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Mundane Alchemical Items[edit]

Name Cost Craft DC Summary
3.5e Magic Item Preload
Aboleth Pustule 700 gp 25 A substance, or perhaps an organ, harvested from aboleths the aboleth pustule when broken and dropped in water causes the water to gel over.
Act of Treason 750 gp 23 A quick mind altering drug.
Alchemical Hellfire 100 gp 25 Devilish alchemists sought to capture the power of hellfire into their dark chemicals and succeeded all too well, as their tower burned to the ground. Fortunately the secrets of alchemist hellfire was found, skipping the dark methods used to learn its initial creation.
Alchemical Lava 60 gp 20 Strange alchemical methods can be applied to molten lava and stabilize it, forming "meltstone", which solidifies into shape but retains an unnatural warmth. The energy held within the lava has not escaped, and when jostled with heavy impact it returns to its molten state.
Alchemical Pumpkin Spice 10 gp 15 A popular spice used in pumpkin pie, this alchemical variant is intended for more strange use.
Alchemical Saltanium 750 gp 20 Said to be pure essence of salt torn from the quasielemental plane of salt, this bitter substance can drive men into a rage.
Alchemical Space 250 gp 35 This vial of liquid cause time and space to bend around it as evaporate.
Alchemical Torch 1 gp, 2 gp 20, 25 We combined a torch and a tindertwig.
Antidote Varies Varies Provides the drinker with temporary immunity to a specific poison.
Astral Dewfrost 200 gp 25 Formed from condensed essence from the astral plane, astral dewfrost augments effects which teleport and plane shift and, in sufficient amounts, can stabilize gate spells.
Beastblood Serum 500 gp 25 A terrible serum made from the blood of cursed lycanthrope.
Black Clay Jar of Volcanic Eruption 320 gp 40 A jar of black clay, all that is most ordinary. Activate it, and you will see the hells pouring out before you reducing everything that exists in acid vapor ...
Blackroot 25 gp, 100 gp 10 Chewing on these roots makes you feel manly!
Blight Grenade 50 gp plus (5 x HD squared) 20 A semi-magical and rather barbaric evil alchemical grenade, it is formed from the severed heads of creatures. As the stronger the creature, the stronger the effect of the grenade and so the heads of powerful enemies are preferred.
Blindcap Mushroom 150 gp This mushroom is poisonous, damaging the eyes even as it enhances ones sense of hearing. It's dangerous due to its addictive properties.
Blister Juice 600 gp 25 A yellowish, watery fluid with thin, stringy materials floating within it, which causes unbearable suffering and pain on contact.
Blue Snowflake Resin 150 gp 25 Blue snowflake resin applies 1d6 cold damage to a weapon for 1 minute once applied.
Breath Mint 100 gp This strange round candy fills your mouth with freshness, and your lungs with oxygen.
Brightbug 500 gp A brightbug is a firefly-like insect native to goblin territories. For some it is a delicacy, but the less common golden variety have unnatural vigor for its consumer.
Chemical Black Bomb 100 gp 25 A black bomb designed to hold alchemical items inside, it explode violently delivering it payload with great efficiency.
Cherry Popsi 1 gp 30 A concoction of various alchemical and natural fruit flavoring ingredients that's best when served chilled.
Coagulating Serum 50 gp 20 This simple serum, cause blood to rapidly coagulate, almost instantly stopping any source of bleeding.
Cola 1 gp Originally invented by alchemists, Cola is the fizzy soft drink that took the world by storm.
Combat Firework 110 gp An explosive which also makes blinding lights and colors.
Combined Effect Grenade Varies Varies Combine the effects of two or more mundane alchemical items into a single bomb that will activate all the items at once.
Consecrated Acid 30 gp 15 A flask of acid which also act as holy water, it ignore acid resistance and immunity of undead and evil outsiders.
Crude Oil Pot 1 gp 20 This small clay pot can be broken with a heavy impact, releasing a black oil over the surface where it hits.
Datura Weed 90 gp 18 A hallucinogenic plant that is smoked, though it is said to give more bad trips than good.
Delayed Explosive 120 gp 20 Coming in black balls of powder or red sticks of explosive, these bombs have a long fuse which burns as bright as a candle and hisses dangerously.
Demonic Essence, Greater 12,000 gp 28 The essence of an extremely powerful demon.
Demonic Essence, Least 1,000 gp 19 The essence of a weak demon.
