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Author: ScrobeMINER (talk)
Date Created: 30 August 2015
Status: done
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Resurrection [Metamagic, Prowess] Prerequisites: No negative levels or levels of commoner pendingBenefit: When you next die, you come back from the dead immediately. You lose this feat and replace all your levels with 2 levels of commoner but with unhealable negative levels equal to your current level (so that everything evens out). This increases spell level by +2 and lasts as long as the original spell plus concentration (max one minute per caster level). Example: Xavier magic missiled himself, because it was a suicide, he dies. If someone else had magic missiled him instead, he would gain five levels of commoner, 5 negative levels of commoner and convert everything else to commoner but still survive as a 10–5 = 5 level commoner because he was originally a 5th level wizard.Special: Your spells let you die. This does not apply to suicides.

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