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Magic Wondrous Items[edit]

Name Cost Body Slot Summary
3.5e Magic Item Preload
50/50 Coin 5000 gp -- A lucky coin that lets any game of chance be a 50% chance.
A'dam 6000 gp Held and Throat A collar and a bracelet, for keeping a Channeler of saidar as a pet.
AC Scouter 10,000 gp Face Allows you to know the Regular, Touch and Flat-Footed AC of a target.
Accessory of Human Disguise 900 GP Slotless A small accessory that allow the wearer to take a human shape with ease. However it is only limited to a very specific shape.
Ace Feathered Crest 3,000 gp (novice), 15,000 gp (scholar), 45,000 gp (master) Head Grants a maneuver from the Aerial Ace discipline, similar to the Crown of White RavensToB.
Aged Drakescales Mantle 11,000 GP Shoulder A dragonhide cloak which grant protection against attacks and elements, it also grant other benefits to those with the [Dragonblood] subtype.
Air Hike Boots 4,000 gp Feet This pair of "rocket boots" doesn't permit flight, but allows easier jumping and double jumping in mid air.
Alchemical Quiver 2,000gp — (worn) A quiver which can add stored alchemical items to arrows.
Alchemy Stone 1,000 gp (lesser), 5,000 gp (regular), 25,000 (grand) This illustrious stone of intermingling milky-white and red material can supply ingredients for many types of alchemy and crafting.
Alethiometer 42,000 gp -- Compass that points to nearby objects you want to find.
All-Around Mirror 100 gp held Helps to see those hard-to-reach areas. Like the dudes waiting around the corner with readied crossbows.
Amaurea Quiver 2,250 gp -- Quiver by which user may call upon darkwood arrows.
Amazing Deed 134400 gp One of them An item that lets you use one specified Amazing Deed, or improves your ability to use that deed.
Amulet of Armor Skin 50,000g Throat Coat your body in invulnerable armor.
Amulet of Corpses 1,800 GP Neck An amulet that make allow the wearer to always have 'a body' on hand.
Amulet of Devilbane 12,000 gp Amulet Gives protection from law and protection from evil to the wearer, bonuses stack.
Amulet of Eldritch Mastery, Dark 34,000gp Neck An amulet crafted by supernatural forces to increase the potential of a warlock.
Amulet of Eldritch Mastery, Greater 8,800gp Neck An amulet crafted by supernatural forces to increase the potential of a warlock.
Amulet of Eldritch Mastery, Least 1,500gp Neck An amulet crafted by supernatural forces to increase the potential of a warlock.
Amulet of Eldritch Mastery, Lesser 2,700gp Neck An amulet crafted by supernatural forces to increase the potential of a warlock.
Amulet of Elemental Summons 3000 gp Throat Creatures you summon are bathed in elemental energies, enhancing their attacks and abilities.
Amulet of Immortality 250,000 GP Neck A amulet that make the wearer immortal and raise them from the dead.
Amulet of Mediocre Health 2000 gp (+2), 8000 gp (+4), or 16,000 gp (+6) Throat This "Amulet of Health" gives you the fortitude of the average man!
Amulet of Mental Faculty 9,000 gp (+2), 36,000 gp (+4), 81,000 gp (+6) Amulet Increases wearer's Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma by +2, +4, or +6.
Amulet of Merform 6,000 gp Neck Live out your aquatic fantasies in merform.
Amulet of Souls 60,000 gp Store multiple souls in your necklace.
Amulet of Words 2,500 gp (+5), 10,000 gp (+10), 22,500 gp (+15), 40,000 gp (+20) Neck Gives a bonus to Truespeech (3.5e Skill) checks.
Analysis Helm 10,000 gp Head This helmet provides protection and visual modification and improvements. If you have detect magic, you can use it to produce greater effects.
Angreal 8000 gp Pick one when crafting it An item for increasing one's Energy Per Round from a supplementary Energy Pool.
Anima Channeling Belt 3,000 gp (novice), 15,000 gp (scholar), 45,000 gp (master) Waist Grants a maneuver from the Anima River discipline, similar to the Crown of White RavensToB.
Ankh of He 50,000 GP Chest An ankh that belonged to a priest of a jealous God, grant supremacy over other divine casters.
Ankh of the Faith 5,000 GP Chest or Throat A holy symbol which augment divine magic when used by the true believer.
Anklet of the Coyote 900 feet The Anklet of the Coyote lets you ignore gravity for a few brief but critical seconds.
AnyMug 3000 Gold Held A small 1 Liter Dwarven mug, on the handle runes of Dwarven origin. When gripping the mug and thinking of whatever liquid the user desires it will magically fill up.
Apocrypha Engine 2000 gp Arm This item, generally a gauntlet, contains spells and scrolls which may be cast forth from it.
Apparatus of the Lobster 66,000 gp The Apparatus of the Crab was just a prototype to the real thing, the Apparatus of the Lobster. This marine crustacean based vehicle allows for deep see exploration, and effective defense.
Arcane Animal Carrier see chart ever needed a bag of holding that wouldn't suffocate a living creature? Well here you are.
Arcane Bag of Conjuration 36,000gp —(held) Transforms gold into a magic item of equal value 1/day.
Arcane Cestus Varies Hands Gives an enhancement bonus to spell and spell-like ability touch attacks.
Arcane Peacekeeper 2500gp (basic model) Held Magical handgun.
Arcane Recorder 320,000 gp Ring Creates diamonds that record information about their surroundings.
Artificer Battery Pack Craft Reserve of Vest x 15 Vest Functions as a limited, replenishable Craft Reserve, like an artificer's.
Artimancer's Coat 4,000 gp Robe/Armor A highly damage-resistant coat. Provides a +1 armor bonus.
Artisan Hammer 58,050gp Gauntlet/Hand A generic Rune Arm used to show off both Rune Arms and Wand Foci.
As The Frost 100,000 GP (Priceless) Necklace An ancient, cursed draconic necklace that can temporarily transform the wearer into a white half-dragon.
Assassin's Belt 36,000 gp Waist A well garnished utility belt favored by assassins and rogues.
Astral Escape Vest 8000 gp Torso This vest inflates over 3 rounds and spirits you away to safety.
Atmosphere Helmet 9000 gp Head This fishbowl helmet lets you breath in space! Also, underwater. With no fear of pressure damage or radiation.
Autoscribe 1,400 gp -- Copying new spells into your spellbook taking up valuable adventure time? Have a machine do it for you!
Backcar 1,000 gp, 10,000 gp The backcar is a special attachment for the Tank Scarab, which is normally used as a backpack or ammo storage.
Baculus 10,000 gp Magical weapon that allows spontaneous casting of divine spells with arcane slots.
Badge of Accuracy 3,000 GP Torso A small badge that can make a single attack very accurate.
Bag of Magic Spikes 600 gp (plus enhancement cost) This bag produces caltrops, and can enhance caltrops with magical abilities.
Bag of Minions 5000 gp -- This bag lets you toss out up to 6 goblin or kobold minions which serve you.
Bag of Rats 900 gp Tool This bag holds an infinite number of rats.
Banner of Fierce Corsair 11,000 gp Shoulder A magic banner which allow you to quickly intimidate or move your ship much faster than normal.
Banner of the Sea Dog 4,500 gp Shoulder A magic banner which grant protection to ships, can be worn as a cloak for minor resistances and bonuses.
Beaked Mask 5000 gp Face A plague doctor mask which protects against disease and is quite creepy.
Beam Sabre 2,760 gp for 1/day, 4,920 gp for 2/day, 7,080 gp for 3/day, 9,240 gp for 4/day, 11,400 gp for at will, 24,600 gp for constantly — (Held) Creates a beam of fire shaped like a scimitar a limited number of times per day.
Bearskin Mantle 11,000 GP Shoulder A unique cloak which provide protection and allow the user to turn into a werebear.
Beggar's Bedazzler Cloak A glittering hoodie that compels people to give you handouts.
Beginner's Quickspell Bracers 4,000 gp Wrists (Worn) The Beginner's Quickspell Bracers allow beginners of the magical arts to quickly fire off a spell or two almost as though they were a full-fledged practitioner.
Belt of Great Prowess 9,000 gp (+2), 36,000 gp (+4), 81,000 gp (+6) Waist Gives an enhancement bonus to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution.