Demonic Essence, Lesser 2,500 gp 22 The essence of a stronger demon.
Demonic Essence, Moderate 6,000 gp 25 The essence of a moderately-powerful demon.
Demonic Essence, Superior 30,000 gp 31 The essence of the most powerful demons.
Dragonblood Suppressor 50 gp 25 A vial of deep green liquid, dragonblood suppressor or antidragogen have the capacities of suppressing latent dragonblood within individuals who consume it.
Ectoplasmic Resin 300 gp A mysterious alchemical substance that allows objects coated in it to touch ghostly entities.
Endothermic Extinguisher 500 gp 20 The chemicals used in an endothermic extinguisher are gaseous and held within a pressurized container. When sprayed the combination of expanding gas and endothermic chemical reaction chills the air, and robs any fire of oxygen it would use to burn.
Ethereal Ooze Resin 150 gp 25 Ethereal ooze resin applies 1d4 force damage to a weapon for 1 minute once applied.
Eyeburn Spray 450 gp 20 Sold in spray cans with a pressure agent to emit the contents, eyeburn spray is a cocktail of various spicy and painful components that react with soft mucus membranes in the eye and cause pain.
F.U.E.L. 10 gp 20 short for Flammable Universal Energy Liquid, FUEL is used to power devices via combustion.
Filth Clot 90 gp 20 This disgusting clot of sticky residue and filth has captured terrible diseases.
Fire Bloom 35 gp 17 This concoction is created from fire bloom, a plant found in arid, sandy deserts.
Flash Bomb 50 gp 15 A bomb that blinds enemies in an area for a short time.
Flashbang 75 gp 20 These explosive vials of unstable chemicals staggers and dazzles opponents.
Glowcap Mushrooms 1 gp 20 A form of mushroom found growing underground in dungeons that can be used as spell enhancment component.
Gold Ferrous Resin 150 gp 25 Gold ferrous resin applies 1d6 electric damage to a weapon for 1 minute once applied.
Good Death 500 gp 30 A powerful drug which sends those who consumed it into a powerful euphoria.
Gorgon Blood 60 gp 18 A slightly viscous, opaque red fluid, that, when ingested, causes highly realistic, horrific hallucinations.
Graveproof Balm 250 gp 25 An alchemical mixture designed to preserve a body undergoing the process of undeath.
Green Nettle Resin 150 gp 25 Green nettle resin applies 1d6 acid damage to a weapon for 1 minute once applied.
Greenade 50 gp 25 The greenade is a glass vial loaded with alchemical fertilizers, unstable alchemical propellants and green dyes.
Hair Removal Slime 100 gp 20 Permanently removes hair easily and painlessly.
Ignition Smoke 150 gp 20 A gaseous black cloud of oily smoke blocks vision and is highly flammable.
Indestructible Koal — gp This burning rock of "Cleaned Koal" is supposedly invincible, but actually...
Iris' Spicy Caltrop Bomb! 75 gp 20 This spicy caltrop bomb is an explosive solution to not having enough caltrops! Created by the Totally Legendary Tinkerer, Iris!
Irritant Spray 150 gp 20 A simple version of pepper spray, it is composed of cheaper common chemicals and spices sprayed from a pressurized can.
Jet Jack 500 gp 25 Jet Jack is the street term for alchemical epinephrine (also known as adrenaline). It grants the effect of haste on its user for 5 rounds.
Laughing Shroom 20 gp 30 An uncommon mushroom that causes uncontrollable laughter and is used in alchemy.
Liquid Food 1 gp 10, 20 Liquid food is enough nutrition for a Medium-sized creature for a day… in a bottle.
Liquid Nitrogen 60 gp 20 An impossibly cold substance drawn out of the very atmosphere, liquid nitrogen has many practical uses. Of course, someone figured out you could toss them in people's faces, to great effect.
Liquid Silver 7,000 gp 15 A powerful alchemical item that allows the drinker to become a nearly-invulnerable being of metal, for a short time.
Lloyd's Talisman 200 gp 25 This throwable item weakens the effects of healing magic on the target.
Luciferiplasm 25 gp 25 The produce of alchemists attempting to create a living being made of light, they succeeded at least to binding light in a material form with some biological properties.
Magical Salt 10 gp 20 Salt alchemically treated to help when drawing circles for magical purposes or when cooking.
Mental Sedative 150 gp 25 A thick liquid made to calm the nerves and dismiss bad thoughts.
