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The following is a sortable list of magic items from 5th ed.(Homebrew, SRD5, and Pointers to official sources.).

To add your own magic item, please select they type of magic item:


(19 unofficial magic items)

NameItem TypeRarityAttunementAuthor
5e Ring PreloadRing
5e Rod PreloadRod
5e Staff PreloadStaff
5e Wand PreloadWand
Agar in a JarWondrous ItemRareXX the memenist Xx
Box of Alchemical ExchangeWondrous ItemUncommonGhostwheel
Charm of AttractionWondrous ItemCommonRlyehable
Dragon Turtle BreastplateArmorVery RaretrueRlyehable
Featherfall FetishWondrous ItemCommonRlyehable
Folded Hot SpringWondrous ItemUncommonRlyehable
Hammer of Thunder and LightningWeaponRaretrueRlyehable
Haverton's BladeWeaponUncommontrueRlyehable
Iron SolariWondrous ItemRaretrueGhostwheel
Lantern of WonderWondrous ItemCommonRlyehable
Moonflair SpellbladeWeaponRaretrueGhostwheel
Quin's Invisible InkWondrous ItemUncommonRlyehable
Spirit ArmorArmorUncommonRlyehable
Troll Blood ElixirPotionUncommonRlyehable
Weapon of Ki FocusWeaponRaretrue98.166.177.78


(272 official magic items)