Belt of Inspiration 5,000 GP (Lesser), 20,000 GP (Greater) Waist A belt that allow a bard to boost her inspire courage ability.
Belt of Mediocre Strength 2000 gp (+2), 8000 gp (+4), or 16,000 gp (+6) Waist This "Belt of Giant Strength" gives you the muscles of the average man!
Belt of Octopus Tentacles 6000 gp Waist A belt covered in tentacles, granting you a swim speed and effectively extra limbs.
Belt of Temporal Summoning 1,000 gp (+1), 9,000 gp (+2), 27,000 gp (+3) Belt Summoned creatures stay longer.
Bird of Determined Lift 5000 gp -- This small bird statue is animated and acts like a normal docile bird. On command it can grab and lift heavy objects and people.
Black Nimbus Belt 30,000g Waist Gain a fly speed, but emit copious amounts of smoke.
Black Testament 22,000 GP Held A precious text for those wishing to access forbidden power.
Blackfeather Mantle 7000 gp Shoulder A cloak which allow you to turn into a Raven.
Blackflare Helm 16,800 gp Head Grants darkvision, immunity to vision-impairing spells and allows magical darkness to be treated as normal darkness.
Blank Wand 350 gp Held A magical wand that's used to transfer spell charges to and from itself.
Blessed Medallion 4000 gp Neck An amulet that will save your life exactly once.
Blight Crystal 1,000 gp (Least), 4,000 gp (Lesser), 8,000 gp (Greater) This crystal is feared by Plants and rightly so, ripping away foliage and causing dangerous wounds.
Blindfold of Ignorance 5,000 gp Head
Blood Condensing Gourd 4,000 gp (+1), 9,000 gp (+2), 15,000 gp (+3), 22,000 gp (+4), 30,000 gp (+5) None This ominous item fills with healing blood that sustains its wearer.
Blood Idol 500 gp Neck An ancient fetish that weakens you, but allows you to recover health by inflicting violence upon your foes.
Bloodstone 950 gp Held A small magical bloodstone used to heal.
Bloody Fang Mask 3,000 gp (novice), 15,000 gp (scholar), 45,000 gp (master) Face Grants a maneuver from the Blood Feast discipline, similar to the Crown of White RavensToB.
Bloody Mercy Crystal 200 gold This weapon crystal nonlethal damage, but gives the illusion of dealing lethal wounds.
Bloody Trophy Belt 3000 gp Waist A gruesome belt which acquires bits and pieces of your opponent as trophies when you slay them.
Boar Tusk Necklace 1,000 gp Neck As a swift action, you can increase damage you deal when you charge by +1d6.
Bomber's Belt 7,000 GP Waist A belt which allow it wearer to draw and throw bombs.
Book Cover, Card 1000 gp -- A magical book cover for spellbooks. The book can shrink down to the size and shape of a playing card.
Book Cover, Cliffnotes 4000 gp -- A magical book cover for spellbooks. You can access and absorb the contents of the pages much quicker than normal.
Book Cover, Deceptive 1000 gp -- A magical book cover for spellbooks. You make the book look like a different book.
Book Cover, Hardened 3000 gp -- A magical book cover for spellbooks. This book becomes very durable against damage.
Book Cover, Teleporting 6000 gp -- A magical book cover for spellbooks. If the correct pass is not spoken, the spellbook is teleported away to its owner. It can also be summoned by its owner.
Book of Knowledge 3000 gp -- A magical book which can assist with knowledge checks, and allow you to make them untrained.
Boots of Dwarvenkind 1500 gp (lesser), 4000 gp Feet Move your normal speed in medium or heavy armor.
Boots of Flawless Recovery 5,000 GP Feet A pair of boots which allow the wearer to always land on her feet.
Boots of Floating 4000 gp Feet These boots grant the user a hover speed, and immunity to falling damage.
Boots of Twisting and Turning 2,250 gp Feet These boots look and act like boots of striding and springing. Unfortunately, you keep going the wrong way.
Boots of Wallrunning 4000 gp Feet When wearing these boots, you can run along the walls. Just don't run out of movement!
Boots of the Charging Crab 1000 gp Feet These boots let you change direction of a charge up to 90 degrees 1/day. It also helps when walking through shallow water.
Boots of the Summoned Hulk 40,000gp Feet Summoned creatures are considered one size larger for special attacks.
Boots of the Swift Step 4,000 gp Feet Gives the wearer a +30ft enhancement bonus to land speed.
Boots of the Wolf 1,200 gp Feet Crafted from Legendary Wolf fur and skin, these boots are known for their ability to make the wearer be able to find the right position in battle, just like a wolf.
Bottomless Quiver 35,000 Shoulder A quiver with an unlimited amount of arrows inside.
Bowl of the Winds 30000 gp Held Greatly magnifies the power of cloud dancing.
Bracelets of Incredible Power 18,000 GP Wrists These bracers set the wearer's Strength to 20 and allow them to carry
Bracers of Deadly Aim 9,000 GP Hand A pair of bracers which allow you to add Dex to damage with ranged attacks.
Bracers of the Brutal Thrower 3,000 GP Wrist A pair of bracers which allow you to use your Strength instead of Dexterity with thrown weapon.
Broom of Flying, Variant 10,000 gp A magical flying broom you can ride on, just like a real witch.
Bunny Hood 28,500 gp (8th) Head Gives +2 Dexterity, increases base land speed by 30 feet, +10 competence bonus on Jump checks, jumps not limited by height.
Burrowing Visor 18000 gp Face This mask allows you to see though opaque objects, and see even when blind.
Candle of Truth, Variant 2,300 GP None A candle that make people tell the truth and answer direct questions.
Cane of Teleportation 13,000 GP Held A beautiful unique cane which allow the user to teleport.
Cap of the Street Fighter 4,400 GP Head A cap that make the wearer a passable or better fighter.
Cape of the Star Knight 5000 gp Shoulders This cloak allows you to hide your wings, float down gently, teleport short distances, and flourish with style.
Captchalogue Card 10 gp A device capable of storing, but not necessarily retrieving, an item weightlessly., A Captchalogue Card is shaped like a small white rectangle of cardstock, with a colored border depending on its location and the image of whatever item is stored (Captcha'd) within.
Cardboard Box 10,000 gp -- This is a normal looking cardboard box. For some reason no one suspects you hiding under it.
Casual Shoes 150 gp Feet These magic shoes keep feet comfortable and fresh.
Chalk of Air Drawing 500 GP Held A chalk that allow you to draw in the air.
Chalk of Binding 1900 gp Held This chalk can produce the trap version of a magic circle spell, or do it faster.
Cheongsam of Pure Essence 75,000 GP Body A dress which grant additional essentia and increase essentia capacity.
Cheongsam of Swift Strikes 8,000 GP Body A robes which make unarmed strike extremely quick and hard to react to.
Choker of Hotness 1,500 gp Neck Gain or lose the Too Hot trait.
Chthonic Serpent Belt 3,000gp (novice); or 15,000gp (scholar); or 45,000gp (master) Waist Grants maneuvers from the Chthonic Serpent discipline.
Circlet of Quickened Summoning 2,000 gp; 12,000 gp head Summon creatures more quickly.
Clean Tent 8000 gp -- This compact cylinder of fabric expands into a tent able to hold up to 10 people. The inside is a clean room protected from the elements, with services meant to facilitate medical work.
Cloak of Bullshit 10,000 gp Cloak A cloak that gives you a moderate bonus to lying and should protect you from Zone of Truth.
Cloak of Fortification Varies Cloak Grants a deflection bonus to AC and a resistance bonus to saves.
Cloak of Greater Bullshit 40,000 gp Cloak A cloak that gives you a huge bonus to lying and can protect you from zone of truth.
Cloak of Lesser Bullshit 2,500 gp Cloak A cloak that gives you a small bonus to lying and might protect you from Zone of Truth.
Cloak of Mediocre Charisma 2000 gp (+2), 8000 gp (+4), or 16,000 gp (+6) Shoulders This "Cloak of Charisma" gives you the moxie of the average man!
Cloak of Radiance 195,000 gp Cloak Fashioned from divine light solidified into an immaculately fine fabric, this cloak grants incredible protection against evil forces.
Cloak of Vampiric Protection 15,000 Back This Cloak, when worn by a vampire, makes him immune to the sun.
