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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Witch class from Pathfinder.

Witch Spells

1st-Level Witch Spells

Baleful Reduce Person: A particularly disadvantageous version of reduce person, but with a reduced duration.

Palm Reading: You divine the future of the target by reading its palm.

2nd-Level Witch Spells

Dream Hypnosis: You enter a creature's dream and attempt to alter their disposition.

Phantasmal Mirror: A version of mirror image that is fast to cast, last only a short time and the images only exists in the head of the attackers.

3rd-Level Witch Spells

Death Ray: A ray that deals negative energy damage, can be concentrated on, and prevent stabilization.

Polymorphic Hypnotism: Make the target believe it has been the subject of baleful polymoprh.

Vision of the Future: You gain an incomplete vision of future events.

4th-Level Witch Spells

Baleful Polyray: A variant of the Baleful Polymorph spell.

Heartstop: You stop the heart of a target, causing an assured death unless others intervene.

Spectral Barrage: You fire a barrage of spectral energy, damaging multiple creatures.

5th-Level Witch Spells

Brainwash Wave: You send a wave of mental energy, which turns enemies into allies.

6th-Level Witch Spells

Candy Beam: A version of disintegrate which turn the target into delicious candy.

7th-Level Witch Spells

Arboreal Imprisonment: A limited version of trap the soul, which imprison the target within a tree.

Complete Hypnotism: Gain control of the target's every sense.

8th-Level Witch Spells

Awakened Seal: Seals away the target’s power permanently with a cursed seal.

True Bewitching: An incredibly powerful charm which compels undying loyalty.

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