Warforged Tactician (5e Subrace)

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Author: Gr7mm Bobb (talk)
Date Created: 31−Oct−2014
Status: Complete, peer review welcome
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Warforged Tactician[edit]

' is a subrace of Warforged-Gr7mms

Ability Score Increase: Intelligence +1
Composite Plating. A tactician's Body of War plating provides it with an Armor Class of 13 + Dexterity Modifier or 1/2 Proficiency bonus (rounded up), whichever is higher. This plating occupies the same space as armor would and counts as light armor. A warforged tactician is always proficient with this plating. Because of this trait, the body of a warforged tactician can be enchanted like armor. 
The Right Nudge. A tactician starts with the guidance cantrip. 
Battlefield Engineer. A tactician has proficiency with one set of artisans tools or one type of vehicle (Land, Sea, or Air). 
Of Mind and Body. A tactician has an innate sense of how things work mechanically and magically when it comes to mechanisms and constructs. A Tactician has advantage on checks to determine how such devices work. This includes, but is not limited to; Arcana checks to identify constructs, how a particular magical-mechanical device functions, and even medicine checks on warforged.

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AuthorGr7mm Bobb +
FeaturesComposite Plating +, The Right Nudge +, Battlefield Engineer + and Of Mind and Body +
Identifier5e Subrace +
Intelligence+1 +
RaceWarforged-Gr7mm +
RatingUndiscussed +
Subrace Ability ModsInt +1 +
Subrace FeaturesComposite Plating +, The Right Nudge +, Battlefield Engineer + and Of Mind and Body +
SummaryA tactically focused warforged. +
TitleWarforged Tactician +