Cloak of a Thousand Daggers 3,000 gp (novice), 15,000 gp (scholar), 45,000 gp (master) Shoulders Grants a maneuver from the Thousand Daggers discipline, similar to the Crown of White RavensToB.
Cobra Bracers 25,000 GP Arms A pair of bracer which fire venom-imbibed darts when you attack.
Coconut of the Horseless Traveller 2000 GP Held What do you do if you need to travel a long distance, but don’t have a horse and can’t teleport? Use coconuts
Cocoon Silk Robes 2,000 GP Body These silk robes can create a protective cocoon from which you can seek shelter and rest. It activates automatically if you are dying or dead.
Codpiece of Attention 9,720 gp — (None) 3/day, 30ft cone of fascination, DC 14 Will save negates.
Coffin of Blood 6000 gp (plus coffin price) -- A cursed item which drowns its occupants in blood, though vampires find some use in it.
Coffin of Hidden Chambers 20,000 gp (plus coffin price) -- This coffin is secretly a passage to another hidden room.
Coffin of Temporary Termination 6000 gp (plus coffin price) -- Any living creature inside this coffin dies, but removing them makes them get better.
Coffin, Spider 4000 gp (plus coffin price) -- A walking coffin, good for transporting the dead and a favorite for vampires on the go.
Coin of Mortality 13,010 gp Held Often placed among other cursed items in faux treasure rooms set as traps, this seemingly ordinary platinum piece means the probable death of any living creature that so much as touches it.
Combination Dust 2,500gp per ounce - Dust which can store spells, releases when thrown.
Command Echo As base item + 30,000 GP Varies Some command words echo on into forever, activating the item over and over again.
Compressed Spellbook 1500 gp -- This spellbook only uses one page per spell, regardless of spell level.
Conjurer Hat 2,000 gp (Lesser), 35,000 gp (Greater) Head or Held (see text) A hat that is deal for conjurers.
Corpse Paint 350 gp Greasy-foul-smelling goop that hides you from undead.
Covetous Wyrm Skull 42,000 gp Face This multi-eyed dragon skull can appraise with the best of them, identify magic items, and allows the user to smell treasure.
Crayons of Danger 1,200 gp In an emergency, a crayon will burn for 30 minutes.
Crown of Concentration 5400 gp Head Gain the effect of sonorous humSpC once a day, allowing you to use concentration spells without taking your own actions.
Crown of Regal Transformation 7000 gp Head This magic crown transforms you into royalty, at least in appearance.
Crown of the Battle Queen 16,000 gp Head Move up to half your move speed as a swift action, provided you move in a straight line.
Crown of the Cursed King 8000 gp Head A cursed crown of the battle queen which slows you down once you enter battle.
Crown of the Pontiff 12,000 GP Head A tall crown meant for religious leaders, empowering divine casting or granting it to those unable to use it.
Crystal of Armor Mobility 2500 gp (Least), 5000 gp (Lesser), 25,000 gp (Greater) With the crystal attached your armor seems to get lighter.
Crystal of Disguises 900gp (least); or 2,700gp (lesser); or 6,000gp (greater) - (armour crystal) An armor crystal which allows you to customize its appearance, gain a glamered effect, or even alter itself into another type of armor.
Crystal of Foefinding 1,000 gp (Least), 4,000 gp (Lesser), 10,000 gp (Greater) A weapon crystal (first presented in Magic Item Compendium), this item allows weapon-users to effectively use ranged weapons without too much training.
Crystal of Mastery 3,000 gp (Least), 9,000 gp (Lesser), 27,000 gp (Greater) Become able to use this weapon or shield like a pro!
Crystal of Nimbleness 1,500 gp (Least), 4,000 gp (Lesser), 9,000 gp (Greater) With the crystal attached it seems your armor lets you move around quicker, more rapidly.
Crystal of Proficiency 1,000 gp (Least), 4,000 gp (Lesser), 8,000 gp (Greater) This crystal makes a martial weapon seem easier to use as if the wielder was trained with it.
Crystal of Return, Superior 16,000 gp An expanded version of the Crystal of Return found in the Magic Item Compendium.
Crystal of Spellwarding 3,000 gp (Least), 12,000 gp (Lesser), 30,000 gp (Greater) For those who fight mages and other spellcasters, this crystal can be an invaluable addition.
Crystal of Swarmdeath 1,000 gp (Least), 4,000 gp (Lesser), 8,000 gp (Greater) A weapon crystal (first presented in Magic Item Compendium), this item allows weapon-users to effectively combat swarms.
Crystal of Venom 2,000 gp (Least), 8,000 gp (Lesser), 18,000 gp (Greater) Weapon deals poison damage and holds poisons for longer.
Cursebreaker Amulet 7,500 GP Neck An amulet which aid in the removal of curses.
Cursed Amulet of Immortality 25,000 GP Neck A amulet that make the wearer immortal and raise them from the dead... but not in the right way.
Cursed Bag of Tricks 600 gp (gray), 2000 gp (rust), 4200 gp (tan) -- Like a bag of tricks, but it tends to go off on its own at the worst possible times.
Cursed Boots of Rushing Speed 20,000 gp Feet These boots give a +50 bonus to base land speed. There's just one problem... don't slow down.
Cursed Eyepatch 13,000gp Face An eyepatch that weakens its wearer, but strengthens them temporarily when removed.
Damp Ruby Ribbon 10,000 gp Head or Throat This ribbon carries with it the spirit of violence, driving its user to brutal acts in exchange for feral strikes, regeneration, Diehard, and the ability to eat any meat.
Dancing Goddess Bracelets 3000 gp (novice), 15,000 gp (scholar), 45,000 gp (master) Arms or Feet; see text Grants a maneuver from the Dancing Goddess discipline, similar to the Crown of White RavensToB.
Dark Magister's Robes 350,000 gp Body A robes that grant ample protection, but at great expense.
Dark-Vision Goggles 10,000 gp — (Head) Can choose to see in the dark or to detect heat signatures.
Darkened Garbs 11,500 GP Body A set of noble clothing which turn into dark rags and make other's forget about you.
Deadman's Switch 1000 gp, 3000 gp -- When the owner of the paired deadman's switch dies, the other knows about it.
Deathspeaker Mask 4,000 gp Face Allows seeing ethereal creatures, 3/day speak with dead, can make Intimidate checks against undead, gain +2 insight bonus on social skill checks against intelligent undead
Decanter of Endless Kittens 12,000 gp It's a decanter. I'm sure you can guess what comes out of it.
Decanter of Water Elemental 6,000 gp -- This decanter of endless water gets hostile when you try to push it to its highest setting.
Decoy Suit 9,000 GP Body This robe allows you to cut your health in half and replace yourself with a decoy body that is a bit more expendable. You can also create unmoving clone bodies of yourself.
Defensive Robes Various Body Armor for the armorless, a set of magically toughened clothing serves the same purpose.
Demon Goat Mask 9000 gp Head Technically a cursed item, the demon goat mask is the skull of a particular brand of fiend which enables dark powers over the natural world.
Dimensional Bear Trap 8000 gp -- A bear trap that can trap nearly anything, and keep it there even if you could otherwise escape by magic.
Dimensional Pin 2,000 gp Keep your bags of holding from imploding on you.
Distress Beacon 500 gp -- A glowing rod which emits a multitude of help signals across multiple channels. Used in emergencies.
Diviner's Prism 60,000gp Held/None A moderately-advanced Rune Orb focusing on divination spells.
Do Wand 50 gp Held Instantaneously alter hairstyles and provide a bonus on disguises.
Dragon Balls Seven magical orbs capable of granting any one wish to those who are skilled enough to gather all of the 7 balls.
Dragon Head Stone 16,000 See Text Transform your head into that of a dragon, gaining a fire breath weapon and bite attack.
Dragon Mantle 195,000 gp Cloak This powerful cloak grants its wearer the powers and defenses of a dragon.
Dragon Torso Stone 24,000 See Text Transform your body into that of a humanoid dragon, gaining natural armor and vicious claws.
Dragon's Hoard 15,000 GP Held A sparkling ruby capable of storing life force for later use.
Dragonfang Gauntlets 6000 Arms Giant gauntlets made out of dinosaur skulls, they provide the creature with two bite attacks.
Dragonscale Cloak 60000 gp About Causes you to take 25% of incoming damage as elemental damage.
Duct Tape of Air Dominion 10,000 gp --; see text If you manage to pin and tie up an air elemental, you can use it to ride around as your loyal steed.
