Weapon of Ki Focus (5e Magic Weapon)

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Author: (talk)
Date Created: 2016-12-04
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Weapon of Ki Focus
Simple Melee Weapon (Non-Metal Monk Weapon), rare (requires attunement)
This weapon (usually a staff or bokken) is cut from a special tree and then doused in a sacred pool to infuse it with natural ki energy that flows through the world. A monk (or similarly talented practitioner) can use it as an extension of his ki to deal extra damage to his foes with what to some, would seem a mundane item. The extra damage type can be changed by inserting special beads into a small slot near the grip.

Name Magic
Damage Weight Properties
Weapon of Ki Focus  +1  1d6 Bludgeoning (and 2d6 Force damage) 2 lbs Finesse   Light   Versatile (1d8)  
1Magic bonus is not included in listed damage.


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Attunementtrue +
Author98.166.177.78 +
Damage1d6 +
DamageTypeBludgeoning +
Finessetrue +
Identifier5e Magic Weapon +
Item TypeWeapon +
Lighttrue +
Magic Bonus +1  +
ProficiencySimple +
Properties Finesse  Light Versatle 1d8 +
RarityRare +
RatingUnrated +
TitleWeapon of Ki Focus +
TypeMelee +
Type NoteNon-Metal Monk Weapon +
VersatileTrue +
WeapWeapon of Ki Focus +
Weight2 +