NameItem TypeRarityAttunementCanonAuthor
Adamantine ArmorArmorUncommontrueSRD5
Alchemy JugWondrous ItemUncommontrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Amulet of HealthWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Amulet of Proof against Detection and LocationWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Amulet of the PlanesWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Animated ShieldArmorVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Apparatus of the CrabWondrous ItemLegendarytrueSRD5
Arcane Propulsion ArmArtificer Infused Item, Wondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueEberron Rising from the Last War
ArmbladeArtificer Infused Item, WeaponCommontruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Armor of InvulnerabilityArmorLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Armor of Magical StrengthArmorunstated raritytruefalse, trueUA 2020 Subclasses Part 3
Armor of ResistanceArmorraretruetrueSRD5
Armor of ToolsArmorunstated rarityfalse, trueUA 2020 Subclasses Part 3
Armor of VulnerabilityArmorRaretruetrueSRD5
Arrow of SlayingWeaponVery RaretrueSRD5
Arrow-Catching ShieldArmorRaretruetrueSRD5
Bag of BeansWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Bag of DevouringWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Bag of HoldingWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Bag of TricksWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Bead of ForceWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Belt of DwarvenkindWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Belt of Giant StrengthWondrous ItemRare, Very Rare, Legendary, vairestruetrueSRD5
Berserker AxeWeaponRaretruetrueSRD5
Boots of ElvenkindWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Boots of LevitationWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Boots of SpeedWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Boots of Striding and SpringingWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Boots of the Winding PathArtificer Infused ItemtruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Boots of the WinterlandsWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Bowl of Commanding Water ElementalsWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Bracers of ArcheryWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Bracers of DefenseWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Brazier of Commanding Fire ElementalsWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Brooch of ShieldingWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Broom of FlyingWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Candle of InvocationWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Cap of Water BreathingWondrous ItemUncommontrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Cape of the MountebankWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Carpet of FlyingWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Censer of Controlling Air ElementalsWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Chime of OpeningWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Circlet of BlastingWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Cloak of ArachnidaWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Cloak of DisplacementWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Cloak of ElvenkindWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Cloak of ProtectionWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Cloak of the BatWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Cloak of the Manta RayWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Crystal BallWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Crystal Ball of Mind ReadingWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Crystal Ball of TelepathyWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Crystal Ball of True SeeingWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Cube of ForceWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Cubic GateWondrous ItemLegendarytrueSRD5
Dagger of VenomWeaponRaretrueSRD5
Dancing SwordWeaponVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Decanter of Endless WaterWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Deck of IllusionsWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Deck of Many ThingsWondrous ItemLegendarytrueSRD5
Demon ArmorArmorVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Dimensional ShacklesWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Dragon Scale MailArmorVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Dragon SlayerWeaponRaretrueSRD5
Dust of DisappearanceWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Dust of DrynessWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Dust of Sneezing and ChokingWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Dwarven PlateArmorVery RaretrueSRD5
Dwarven ThrowerWeaponVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Efficient QuiverWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Efreeti BottleWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Elemental GemWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Elven ChainArmorRaretrueSRD5
Enhanced Arcane FocusArtificer Infused ItemtruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Enhanced DefenseArtificer Infused ItemtrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Enhanced WeaponArtificer Infused ItemtruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Eversmoking BottleWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Eyes of CharmingWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Eyes of Minute SeeingWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Eyes of the EagleWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Feather TokenWondrous ItemCommontrueEberron Rising from the Last War
Feather TokenWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Figurine of Wondrous PowerWondrous Itemrare, uncommon, varies, very raretrueSRD5
Flame TongueWeaponRaretruetrueSRD5
Folding BoatWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Frost BrandWeaponVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Gauntlets of Ogre PowerWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Gem of BrightnessWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Gem of SeeingWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Giant SlayerWeaponRaretrueSRD5
Glamoured Studded LeatherArmorRaretrueSRD5
Gloves of Missile SnaringWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Gloves of Swimming and ClimbingWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Gloves of ThieveryWondrous ItemUncommontrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Goggles of NightWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Greater Silver SwordWeaponLegendarytruetrueMordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Hammer of ThunderboltsWeaponLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Handy HaversackWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Hat of DisguiseWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Headband of IntellectWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Helm of AwarenessArmorunstated raritytruefalse, trueUA 2020 Subclasses Part 3
Helm of BrillianceWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Helm of Comprehending LanguagesWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Helm of TelepathyWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Helm of TeleportationWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Holy AvengerWeaponLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Homunculus ServantArtificer Infused ItemtrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Horn of BlastingWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Horn of ValhallaWondrous Itemvaries, rare, very rare, legendarytrueSRD5
Horseshoes of SpeedWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Horseshoes of a ZephyrWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Immovable RodWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Instant FortressWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Ioun StoneWondrous Itemrarity varies, Very Rare, Rare, LegendarytruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of AbsorptionWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of AgilityWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of AwarenessWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of FortitudeWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of Greater AbsorptionWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of InsightWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of IntellectWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of LeadershipWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of MasteryWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of ProtectionWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of RegenerationWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of ReserveWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of StrengthWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ioun Stone of SustenanceWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Iron Bands of BindingWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Iron FlaskWondrous ItemLegendarytrueSRD5
