Wandering Feat (Legend Feat)

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Author: CedgeS (talk)
Date Created: 2013-08-16
Status: Done
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Wandering Feat [General] Your imagination knows no bounds, not even those of your own creation.Prerequisites: Floating Feat, 9th level onlyBenefit: Lose one feat other than Guild Initiation, Floating Feat, a Feat you gained from an item, or a Feat gained from an empty feat slot. You gain an empty feat slot. You may pick a feat to fill this slot at the beginning of each [Scene], as described in Floating Feat. You may not choose Wandering Feat or a feat gained from Wandering Feat as your feat to lose at 12th level for Floating Feat.

Lose one trained skill. You gain an empty skill slot. You may pick a skill to fill this slot at the beginning of each [Scene]. You are treated as being trained in that skill for the remainder of the [Scene]. You can qualify for feats based on the skill trained in your empty skill slot, and feats that require a trained skill you no longer have become inactive.


AuthorCedgeS +
IdentifierLegend Feat +
PrerequisiteFloating Feat + and 9th level only +
RatingUndiscussed +
SummaryGain another empty feat +
TitleWandering Feat +
TypeGeneral +