruins of their mountain headquarters, a brief query of the neighboring villages revealed that the sect had died out many generations ago. Disheartened, Harrow searched the sect's headquarters and found a manual of Word Warrior technique. Knowing his disciple's aptitude for books, Harrow returned to his tower and presented Ezlum with his findings. The youth was overjoyed, and decided to become a Word Warrior on the spot. Harrow, worrying of what might lie in store for a youthful warrior with no practical training, enrolled the child in a nearby fighter's school.

Fighter's school was hard for the young man, as unlike the other pupils, he possessed a body built on a childhood of reading books and receiving grammar lessons. However, the young man applied himself to the study of the martial with his usual academic vigor. Several years later, Ezlum graduated from the fighting school, toughened by the experience, and well-versed in combat. Wielding his mother's ribbon dagger, Dr. Harrow's lexological teachings, and the manual of the Word Warriors, Ezlum Camhe decided to seek what fortunes his strange skill-set would bring in the world.

Stats and Race[edit]

Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments): Str: 10 Dex: 12 Con: 14 / Int: 18 Wisdom: 10 Charisma: 10

Race, Class: Human, Word Warrior

Starting Racial Traits:

Choices by Level[edit]

Level 1

Level 2

  • Mantra: Arm?


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Further Optimization[edit]

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Side Notes[edit]

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