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Hey there peeps, Just figured i throw up a quick blurb to get my own discussion page rolling.

If it has my name in the title, its actually something i came up with. Are there ideas that are parallel to others posted out there? Yes, but not done to insult or steal. I'm not here to make claims on IP or anything of the sort. Me and my groups love to game and I don't mind sharing with others the things that we use and enjoy.

Now that I've read that to myself and see that it already has over 100 views, I kinda feel a little embarassed because of my own poor writing and expression. Oh well one care be too concerned with public opinions. I am excited to see that the Warforged that I created based on their 3.5 abilities with 5e mechanics has reached over 5,000 views! It may not be that big of a deal to everyone else who has been here a while, but that was damn exciting.

On that topic, whatever happened to the view counter for articles?

5e Races:[edit]

I love playing as the many different races available in D&D. And sometimes I feel that they have not been released soon enough/at all or maybe there is something that I felt need to be different. Subraces of Races that I have homebrewed will not be listed. When I add onto a pre-existing race or someone else's brew, then I will post them here.

  • Warforged, with 3 subraces. If anyone has an issue with it please talk with me. And the jug subrace is only supposed to have THP gain not full HP recovery. Whoever is changing it please stop.
  • Shardmind, Needs Overhaul
  • Aasimar, Made when we just had the 5ePHB
  • Lizardfolk, from before we got Volo's. Awaiting peer disembowelment.

5e Feats:[edit]

I cannot honestly say that the feats I'll post are 100% my own contribution, but more of an amalgam of ideas assembled into what I consider allowable in my games.

  • Combat Brute Probably one of my more "tame" feats that I've made... Think of that what you will.
  • Elusive For those characters who just don't like being held down.
  • Harrier Mage Wanted a feat that allows casters to be more effective if they wanted to without messing with the bound accuracy of saves and attacks.
  • Tempest Part of my attempts to make TWF on par with GWF without just throwing around raw bonuses. Also, embarrassingly enough, I have typo's in the summary that I don't know how to fix.
  • Relentless Combatant Wanted to make something similar to the ideas of Adjusted Accuracy, Hammer the Gap, and a more 5e version of Combat Reflexes. The bonuses are deliberately minor and designed to minimize in combat bookkeeping. Third bullet might need a limiter that says the user can only take one AoO a turn. Also, MOAR typos.

5e Subclasses:[edit]

I love the warlock class for its wonky casting system and off the wall powers, so there'll be a couple of those here. Anyway the subclass system for 5e was a nice adaptation for 5e to have customization/specialization while still keeping things simple. Like the way they packed the Spellthief, the Beguiler, and the Original Arcane Trickster all into one subclass.

5e Spells[edit]

Because who doesn't want more spells? Also wanted to cover the gap for the ones that I felt were forgotten from older generations. On the whole updates from master spell list are pending