Javelin of LightningWeaponUncommontrueSRD5
Lantern of RevealingWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Luck BladeWeaponLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Mace of DisruptionWeaponRaretruetrueSRD5
Mace of SmitingWeaponRaretrueSRD5
Mace of TerrorWeaponRaretruetrueSRD5
Magic AmmunitionWeaponUncommon, Rare, Very RaretrueSRD5
Magic ArmorArmorRare, Very Rare, LegendarytrueSRD5
Magic WeaponWeaponUncommon, Rare, Very Rare, variestrueSRD5
Mantle of Spell ResistanceWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Manual of Bodily HealthWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Manual of Gainful ExerciseWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Manual of GolemsWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Manual of Quickness of ActionWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Marvelous PigmentsWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Medallion of ThoughtsWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Mind SharpenerWondrous Itemunstated rarityfalse, trueUA 2020 Subclasses Part 3
Mirror of Life TrappingWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Mithral ArmorArmorUncommontrueSRD5
Necklace of AdaptationWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Necklace of FireballsWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Necklace of Prayer BeadsWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Nine Lives StealerWeaponVery RaretruetrueSRD5
OathbowWeaponVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Oil of EtherealnessPotionRaretrueSRD5
Oil of SharpnessPotionVery RaretrueSRD5
Oil of SlipperinessPotionUncommontrueSRD5
Orb of DragonkindWondrous ItemArtifacttruetrueSRD5
Pearl of PowerWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Periapt of HealthWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Periapt of Proof against PoisonWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Periapt of Wound ClosureWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Philter of LovePotionUncommontrueSRD5
Pipes of HauntingWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Pipes of the SewersWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Plate Armor of EtherealnessArmorLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Portable HoleWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Potion of Animal FriendshipPotionUncommontrueSRD5
Potion of ClairvoyancePotionRaretrueSRD5
Potion of ClimbingPotionCommontrueSRD5
Potion of DiminutionPotionRaretrueSRD5
Potion of FlyingPotionVery RaretrueSRD5
Potion of Gaseous FormPotionRaretrueSRD5
Potion of Giant StrengthPotionrarity varies, Uncommon, Rare, LegendarytrueSRD5
Potion of GrowthPotionUncommontrueSRD5
Potion of HealingPotionCommon, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, rarity variestrueSRD5
Potion of HeroismPotionRaretrueSRD5
Potion of InvisibilityPotionVery RaretrueSRD5
Potion of Mind ReadingPotionUncommontrueSRD5
Potion of PoisonPotionUncommontrueSRD5
Potion of ResistancePotionUncommontrueSRD5
Potion of SpeedPotionVery RaretrueSRD5
Potion of Water BreathingPotionUncommontrueSRD5
Prosthetic LimbArtificer Infused Item, Wondrous ItemCommontruetrueEberron Rising from the Last War
Quiver of EhlonnaWondrous ItemUncommontrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Radiant WeaponArtificer Infused ItemtruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Repeating ShotArtificer Infused ItemtruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Repulsion ShieldArtificer Infused ItemtruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Resistant ArmorArtificer Infused ItemtruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Restorative OintmentWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Returning WeaponArtificer Infused ItemtrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Ring of Animal InfluenceRingRaretrueSRD5
Ring of Djinni SummoningRingLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Ring of Elemental CommandRingLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Ring of EvasionRingRaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of Feather FallingRingRaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of Free ActionRingRaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of InvisibilityRingLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Ring of JumpingRingUncommontruetrueSRD5
Ring of Mind ShieldingRingUncommontruetrueSRD5
Ring of ProtectionRingRaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of RegenerationRingVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of ResistanceRingRaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of Shooting StarsRingVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of Spell StoringRingRaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of Spell TurningRingLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Ring of SwimmingRingUncommontrueSRD5
Ring of TelekinesisRingVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of Three WishesRingLegendarytrueSRD5
Ring of WarmthRingUncommontruetrueSRD5
Ring of Water WalkingRingUncommontrueSRD5
Ring of X-ray VisionRingRaretruetrueSRD5
Ring of the RamRingRaretruetrueSRD5
Robe of EyesWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5
Robe of Scintillating ColorsWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Robe of StarsWondrous ItemVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Robe of Useful ItemsWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Robe of the ArchmagiWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Rod of AbsorptionRodVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Rod of AlertnessRodVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Rod of Lordly MightRodLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Rod of RulershipRodRaretruetrueSRD5
Rod of SecurityRodVery RaretrueSRD5
Rope of ClimbingWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Rope of EntanglementWondrous ItemRaretrueSRD5
Scarab of ProtectionWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Scimitar of SpeedWeaponVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Spell ScrollScrollCommon, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Legendary, variestrueSRD5
Sending StonesWondrous ItemUncommontrueDungeon Master's Guide (5e)
Magic ShieldArmorUncommon, Rare, Very RaretrueSRD5
Spellguard ShieldArmorVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Shield of Missile AttractionArmorRaretruetrueSRD5
Slippers of Spider ClimbingWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Sovereign GlueWondrous ItemLegendarytrueSRD5
Spell-Refueling RingRingunstated raritytruefalse, trueUA 2020 Subclasses Part 3
Sphere of AnnihilationWondrous ItemLegendarytrueSRD5
Staff of PowerStaffraretrueSRD5
Stone of Good LuckWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Sun BladeWeaponRaretruetrueSRD5
Sword of Life StealingWeaponRaretruetrueSRD5
Sword of SharpnessWeaponVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Sword of WoundingWeaponRaretruetrueSRD5
Talisman of Pure GoodWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Talisman of Ultimate EvilWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Talisman of the SphereWondrous ItemLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Tome of Clear ThoughtWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Tome of Leadership and InfluenceWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Tome of UnderstandingWondrous ItemVery RaretrueSRD5
Trident of Fish CommandWeaponUncommontruetrueSRD5
Universal SolventWondrous ItemLegendarytrueSRD5
Ventilating LungArtificer Infused Item, Wondrous ItemRaretruetrueEberron Rising from the Last War
Vicious WeaponWeaponRaretrueSRD5
Vorpal SwordWeaponLegendarytruetrueSRD5
Wand SheathArtificer Infused Item, Wondrous ItemCommontruetrueWayfinder's Guide to Eberron
Wand of BindingWandRaretruetrueSRD5
Wand of Enemy DetectionWandRaretruetrueSRD5
Wand of FearWandRaretruetrueSRD5
Wand of FireballsWandRaretruetrueSRD5
Wand of Lightning BoltsWandRaretruetrueSRD5
Wand of Magic DetectionWandUncommontrueSRD5
Wand of Magic MissilesWandUncommontrueSRD5
Wand of ParalysisWandRaretruetrueSRD5
Wand of PolymorphWandVery RaretruetrueSRD5
Wand of SecretsWandUncommontrueSRD5
Wand of WebWandUncommontruetrueSRD5
Wand of WonderWandRaretruetrueSRD5
Wand of the War MageWandUncommon, Rare, Very Rare, variestruetrueSRD5
Well of Many WorldsWondrous ItemLegendarytrueSRD5
Wind FanWondrous ItemUncommontrueSRD5
Winged BootsWondrous ItemUncommontruetrueSRD5
Wings of FlyingWondrous ItemRaretruetrueSRD5

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