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You want my stuff? Uh, okay, not sure why you’d want that, but here ya go.

Just in case, here's a link to my contributions.

Misc 3.5e Content[edit]

Mysteries of Shadow[edit]

Trying to make some homebrew shadowcaster mysteries for the wiki. Here's my work so far.

Mystery Path Template

Base Classes[edit]

The Stunt Fighter (Sandbox)
  A class that attempts to make the fighter more viable at high levels by increasing versatility. And some other stuff. Might do more with this whole stunt idea later. Not sure.

Trickster (Sandbox)
  Bard spell progression with some fun thief stuff. Think "Arcane Trickster" but as a base class.

Prestige Classes[edit]

Sublime Shaper (Sandbox)
  A class that combines the monk and/or unarmed swordsage and the druid's wild shape ability.

Variant Classes[edit]

Arcane Trickster, Variant
  A high-powered variant of the arcane trickster prestige class that won't upset Ghostwheel.

Variant Templates[edit]

Half-Dragon Template Variant
  Limits the types of creatures a half dragon could be and tries to make the template an option players would actually consider.

Variant Rules[edit]

Better Sanity Rules
  Makes Sanity a bit simpler to implement as both a roleplay mechanic and as a means to win or lose in encounters. Buffs fear builds a bit, discourages dumping Wisdom, and potentially helps take care of the pesky problem of consumables in the Wish Economy.

Pathfinder Skill Points
  Makes class skill benefits and skill point math work like Pathfinder. Offers alternative class skill lists for classes that would end up being abused for having all skills as class skills. Recommended to be used in conjunction with my Skill Groups variant rule.

XP Components
  Instead of using XP to cast a spell or manifest a power, you just can't use that spell or power again until the next time you level up.

Skill Groups, MFS-Version
  Many skills are put in groups. You can put a skill point into a skill group to get 1 rank in each class skill in that group instead of using a skill point on each of those class skills individually. Intended to make Pathfinder players able to play 3.5e without complaining about too many skills and not enough skill points.

Wound Cards/Infections
  Adds survival related elements to precision damage. Wounds can get infected if they aren't treated quickly enough.

Reckless Offense Feat Line[edit]

Feat Prereqs Quick Description
Reckless Offense, Variant BAB +1 Apply a penalty to your Armor Class to gain a bonus on damage rolls and potentially on attack rolls as well. Can be used in place of Reckless Offense for feat prerequisites.
Reckless Mobility Reckless Offense Make attacks of opportunity against you more tempting from your foes, and take less damage from some of those attacks.
Reckless Frenzy Reckless Offense, BAB +3 Gain benefits from having a low amount of hit points remaining.
Shot of Adrenaline Reckless Frenzy, Diehard Gain benefits from being stabilized in combat after dropping below 0 hit points.


I'm gonna try my hand at putting some Touchstones on the wiki.

IN PROGRESS: Obelisk of Abjuration


Guns and Explosives[edit]

A project to make flintlock/black powder guns, ammunition, firework-style rockets, and other such things into D&D.

Tome of Dirt[edit]

This sourcebook is all about incorporating survival elements into your campaigns without making players feel overwhelmed and without taking away from the high-fantasy potential of D&D. Including fun and immersive rules for wounds, diseases, poisons, and surviving in harsh environments. Food and water management are intentionally left out.