Dull Dagger 20000 gp Held Make yourself unsensable to aberrations.
Dust of Magic Finding 50 gp — (Held) Dust which coats everything with a magical aura within a 30ft radius, glows based on aura strength, viewers can use Spellcraft to determine aura strength and spell school.
Ear Scribe 10,800 gp Head Records what wearer hears for up to 7 minutes, can play back recording.
Enchanted Pouch 2,000gp (+1), 8,000gp (+2), 18,000gp (+3), 32,000gp (+4), 50,000gp (+5), 72,000gp (+6), 98,000gp (+7), 128,000gp (+8), 162,000gp (+9), 200,000gp (+10) Enchants light weapons placed inside for purposes of throwing.
Energy Balance Ring 500 gp Ring Counters any healing you get with negative energy damage.
Enhanced Reality Headset 10000 gp Face This helmet blocks off real images to give you illusionary versions, thereby protecting you from dangerous sensory inputs.
Epic Mender's Gloves 1,280,000 gp (+8), 2,000,000 gp (+10), 2,880,000 gp (+12) Hands Provides a bonus to Wis and Cha, and extra lifeforce points.
Everhandy Purse 5000 gp Held A mix between a masterwork toolbag and a handy haversack which allow you to grab some random items as well.
Everhot Seasonal Cup 50 GP Held A cup that turn drinkable water or milk into a nice hot beverage.
Everready Lockpick 550 gp Held A perfectly normal lockpick, except you never can get rid of the thing...
Everscroll Bag 1,000 gp x spell level squared This mundane-appearing bag is actually stuffed with an endless number of scrolls of all kinds.
Expanded Crystal of Energy Assault 1200 gp (Least), 6000 gp (Lesser), 12,000 gp (Greater) A greater selection for the Crystal of Energy Assault found in the Magic Item Compendium.
Expanded Crystal of Energy Protection 500 gp (Least), 1,500 gp (Lesser), 3,000 gp (Greater) A greater selection for the Crystal of Energy Protection found in the Magic Item Compendium.
Extra Digit 1,000 gp Need a hand? No? How about an extra thumb?
Eye Scribe 10,800 gp Eyes Records what user sees for up to 7 minutes, can play back recording.
Eyes of the Dwarf 1,000 gp Face detect mineral at will, additional benefits for spellcasters that can use detect detect mineral.
Eyes of the Mage 1,000 gp Face Detect magic at will, additional benefits for spellcasters that can use detect magic.
Eyes of the Paladin 1,000 gp Face Detect evil at will, benefits for spellcasters that can cast detect evil.
Fairy Godmother's Wand 800 gp Held Temporarily transform clothing and change the colors of things.
Fake Mimic 200 gp -- When applied to an item (typically a chest) it makes the chest act like a mimic. Except it's immobile. And not dangerous at all.
Fall Trip Boots 3,000 gp (double speed), 6,000 gp (quadruple speed), 12,000 gp (octuple speed) Feet Allows you to fall faster and avoid fall damage.
Feather Token Legs 100 gp -- Throw this token on an object and it grows legs, allowing it to move at your command.
Feather Token Rocket 700 gp -- Conjures a rocket which shoots you off at high speed in a direction. If you hit something, you explode!
Featherwind Scarf 2000 gp (least), 10000 gp (lesser), or 20000 gp (greater) Shoulder This long red scarf improves your jumping with the updraftSpC spell, and may emit light and sound to signal others far away.
Fetching Stick 1000 Held A normal looking stick which compels more than just dogs to play fetch with it.
Fey Light 160 gp A variant continual flame that provides light friendly for plants.
Figurine of Gunmetal Motorcycle 6000 gp -- This tiny toy warforged motorcycle transforms into the real thing.
Figurine of Limestone Lapcat 75 gp This appears to be a figurine of limestone cat. It's adorible, but its sinister nature comes to light when you least expect it. So, like a real cat.
Figurine of Mercurial Serpent 7000g -- A king cobra figurine usually curled in bracelet or anklet form, it can turn into a quick moving, intelligent, venomous snake.
Finger-Bang glove 8000gp Hand/glove A great alternative to weighty guns.
Fire Divination Disc 700 gp -- Stick this disc on the ceiling. It detects when a fire has started and warns you, and may even help put it out.
Flesh Gloves 3,000gp (novice); or 15,000gp (scholar); or 45,000gp (master) Hands Grants maneuvers from the Organic Repast discipline.
Fluted Black Rod 60000 gp Held A low-quality balefire gun
Flying Shield Crystal 2,500 gp (Least), 5,000 gp (Lesser), 12,500 gp (Greater) Animate your shield and have it defend you vigorously.
Focus of Merciful Summons 800 gp held Your summoned creatures deal non-lethal damage
Force Lance 44,000 GP Gauntlet/Glove A specific Rune Arm, to be used as a randomly rolled specific weapon.
Forget Me Stick 340,300 GP Held A club that knocks its victim out and erases their memory of the encounter
Freshmaker's Fortune 5000 gp -- A consumable breath mint packed with good fortune, it can save the day in the most unlikely ways.
Furtive Cloak 3,000 gp (novice), 15,000 gp (scholar), 45,000 gp (master) Shoulders Grants a maneuver from the surreptitious bandit discipline, similar to the Crown of White RavensToB.
Fury Claws 1,200 gp Gloves These claws allow the wearer to make an additional attack each round, reducing the accuracy of all their attacks by -2.
Fusillade Gauntlet Varies, 8,000 gp, 18,000, 32,000 gp, 50,000 gp, 72,000 gp, 98,000 gp Gloves Lets the wearer summon daggers to their hand as a free action.
Gauntlet of Infinite Alchemy 9000 gp Hands Conjure up alchemist fire, acid, and more and throw them rapidly as you conjure them from this gauntlet.
Gauntlets of Door Opening 1,200 gp Hands A pair of gauntlets which allow you to force open various doors and gates.
Gauntlets of the Edgemaster 4000 gp (+1), 16,000 gp (+2), 36,000 gp (+3), 64,000 gp (+4), 100,000 gp (+5), 144,000 gp (+6), 196,000 gp (+7), 256,000 gp (+8), 324,000 gp (+9), 400,000 gp (+10) Arms Enhancements added to these gauntlets apply to all weapons you use.
Gem of Infinite Despair 16,000 gp -- This slotless jewel drinks the hope out of the mind and soul of its targets, granting several spell-like abilities.
Gemstone Array 30,000 gp A gem-encrusted box for storing mana for later use.
Geo Crystal Varies -- Magical crystals which imbue the terrain with unique effects, bonuses, and restrictions.
Getatable Golfbag 1800 gp -- A efficient quiver for melee and throwing weapons.
Ghostlight 4,500 gp Held The soothing ghostly light that emanates from this ornate lantern wards off bad spirits.
Ghostly Glove 10,000 gp Hands A glove which gives constant spectral hand effect but at the cost of your hand.
Gish Gauntlets 600 gp + the cost of enhancement, 600 gp + enhancements Hands These gauntlets allow you to enhance weapon-like spells and supernatural abilities as if they were manufactured weapons.
Gloves of Agile Climbing 600 gp Hands Climb dextrously and catch yourself in a fall.
Gloves of Ambidexterity 8000 gp Hands Wearing these gloves removes your off hand, allowing you full strength to off-hand attacks.
Gloves of Dryness 1000 gp Hands Gain repel liquid at will, pushing away moisture with your hands.
Gloves of Item Drawing 900 gp instantly call to hand items stored on your person.
Gloves of Light Fingers 5,000 gp Hands A special set of gloves for thieves of all kinds.
Gloves of Mediocre Dexterity 2000 gp (+2), 8000 gp (+4), or 16,000 gp (+6) Hands These "Gloves of Mediocre Dexterity" gives you the flexibility of the average man!
Gloves of the Uncanny Thrower 12,000 GP Hands A pair of gloves that grant the ability to throw any one-handed and light weapon and make them come back to your hands.
Gold Pin 1000 gp Held Reverse the effects of paralysis or petrification on a target.
Golden Chain 5,000 GP Held A small linked chain which extend on command.
Golden Wings of Majesty 45,000 GP Shoulder A pair of golden wings which allow the user to fly and grant limited control over the wind.
Gravdisc Wheels 9000 g Feet; see text Gravsteel discs which allow you to walk on walls.
