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Complete Homebrew[edit]


Name Description Balance Point
Gambler A gambler is a student of humanoids and a master of himself. He bends to fate, and in doing so bends it in return. The best he can hope for is to break even.
Restorer An invocation based healer dedicated to the service of all.
Spellbender Although a spellbenders does not cast spells, she is a master of metamagic and sculpts the flow of magic around her to her own will.

Prestige Classes[edit]

Name Description Balance Point
Master Dabbler Having tried all things, the Master Dabbler focuses on everything.


Name Type Description Balance Point
Clone Spell Metamagic Cast a spell along with a second copy that may have different targets or options.
Stretch Spell Metamagic Increases the duration of a spell through sheer force of will.

Optimized Characters[edit]

Name Description
Scimerang Slinger The Scimerang Slinger abuses Aptitude weapons with the critical abilities of Lightning Mace and Roundabout Kick and the attack duplicating abilities of Chakram Ricochet and the Master Thrower's two with one blow to do potentially limitless attacks.

In Progress[edit]


  • Gambler The true gambler isn't lucky, he just seems to be.
  • Impatient Prodigy What happens to magical dropouts.
  • Natural Just naturally good at everything.
  • Ruminator An absent-minded spellcaster, it almost seems like their minds are on a different plane.
  • Tinkerer A gadgeteer that doesn't work due to the broken magic item system.
  • Transcendant A follower of many gods of different alignments, with access to a domain from each one.
  • Vindicator He's got what he needs to make wizards suffer.
  • Master Dabbler A prestige class for characters that got off to a bad start.

Variant Rules[edit]

  • Median Stats A way to buy or generate stats similar in power to the standard 4d6 drop 1.


  • Dex Monk Not all that great damage wise, my first sort-of success with tome of battle material
  • Disciple of Criticals Attempt to get infinite attacks. Has a number of problems including difficult to meet constraints and incorrect use of criticals on the elemental distracting ember.


  • Polymorph An attempt to make a polymorphing/shapeshifting character that isn't overpowered or ridiculously complicated
  • Plasma Scion Equipment a polymorphing character that doesn't want to absorb stuff into themselves might want from full buy-in
  • Word Warrior Wordcasting + replace attacks in an attack action

Useful Wiki Stuff[edit]

Place to go to find something that needs to be done.

Useful Tables[edit]

  • Character Wealth by Level, DMG 135
  • NPC Wealth by Level, DMG 127