Mnemonic Incense 25 Breathing in this incense during meditation will allow a spellcaster to prepare more spells than normal.
Monster Entrails See Text 20 The internal organs, glands and whatnot of a slain fantastical creatures. While of not all that valuable by themselves, when harvested they make for excellent alchemical and magical crafting material.
N-TWSL-1 12 gp 15 Non-toxic water soluble lubricant. Provides a minor reduction in armor check penalty for an hour.
Nonverdure 333 gp The result of salt and vinegar combined against plants
Painkiller 30 gp 25 Made from certain trees and herbs, the painkiller is a pill which can be swallowed with any liquid and helps fight off pain.
Plasmion Shock Bomb 120 gp 32 A bomb of electricity explode, and the iron golem fall on the ground in a loud metal scream. The Plasmion shock bomb have strike again.
Pumpkin Bomblet 30 gp 20 An advanced form of alchemical bombs like alchemist's fire, a small necromantic flame burns bright inside, the result of necrotic supernatural chemicals in the presence of living auras.
Pungent Wax 50 gp 20 Powerful olfactory oils made into a suspension of wax and designed to be crushed, this alchemical good is a positive stink bomb that overwhelms all other odors.
Purple Rot Resin 150 gp 25 Purple rot resin applies 1d6 poison damage to a weapon for 1 minute once applied.
Red Charcoal Resin 150 gp 25 Red charcoal resin applies 1d6 fire damage to a weapon for 1 minute once applied.
Red Eye Flower 60 gp 10 This bright red flower has large distinctive petals. When consumed or brewed it becomes a rage inducing drug.
Rust Bomb 50 gp 25 The rust bomb is a glass vial loaded with alchemically magnetized rust dust.
Sacred Mist Pellet 150 gp 25 This sanctified alchemical powder inhibits and grants protection from undead.
Sanitizing Wipes 10 gp 15 These wipes get rid of germs from a surface and leaves it fresh and clean.
Sapper Shrooms 20 gp A type of living hazard, sapper shrooms have been weaponized to an irritating or potentially fatal threat.
Scathe Bile 210 gp 22 A deep blue acidic mixture that bubbles idly and will eat through any material.
Silk Gun 45 gp 20 A small device, that when properly loaded with an alchemical cartridge, produces temporary silken items.
Spider Pot 300 gp 25 When thrown, the swarm bursts out and immediately comes to life, scattering in all directions, but not before crawling all over the poor victims caught inside and causing nausea.
Splinterscab Tonic 100 gp 20 Originally developed to quickly scab over wounds, it proved a better weapon than a curative. When in contact with blood or an open wound, it crystalizes, forming sharp painful spikes that injure the body.
Spookfruit 150 gp A mysterious fruit that sometimes grows in places prone to being haunted or abandoned (regardless of if it actually is haunted) on small trees or root-like vines. It has a ghostly presence and different effects on the living and the dead.
Sugar Water 20 gp 15 A sweet liquid drug that cause relaxation and hallucinations.
Thick Blood Resin 150 gp 25 Thick blood resin causes the weapon to absorb up to 5 points of damage it deals as healing for 1 minute once applied, as long as the damage is no more than 1 round old.
Tovish Slithsilver 100 gp The byproduct of the death of "ceiling knights", this alien material seems to impart their reach extending abilities to the user's weaponry.
Trollblood Tonic 80 gp 25 This tonic invigorates the natural healing of a creature. Whenever they get injured, the body gives a burst of recovery.
Turpentine 250 gp 25 This alchemical concoction reacts quite violently when released, and can be used to set objects and weapons ablaze.
Twitch Powder 15 gp 12 After snorting this powder, you have a lot of excess energy...
Vibrathoil 20 gp 20 Vibrathoil grants additional damage to attacks at the cost of accuracy.
Warp Dust 500 gp 25 Technically a drug, warp dust is a rare and potent substance refined from the sand and rocks of lands touched by the Far Realm's presence.
Wildgrass 5 gp Wildgrass, also called 'shame-grass' or 'fey herd' is a strange plant said to be growing in fey groves. It is typically smoked or ingested. The herb provide a powerful and very pleasant buzz that inhibit decision-making and judgment.
Witchbane Oil 200 gp 20 An oil that allow a creature to resist hags's abilities.
Yama's Reprieve 7,000 gp 40 Incense that temporarily revives the dead
Yugoloth Dust 700 gp 30 As it turns out, properly prepared cremated yugoloths have a drug-like effect on the minds of others.

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