Grave Blood Idol 10,000 gp Neck An ancient fetish that siphons your very blood and leaves you weakened, but allows you to heal when you shed the blood of another.
Greater Broom of Flying 20,000 gp -- A better version of the broom of flying.
Greater Gloves of Storing 13,000 gp Hands A pair of gloves (rather than one) similar to the glove of storing, but able to hold larger items, switch items for effectively, and able to call items from a distance.
Greater Nightvision Goggles 30,000 gp Face You can see in the dark a large distance.
Greater Positive Planar Anchor 100000 gp -- Creates a large field where creatures can survive on the plane of positive energy.
Grizzade 1,600 gp and 5,000 gp — (Thrown) What were you thinking when I said I was going to throw a bear trap at them?
Guanyin's Mercy 3,850 gp Neck This simply hewn necklace strengthens attacks made without intent to kill, and quietly sustains its wearer.
Gym Badge Not for sale - must actually defeat the Gym leader Slotless Slightly magical badges awarded for defeating gym leaders.
Hair Dye 50 gp A magical dye that permanently dyes hair, and any new hair that later grows in.
Halfweight Backpack 350 gp Carry a lighter load when things are crammed in this pack.
Hammer of All-Forging 16,200 gp — (Held) While crafting, convert gold into other materials required for the job, with a maximum hardness of 20.
Handgrip of Proficiency 2,700gp - Uses master's touch on your behalf on a weapon.
Handy Haversack, Expanded varies unslotted Types II-IV for Handy Haversack
Harness of Fortitude 2000 GP Torso A harness granting you some bonuses to carrying capacity and the endurance feat.
Hat of Disguise, Lesser 800 gp head A hat of disguise with only one disguise.
Hat of the Bishop 1000 gp Head This oversized hat lets you move diagonal without using 1.5 squares of movement. It also improves movement augmenting spells.
Hat of the Trespasser 2,200 GP Head A hat which allow to trespass into restricted area more easily.
Haunted Painting 4900 gp -- A painting whose image comes to life... and attacks!
Headband of Concentration 10,000g (normal), 40,000 (greater) Head This headband can concentrate on a spell for you for up to 1 (or 3) rounds, before you need to refocus on your spell.
Headband of Mediocre Intellect 2000 gp (+2), 8000 gp (+4), or 16,000 gp (+6) Head This "Headband of Mediocre Intellect" gives you the intelligence of the average man!
Headband of Mental Domination 200,000 gp Head or Face A powerful headband that allow the mental domination.
Headless Helm 6000 gp Head When you wear this helmet, your head can come off! That may or may not be a good thing.
Headphones of Perfect Hearing 120,000gp Head +30 Diplomacy, Gather Information, Listen, and Move Silently
Healer's Periapt 3,000gp (novice); or 15,000gp (scholar); or 45,000gp (master) Throat Grants maneuvers from the Ideal Heart discipline.
Healing Piton 1500 gp -- This small cylinder has glowing yellow energy within. Release it to heal everyone in an area over time.
Heart Pendant 250 gp (minor), 1300 gp (moderate), or 4200 gp (major) Throat An amulet shaped like a heart. It grants extra hp, but once used it breaks.
Helm of Favorable Alignment 12000 gp Head (Worn) This item changes your effective alignment, allowing you to bypass some of the least obvious spells and traps.
Helm of the Dullahan 8000 gp Head This helmet makes your head ethereal and invisible. It looks pretty terrifying, and has a few protective aspects to boot.
Helm of the Eager Pawn 500 gp Head This helmet lets you move at double your speed for the first round of combat.
Helmet of Metal Feathers 20000 gp Head Give people headaches
Helmet of Obscurity 6000 gp Head This helmet obscures the face and voice of its user, and protects them from divinations.
Horatian Shades 900 gp A strange pair of shades worn by a famous wizard who always wore them, they've been duplicated for the use of all. Somehow, they make you cooler, and always are good to finish the job.
Horn of Valhalla, Revised 30,000 gp Held The Horn of Valhalla but fixed and expanded. This horn summons barbarians to fight for you.
Horse Knight Helm 2000 gp Head This horse shaped helmet gives +1 AC (stacks) and allows you to teleport as a free action, provided you're in the right position.
Hurricane Cloak 16,000 gp Shoulders This constantly billowing cape can release powerful gusts of wind.
Hyperspring Boots 12,250 gp Feet A pair of boots combining the powers of many kinds of boots, all for great bounding, dropping and striding.
Hypnotic Enhancer 7,500 GP Held A small item which improve fascination to hypnosis and allow the user to make harsher hypnosis request.
Ice Seed 850 gp -- This glassy crystal seed is cold to the touch. If placed in water, it freezes it instantly.
Infinitipedia 33,000 None A magic laptop
Infodex 4,000gp - A magical device that allows long-distance communication with another device or compatible creature.
Infra-Sight Helmet 8000 gp Head This helmet gives the ability to detect heat, improving your sight of warmer objects.
Interspatial Armory Varies 500-5000 Ring Some prefer to be prepared for any situation, an item such as this gives that luxury.
Interspatial Ring Varies Ring Functioning similar to a Bag of Holding or a Handy haversack, but in the convenient form of a Ring
Invisible Ioun Stone of Impeccable Manners 300 gp Perfect for diplomats and royals.
Ioun Shade 75 gp -- A burned out dull gray ioun stone which has had continual shade cast on it.
Ioun Stone, Powdered Sapphire Whirl 1600 gp -- This ioun stone gives you access to the "Lol Media" feat, or improves the feat.
Iron Rook Helm 5000 gp Head A large helmet which improves AC by 1, improves charge attacks, and allows you to take damage for your allies.
Jetblast Garbs 21,000 GP Body A set of clothes which turn make the user go fast.
Jetski Boots 2500 gp Feet These boots let you move on the surface of water, and make powerful sprints every so often.
Jewel of Spirit Allies Varies -- Crush the jewel to summon allies you have made a contract with.
Jewelled Finger Amulet 1,000 gp Neck This amulet gives you a third ring slot.
Journal Stone 118,800 gp — (Seet Text) Can record audio and video in its surroundings.
Jubokko Mask 4000 gp Face This grim mask gives you deathwatch, the ability to smell blood and drink blood, and the ability to purify others using your own blood.
Jump-Pack 10,000 Back This odd-looking backpack allows its wearer to teleport.
Knockback Bracers 2,600 gp Bracer These bracers grant the wearer the Pretty Cool Blow feat 3 times per day.
Leapback Boots 20,000 gp Feet These boots improve jumping capabilities and, given enough vertical height, teleport you away to safety.
Lesser Broom of Flying 6000 gp -- A lesser version of the broom of flying.
Life Dust 200 gp -- White dust, heals an area once.
Linkbox 4000 gp -- Always made in groups of two or more, these treasure chests share a common interior, allowing people to share objects from far away.
Loincloth of Goro 60,000 gp or 90,000 gp Armor, Belt, and Vest When wearing this loincloth, you grow an extra set of arms!
Long Fall Boots 5,000 gp Feet We told this Test Subject to just go ahead and try to land on her head. Heh heh! She can't do it! Good work, boots.
Loon Flute 250 gp Held The haunting call of the loon echoes from this flute.
Loregem 500 (0th), 1,000gp (1st), 4,000gp (2nd), 9,000gp (3rd), 16,000gp (4th), 25,000gp (5th), 36,000gp (6th), 49,000gp (7th), 64,000gp (8th), 81,000gp (9th) - A gem which stores a spell.
Luckstone 2,080gp - Gives a luck bonus to various things 1/day.
Lucky Horseshoe 48,000 gp Amulet Prevent up to twelve random events from ending badly.
Lucky Silver 2,800 gp -- Flip a coin to discover how your actions will turn out.
Lunar Silver Locket 1,500 GP Neck A small locket with lunar light trapped within, ward off undead and evil outsiders temporarily.
Lune-Cryst Mantle 18,000 gp Floating spires of living ice shield you from harm.
Mad Philosopher's Stone 50 gp per soul point A red thing that gives you lots of power.
Mage's Orb 44,000 GP Held/None A basic Rune Orb used as an example of the item.
Magic Glasses 300 GP Face A pair of magic glasses which can alleviate even drastic visual impairment.
Magic Pot 4500 gp -- A strange pot which can float and convert items placed into it into other items.
Magical Camera 900gp - A machine which can take pictures and print them.
