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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: September 6, 2017
Status: Penguin
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Alchemy Stone[edit]

Alchemy Stone
Price: 1,000 gp (lesser), 5,000 gp (regular), 25,000 (grand)
Body Slot:
Caster Level: 5th (lesser), 10th (regular), 15th (grand)
Aura: Varied transmutation.
Activation: Use-activated
Weight: 1 lb.

A creation of top-level alchemy and skillful magic, the alchemy stone (occasionally referred to as an alkahest), is a catalyst for the creation and transmutation of many things. A combination of swirling milky-white and pinkish red colors, the crystalline structure of an alchemy stone is capable of siphoning small traces of soul power from its owner which can then be used to create or transmute a multitude of things. To this end, an alchemy stone has a number of transmutation charges depending on its quality. The charge capacity 200 for a lesser stone, 1,000 for a regular stone, and 5,000 for a grand stone.

Binding an Alchemy Stone[edit]

In order for a prospective user to use the powers of an alchemy stone, they must be properly bound to it. Binding an alchemy stone is a ritual that requires 24 hours of time and the user's blood to be mixed into the stone. It is the blood added during the binding ritual that grants the alchemy stone its swirls of pinkish red colour. A blank, unbound alchemy stone is pure milky white.

It is also possible to unbind a stone. Doing so purges all traces of the bounded user's blood and soul force from the stone. This also wipes away all unused transmutation charges held within the stone.

Charging an Alchemy Stone[edit]

There are three ways of charging an alchemy stone:

  • Charge on creation: When creating the stone, it may be freely charged by its creator. Each transmutation charge added to the stone upon creation increases the XP cost for crafting the stone by 1. During the unbinding of an alchemy stone, you may also choose to charge as if on creation.
  • Passive Charge: Whenever you gain XP, your alchemy stone also gains 2% of that XP in transmutation charges, rounded down. Only one of your bonded alchemy stones can receive this passive charge.
  • Consume Materials: You can charge an alchemy stone by feeding it materials of an alchemical, magical or precious nature. An alchemic concoction, a bar of gold, or a magic item are all things that can be consumed in such a way and turned into transmutation charges. For every 50 gp in the base price of such an item, the alchemy stone gains 1 transmutation charge, but the process of consumption requires a long time. The amount of charges worth of value that an alchemy stone can absorb per hour are 10 (lesser), 30 (regular) and 120 (grand) and is further increased by 1 charge for every rank in Craft (alchemy) that you possess. Charging an alchemy stone by consumption requires your full attention and cannot be done while endangered or in combat.
Items that are in the process of being dissolved no longer function, but will retain their remaining value in charges until fully dissolved.

Using an Alchemy Stone[edit]

If you possess an alchemy stone with available charges in it, you can perform the following actions:

  • Transmute: You can use a charged alchemy stone to produce any single substance you desire, at a value of 25 gp per charge expended. Only mundane materials can be created, and only in a naturally occurring composition. For example, you can use an alchemy stone to create carbon in charcoal powder, graphite, or diamond form, but you cannot use it to create a form of carbon that doesn't exist. Transmuting and with an alchemy stone requires your full attention, and you can combine it with other Craft skills to produce material in certain shapes. It is possible to create precious metals, stone, water, alchemical agents, acids, polymers, or any other specific element or molecular composition provided you have knowledge of the material in question. With sufficiently profound understanding of chemistry, engineering and science (at least a DC 20 in the prerequisite Knowledge and Craft skills), it is possible to transmute multiple materials and combine them to create even intricate objects like a sword, a clock or a circuit board. The amount of charges that an alchemy stone can transmute per hour is 5 (lesser), 15 (regular) and 60 (grand).
  • Substitute Component: You can use an alchemy stone as a substitute for an expensive material component required for crafting or casting a spell. Doing so requires 1 transmutation charge for every 25 gp of the material component's cost, but in case of spells this lengthens the casting time to a minimum of one round. This may be compensated for by using the Rapid Spell metamagic.
  • Substitute Soul Force: You can use an alchemy stone as a substitute for an XP cost required for crafting or casting a spell. Doing so requires transmutation charges equal to the XP cost.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, spells to be added, Craft (alchemy) a number of ranks equal to the required caster level.
Cost to Create: 500 gp + 40 EXP (lesser), 2,500 gp + 200 EXP (regular), 12,500 gp + 1,000 EXP (grand), 1, 5 and 25 days respectively.

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