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This page contains the homebrew class invocation list for the Pyromaniac class.

Pyromaniac Invocations

Least Pyromaniac Invocations

Burning Knuckle: Your unarmed strikes are wrapped in flame for superior punching power.

Cloak of the Abyss: Surround yourself in smoke that can obscure, hide, or burn as you command

Eldritch Flurry: Make a full attack with your eldritch blast, fire bolt, or wind bullet.

Eternal Flame: Make continual flames, extinguish fires, or make a fire-effect permenant.

Smoke Blast: Your firebolt partly blinds the opponent, forcing a 20% miss chance from concealment.

Thermal Prescience: Detect heat sources by sight, or at long range.

Lesser Pyromaniac Invocations

Cauterizing Blast: Stop fast healing or regeneration, or stabilize allies.

Drain Heat: Drain an opponent of heat to heal yourself.

Exploding Blast: Your basic invocating projectile becomes a fireball in all but name.

Fire Flight: You use the power of your flames to give yourself flight with a speed of 80 ft with good maneuverability.

Fire Lash: You call upon flame and conjure a whip made of flames.

Flashfire: Deal fire damage and blind opponents in area.

Heat Sink: Quench fires or harm fire creatures, duplicate the effects of pyrotechnics.

Heat Wave: Gain a constant blur effect from waves of heat.

Mind Roast: Cook the opponents brain, dealing intelligence damage.

Salamander's Cloak: Duplicate the effects of fire shield.

Searing Wind: It's like gust of wind, but with fire damage mixed in.

Greater Pyromaniac Invocations

Blazing Tower: Form your fire bolt into the shape of a tower from the sky or ground.

Brimstone Scream: You set fire to the target's soul, and brimstone and sulfur pours out of their body.

Eldritch Eruption: You cast earth power, except it has the properties of your basic invocating projectile.

Improved Fire Flight: Increases your fly speed to 120 ft, with perfect maneuverability. Also gives you a 5X hustle speed as well.

Melt Earth: Turn rock into magma, or magma into rock.

Final Pyromaniac Invocations

Eldritch Riverflow: Convert your eldritch blast (or fire bolt, wind bullet, sand blast, or paint shot) into a stream of energy that flows down hills like a river.

Infernal Cloud: Make a thick burning cloud of gas to scorch your foes.

Meteor Fist: Punch someone so hard they fly far, far away.

Meteor Wing: You can fly really really fast, and slow-teleport around the universe!

Plasma Disc: A disc made of plasma that cuts through everything like it was a superheated plasma disc cutting through butter. How cool is that?

Soul Scorch: Burn your enemy's soul.

Summon Phoenix: You summon a flame phoenix to serve you.

Wall of Plasma: Much like a wall of fire, but much, much hotter.

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