Magical Music Sheet 1800 gp Held A "scroll" from which you can "cast" inspire courage from as a Performer of your level.
Magician's Hat 21,600 GP Technically can be worn on head, but provides no mechanical benefits except for looking like a nice hat Try to pull a rabbit out of your hat and get a random animal
Major Angreal 15000 gp Pick one when crafting it An item for increasing one's Energy Per Round from a supplementary Energy Pool.
Major Deed 32400 gp One of them An item that lets you use one specified Major Deed, or improves your ability to use that deed.
Malevolent Virtue 4,000 gp Succubus perfume. Grants useful benefits but taints the wearer with evil.
Mantle of Binding 22,000 gp Shoulders A mantle of binding grants the soul binding ability of a binder, for 1st level vestiges only.
Mantle of Shaping 1,800 gp Shoulders Uses alter self, but within a specific set of limits.
Mask of Becoming 520 gp Face When you slip on one of these illustrious masks, you become someone else.
Mask of Emet 3000 gp (novice), 15,000 gp (scholar), 45,000 gp (master) Face Grants a maneuver from the Golem Heart discipline, similar to the Crown of White RavensToB.
Mask of Life Support 13,000 gp Face A mask which lets you breathe in any environment, grants you nourishment, provides medication and anti-toxin effects, and even lets your alter your voice.
Mask of the Abyss 9000 gp Face A mask which blinds the user, but gives them a different sight. They see the world altered by dark insight while guarded by the terrors from beyond, but it is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen...
Mask of the Jackal 55,000 GP Face A mask which make the wearer able to perfectly see in any darkness and become invisible. Is defeated by daylight.
Mask of the Mysterious Foreigner 3000 gp Face When worn, your face takes on a new appearance and you speak a language only your allies can understand.
Mask of the Wild 3000 gp (novice), 15,000 gp (scholar), 45,000 gp (master) Head Grants a maneuver from the Wild Moon discipline, similar to the Crown of White RavensToB.
Materia Trap 2000 gp Held A small crystal that can absorb up to 100 lbs of a particular kind of material, as well as release it. It's a matter sponge.
Mayhem Blindfold 1,200gp, 6,000gp, 18,000gp Face As Crown of the White Raven, but for Domestic Tarrasque. Stronger and cheaper because it's blinding.
Mechanus Core 27,000gp (lesser); or 55,000gp (normal), or 110,000gp (greater) - A metal object that bestows mental ability scores on any construct or object it is fitted into.
Medal of Honor 900 gp (never sold) Torso Badges which denote achievement of an accomplishment. It gives prestige and a small magical benefit.
Medallion of the Lodge 8,000 GP None An item which create a luxurious lodge for the user and many allies.
Mender's Gloves 8,000 gp (+2), 32,000 gp (+4), 72,000 gp (+6) Hands Provides a bonus to Wis and Cha, and extra lifeforce points.
Merchant's Chest 180,000gp -- This chest reaches past time and space to trade items of average market value.
Merciful Crystal 100 gold This weapon crystal functions similar to the Merciful weapon property however it deals no extra damage.
Meta-Orbs Variable None Meta-orbs are objects that are in high demand amongst the magi of the world, and rightfully so, for they can turn even the lowest spell into a mighty force of magic.
Mind Fog Aerospray 3,850 GP Held This item allow you to make a low-area mind fog, has enough for 8 uses before expenditure.
Mindeater Clutch Glove 18000 gp Hands This creepy glove devours the life force of those it touches, and consumes the memories of the dead as it invokes rapid entropy.
Minor Angreal 3000 gp Pick one when crafting it An item for increasing one's Energy Per Round from a supplementary Energy Pool.
Minor Deed 5000 gp One of them An item that lets you use one specified Minor Deed, or improves your ability to use that deed.
Mirror of If 750 gp A mirror that shows illusions on command of alternate selves.
Mirror of Mirari 750 Held See through yourself and reveal beauty with this mirror.
Mirror of Proper Preparation 750 gp Helps with disguises and getting dressed.
Monoeye Helmet 2000 gp Head and Face This unnerving one-eyed helmet protects from dazzling and blinding. It lets you detect magic as well.
Monster Ball 70,000 gp - A magical orb capable of sealing away animals, familiars, and other creatures in a tiny space.
Moon Boots 3000 gp Feet Make running jumps without needing to move, and make super powered jumps.
Morph Ball 8000 gp Shoulders, Warforged Component Transforms the warforged into a metal ball that can roll quickly.
Mortaegis Mantle Varies Back This fringe mantle wards off death and decay.
Mortician's Box 1,000 gp A efficient way to preserve bodies and organs.
Motskalla's Quantum-Entanglement Delicatessen Box 600 gp Oft shortened to 'DeliBox' by rich travelers, the Quantum-Entanglement Delicatessen Box uses the most state of the art magitechnologies and developments into Spatial Entanglement to bring the comforts of hot, delicious food right to your dungeon crawl.
Mug of Endless Coffee 9,250 gp Held Wizards have to work night shifts as well. It was inevitable, someone had to make it.
Murderous Crystal 100 gold This weapon crystal turns non-lethal weapons into lethal ones.
Nightvision Goggles 2000 gp Face You can see in the dark, though you shouldn't wear these in the light.
Not So Handy Haversack 3000 gp None Like a Handy Haversack, but very inconvenient.
Note in a Bottle 300 gp -- A note in a magic bottle, send a snail-mail message across the world or even the planes, provided there is water.
Null Crown 145,600 gp Head Used to suppress renegade spellcasters this dread item allow to turn one's willpower into a null zone, devoid of magic.
Object of Floppy Surprise 1800 gp Held Used to describe a multiple of objects, the object of floppy surprise is thrown at a target, dazing them in absolute bafflement.
Oblivion of the Wolf 22,000 GP Neck A medallion that bestow the power of a predator to it wearer, as well as powerful ghostly wolf mount.
Oil of Adaptive Shape 5,000 gp Applying this oil to a magical item causes it to change shape to still fit you when you change shape instead of melding into your new form.
Olive of Art 40 gp -- When placed on an object (usually, but not always food), those observing it consider the piece "art".
Omnigoggles 30,000 gp — (Face) These Aperture Magic manufactured goggles are inlaid in a small, but complex magical device containing an array of lens fixtures and light filters, that is strapped in front of the face and translates optical input to a better suited form.
Oozinator 18,900gp — (held) A gun-like object that fires a stream of ooze at an opponent.
Orb of Elemental Summoning 10,800 gp (Type I), 36,000 gp (Type II), 51,840 gp (Type III), 70,560 gp (Type IV), 92,160 (Type V) This finely hewn orb is created out of masterfully polished white mineral, teeming with gentle friscellating flows of multiple colors tracing its semi-opaque surface.
Orb of the Rodentia 20,000 gp Held This orb opens up into a sphere of force big enough to contain you. You can roll around and trample targets while enjoying the relative safety of the bubble.
Ornaments Of The Serpent 50,000 GP Face/Mask, /Helmet; See text, Lenses/Goggles; See Text, Gloves/Gauntlets; See Text, Boots; See Text A horned mask carved from wood, with engravings of scales and runes., A crest of brilliant red feathers, intended to be worn on the head as a headdress., A pair of goggles; Green crystalline lenses held by iron fixtures and attached to what appears to be snakeskin., A pair of snakeskin gloves, with bright red feathers sewn in at the wrists and talons from a bird of prey at the fingertips., A pair of puttees - Strips of cloth used as tribal leggings - That appear to be made from the skin of a reptile, with strings of colorful beads woven in.
Ouroboros Circuit Periapt 70,000g Throat A powerful amulet that absorbs 20% of the spells cast at you, and uses the stored energy to cast spells of its own.
Packmule Vest 500 gp Torso Your effective strength rises by 4 for the purpose of carry capacity.
Palelight Lantern 5,000 GP Held A lantern casting a large amount of dim illumination and can be prompted to fire a gout of ghostfire.
Pauldrons of the Triceratops 6000 Shoulder Giant pauldrons made out triceratops skulls, they provide charging spikes and defense.
Pegasus Boots 5,000 GP Feet A pair of boots which make you slightly faster and allow you to build incredible speed.
Pellet of Quick Escape 1800 GP Held Toss this little pellet on the ground and disappear in a puff of smoke or a flash of light
Periapt of Mediocre Wisdom 2000 gp (+2), 8000 gp (+4), or 16,000 gp (+6) Throat This "Periapt of Wisdom" gives you the willpower of the average man!
Personal Forcefield 400 GP None A very weak shield that grant a bit more durability in combat.
Phoenix Stone 11000 -- Stone that brings you back if you die with it.
Phrase Tablet 100 gp times the level of the phrase squared. -- In essence, a Truespeech (3.5e Variant Rule) scroll.
Phylactery of Life Drinking 42,400 gp Throat These cruel tools of battle are the brainchild of Hextor's clergy, and are awarded to his most prized blackguards to aid in their conquests in His name.
Pictorial Mirror 20000 gp This mirror is a picture.
Picture Frame of Exceptional Realism 1000 gp None; can be held Also known as a "moving picture", because it needs no non-illustrated inhabitants in order to move.
Picture Frame of Weakened Barriers 16000 gp None; can be held Spell effects and non-illustrated creatures and objects can pass into or out of the Plane of Pictures much more easily with this frame.
Planebinder Amulet 20,000 gp Throat An amulet which manipulates planar energies, and can draw protection from planar energies.
Plant Positive Planar Sustainer 10000 gp -- Creates a field where plants can grow on the plane of positive energy.
Pocket Golem 70,000 gp Tiny, intelligent figurine of an Iron Golemn that can repair, fabricate, and animate objects.
Portable Freeze n' Bake 200 gp Freeze or bake from this portable box.
Portal Gun 120,000 gp — (Held) Create portals on flat surfaces that are connected to each other, which you can step through. Or send other things through.
Portal Toy 26,000 GP, 36,000 GP Special A lesser version of Ring Gates designed for intimate play., A trapped version of the Portal Toy.
Positive Planar Anchor 5000 gp -- Creates a field where creatures can survive on the plane of positive energy.
Pouch of Infinite Cotton Swabs 500 gp Cleans your ears, so you can hear better
Prophetic Salve 600 gp Consumable After applying this salve, you gain insight into the future using Divination.
Provisioner’s Pouch 2,000gp/pouch 1,000gp for belt -- The provisioner's Pouch is a belt pouch which can contain vast amounts of a specific item.
Psychic Paper 6,000 gp Held The ultimate fake ID, this blank paper creates the illusion of any document the bearer wishes.
Pumpkin Head 6000 gp Head A jack o' lantern fashioned into a helmet. When donned, spooky powers and tiny fireballs are yours to command.
Qípáo of the Assassin 15,000 GP Body A dress which provide multiple benefits for rogues.
Rag of Bats 100 gp Cloak This cloak, when flapped, summons forth a bat… usually.
Ravenous Blood Idol 100,000 gp Neck An ancient fetish of great power that siphons your very blood and leaves you heavily weakened, but allows you to heal large amounts of damage when you shed the blood of another.
Reading Glasses 3,000 GP Face A set of spectacles that allows you to read anything
Ready Talisman 12,500 gp Neck Can have spells cast into it, then activated for a simultaneous casting of all of those spells.
Reaving Crystal 1,000 gp (Least), 4,000 gp (Lesser), 10,000 gp (Greater) Immunities can be problematic. Use this crystal to strip enemies of those immunities.
Refrigerator 85 gp This metal magitec closet cools everything inside it.
Retributive Robes of the Scorpion 10,000 GP Body A set of robes which summon a swarm of ghostly scorpion on attackers.
Revised Belt of Ogre Strength 15,000 GP Waist A Belt of Ogre Strength grant the user the strength of an ogre.
Rhodotauric Elixir 4,320 gp — (Held) Drinker becomes winged for 10 minutes.
Rice Pot 2000 gp A small cooking pot that makes rice for five.
Robe of Adaptation 4000 gp (least), 16000 gp (lesser), 32000gp (greater) Body This robe resists the last energy type you got hit with.
Robe of Useless Items 2250 gp Often confused with the much more useful Robe of Useful Items, the Robe of Useless Items isn't quite as good.
Robe of the Journeyman 3000 gp Body A red poncho and robe suitable for long journeys in warm climates. It allows the user to rise on heated thermals and currents of wind.
Robes of Fell Insight 7000 gp Body This eye-covered robe grants the Dark Knowledge feat, ability to see souls, and learn strange information from objects. However, you may be watched from afar and are weak to insanity.
Robes of Magic Veils 9,000 GP Body The wearer of these robes are shrouded in veils of ghostly force which protect them and allow them to defy gravity.
Robes of the Abjurist 8,000 gp Body Magical robes which allow you to dispel magic, and improve your abjuration abilities.
Robes of the Conjurer 8,000 gp Body Magical robes which allow you to summon monsters, and improve your conjuration abilities.
Robes of the Dark Witch 8,000 GP Body A robe that allow the caster to cast curses and various other nefarious spell without expending a spell slot.
Robes of the Diviner 8,000 gp Body Magical robes which allow you to scry from afar, and improve your divination abilities.
Robes of the Enchanter 8,000 gp Body Magical robes which allow you to suggest things to others, and improve your enchantment abilities.
Robes of the Enflamed Soul 5000 gp Body These robes give some protection against cold, but their real purpose is to ignite and power up your fire abilities.
Robes of the Evoker 8,000 gp Body Magical robes which allow you to throw fireballs, and improve your evocation abilities.
Robes of the Ghost Crab 12,000 GP Body You cannot swim with these robes and sink like a rock, but you can move, see, and breathe in the water just fine.
Robes of the Illusionist 8,000 gp Body Magical robes which allow you to create false images and sounds, and improve your illusion abilities.
Robes of the Metamorph 3,000 gp Body Assist in Bluff, Diplomacy and Disguise, additional benefits for sorcerers.
Robes of the Necromancer 8,000 gp Body Magical robes which allow you to animate the dead, and improve your necromantic abilities.
Robes of the Sun Priest 5,000 GP Body Robes which belong to high priest of solar deities or other blessed individuals, grant resistance against darkness and shadow.
Robes of the Transmuter 8,000 gp Body Magical robes which allow you to fly, and improve your transmutation abilities.
Roughwalker Boots 1000 gp Feet These boots let you ignore difficult terrain for a small amount of time.
Roulette Charm 20,000 gp Throat A repository for spin points.
Ruby Sapphire Helix Ioun Stone 6000 gp -- This ioun stone allows you to count as a different type and subtype for the purpose of interacting with various effects.
Rune Arm 12,000 GP (Tier I), 18,000 GP (Tier II), 28,000 GP (Tier III), 42,000 GP (Tier IV), 60,000 GP (Tier V) Gauntlet/Glove A magical arm cannon that can be charged up and fired.
Rune Orb 12,000 GP (Tier I), 18,000 GP (Tier II), 28,000 GP (Tier III), 42,000 GP (Tier IV), 60,000 GP (Tier V) None/Held A floating orb that can be used as a shield or a spell focus.
Running Deer Tablet 100 gp None (Activated) This small tablet made of some brittle material inscribed with the picture of a running deer can be used to escape almost any sticky situation.
Sacred Chime of Healing 8,000 GP Held An ivory chime that heal the wound of those who ring it, and the wounds of other nearby.
Saddle of Protection 4000 Body This strange saddle made of fine black leather allow the rider to transfer some of her vital energy to her mount.
Scales of the Warped Serpent 13,800g Body Elderein full plate that protects against becoming lost within other realms
Scarab of Absolute Safety 75,000 GP Chest A scarab that project a forcefield across the battlefield, aiding allies and making retributive attack when depleted.
Scribe's Prism 900 gp Held A magical crystal than can be used to write or draw without needing ink.
Seal of Vyx 5,000 GP Neck A holy symbol which grant protection against madness.
Seashell Bikini 2,500 GP Body
Self-Binding Jar 3100 gp -- This small red jewel is a focus for magic jar, but it doesn't leave your body (as) vulnerable as you appear on the bodies of those you possess.
Serpent's Eye of Providence 10,000g Head A heavy cycloptic helmet which protects and amplifies eldritch knowledge, as well as divining the secrets unseen from human eyes.
Shield Talisman, Greater 66,500 gp Neck Gives deflection bonus to AC, absorbs damage.
Shield Talisman, Lesser 7,500 gp Neck Gives deflection bonus to AC, absorbs damage.
Shield Talisman, Moderate 29,000 gp Neck Gives deflection bonus to AC, absorbs damage.
Shifting Rag 8000 gp Body This plain gray cloak covers the body loosely. It grants the user the power to shapeshift, but overuse may lead to losing ones appearance.
Shifty Shades 300 gp Face Sunglasses that change their tint with a thought.
Shovel of Digging 2000 go Held A shovel that can tear through loose materials rapidly.
Shroud of Force  ??? GP Shoulders A cloak which greatly reinforce the striking power of it wearer's blows.
Signer Cube 3,500 gp These cubes are simple tools that can transmit simple predetermined information to similar items over any distance.
Silver Hand Medallion 4,000 gp Neck A medallion which improve Lay on hand.
Silverlight Grail 2500 gp Held A holy grail (not THAT grail) that can provide unlimited amounts of holy water.
Singing Songbook 200 gp A magic book that sings songs.
Singing Songbook, Intelligent 23,100 gp An intelligent magic book that sings songs and can carry on conversations.
Skeletal Tooth 250 gp -- Conjure skeletons by throwing necromantic enchanted teeth.
Skeleton Key 400 gp Held A universal, but one use, key that can open almost any door.
Skirmisher Scarf 10000 gp Throat This long red scarf gives you +2d6 skirmish damage and +2 AC when you move at least 10 feet, as well as boosting your speed by +10 feet with all movement forms.
Skull Mask 15,000 GP Face A mask that can be used to hide from undead or prevent turning and rebuking. Has a cursed side.
Skull Slippers 5,000 Feet A pair of comfy slippers that protect against cold and inflict negative energy damage.
Sky Eye Map 6000 gp -- A map which gives you a sky eye view of where you are.
Skyboard 26,000 gp A skyboard is essentially a surfboard that can fly, it is also usable as a protective shield.
Skyclad Goggles 20,000 gp Face A strange pair of goggles that allow to see people like they really are.
Slithering Robes 5,500 GP Body These form fitting robes allow the user to move at normal speed while prone and be able to worm through small spaces and out of grapples.
Solar Pistol 30,000 GP Held A gilded pistol that fires blasts of sunlight.
Soulblaster Skull 15,000 gp -- A floating goat skull that absorbs the energies of the dead, this energy can be stored and released in a blast of eldritch energy.
Soulmate's Glasses 3500 gp Eyes A pair of glasses used to find one's one true love.
Sovereign Burial Shroud 30,000 gp Shoulders A cloak made for undead, preventing others from controlling or destroying them via turning or rebuking.
Space Jump Boots 5,000 gp Feet, Warforged Component Gives a bonus on Jump checks, no penalty for no running start. Part of the Chozo Warrior set.
Span's EverReady Outhouse 1,200 gp Make any flat surface a door to a magical restroom! (AF)
Speaker Vest 12,000 GP Vest/Vestment/Shirt A magical vest which can replay sounds embedded in recording crystals; Especially useful to Bards.
Spectacles of the Inquisitor 7,000 GP Face A pair of glasses that allow the wearer to detect a specific evil action the creature committed.
Spectroberyl 600 gp Any Detect magical sources of light.
Speech Collar 2000 gp Throat Don't you wish your dog could talk? Imagine what he'd say. Why wonder? Dr. Wondertainment's Speech Collar is just the thing you need!
Spell Jammer 20,000 gp Held An orb that sends out overwhelming amounts of nonsense data to cloud the perceptions of all nearby.
Spell-Like Engine Varies Torso Increase the number of times you can use a spell-like ability you know by wearing this chestpiece.
Spell-Storing Bullet 20gp per Bullet Ammunition Sometimes a normal bullet does not have the 'kick' needed, now you have a bullet that can be used to fit any need.
Spellgraft Spell level x caster level x 2,000 GP. None; See below A spell imbued directly into a person, allowing them to cast it as a spell-like ability at the expenditure of XP.
Spooky Ghost Sheet 1600 gp Torso A sheet over your head makes you look like a ghost. Run around and spook people while mingling with real ghosts.
Spy's Glass 5,500 gp -- Look through a glass to see what you describe in a 1 mile radius.
Squid Launcher 6480 GP, 259 XP, 6 Days, 12,960 gp
Stabilizing Crystal 1,000 gp (Least), 3,000 gp (Lesser), 6,000 gp (Greater) If Oozes weren't Mindless, they would fear this augment crystal.
Stabilizing Gauntlets 3,000 gp Hand A pair of gauntlets or glove that make the wearer's hands extremely stable.
Stasis Coffin 4500 gp -- When someone is placed inside this coffin, they are nearly frozen in time, aging very slowly.
Statue of Limitations 10000 gp -- This statue causes durations to become shorter, even permenant effects.
Statuette of the Eternal Watcher 1000 gp This is a statuette of a mis-proportioned "cute" animal. Though little more than a bit of decoration, there is something terribly wrong about its eyes...
Stone Dragon Bound Greaves 500 gp Feet You always count as being on solid ground, and you can move around a great deal more without losing certain stances or abilities.
Stone Mask 18,000 Face A mask made of stone allowing powerful mind control effects. Sadly it also really cursed.
Stone Mask of the Forge Demon 22,000 gp Face A creepy stone mask that provides a defensive buff. However when placed in a stressful situation, the mask cannot be removed and the stone heats up, causing the wielder pain and yet providing rage-like benefits.
Stone of Revelation 6000 gp -- A stone which vibrates in the presence of secrets and traps.
Store Front Backpack 179,600 gp — (Held) Backpack folds out into a store run by an ifreeti.
Stovetop Hat of Frosty 4,000 gp Head Animates a pile of snow into an intelligent, if temporary, construct.
Summoning Gloves 6,000 gp (+2); 24,000 gp (+4); 54,000 gp (+6) gloves Summoned creatures gain ability increases.
Summoning Gloves of Magnificence 32,500 gp (+2); 150,000 gp (+4) gloves Summoned creatures gain multiple ability increases.

... further results

Psionic Universal Items[edit]

Name Cost Body Slot Summary
3.5e Magic Item Preload
Alien Atomizer 250k Held A small, silly looking gun that can turn the mightiest wizard into a puff of smoke.
Analysis Helm 10,000 gp Head This helmet provides protection and visual modification and improvements. If you have detect magic, you can use it to produce greater effects.
Animated Manipulators 10,000 gp Shoulder This unique pair of mechanical arms strap to your back and help you hold additional objects. Though it seems to have a mind of its own...
Bed of Dream Travel 9,000 gp -- When you sleep in this bed, you can end up somewhere far far away.
Boots of Mountainous Roots 4000 gp Feet Gain stability when standing on the ground, resisting effects which would move you or knock you prone.
Charmcatcher Locket 2500 gp Neck A necklace that protects from a single mental effect. For a time.
Crystal Psistaff 13,500 GP Held A powerful psionic staff which allow the user to place powers and power points into it.
Earrings of Clear Mind 7,000 GP Face A psionic set of earrings which protect the mind of the wearer from deception.
Fusion Earrings 4750 gp -- A mysterious pair of earrings which can fuse two people into one.
Gish Gauntlets 600 gp + the cost of enhancement, 600 gp + enhancements Hands These gauntlets allow you to enhance weapon-like spells and supernatural abilities as if they were manufactured weapons.
Illithid Suicide Pill 4000 gp -- A magical poison pill which kills you by teleporting your brain out of your body and to the elder brain.
Meditant's Robes 1,200 GP Body A set of robes which grant it user the ability to concentrate more steadfastly.
Pagan Tattoo Variable None A series psionic tattoos which offer various benefits.
Teleclaw 1100 gp Arms A gauntlet that gives the ability to use one's hands at range, though fine control is crude and unwieldy. Makes for a fine grappling hook.
Time Leaf 600gp -- Time leaves, taken from time trees, have a bit of quintessence within them. On touch, they freeze creatures in time.
Trenchcoat and Fedora of Obscurity 6000 gp Head and Torso This trenchcoat and fedora combo is the perfect disguise for some reason. You could even walk around the streets even if you're man-sized mutant turtle monsters.
VFX Helm 400 gp (+1), 1,600 gp (+2), 6,400 gp (+3), 25,600 gp (+4), 102,400 gp (+5), 409,600 gp (+6) Head A helmet that expands a Viewtiful Warrior's VFX pool.
Waaagh! 10,000 gp A bloodspattered banner capable of rallying and inciting savagery in your allies,

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