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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 5-2-18
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Size/Type: Large Outsider (Abomination)
Hit Dice: 20d8+343 (503 hp)
Initiative: +10
Speed: 50 ft, hover 50 ft (perfect)
Armor Class: 49 (+20 deflection, +10 dex, +20 natural, -1 size), touch 39, flat-footed 29
Base Attack/Grapple: +20/+34
Attack: Slam +33 melee (1d8+10, 20/x2) or Lathe Glaive +33 melee (2d8+15, 20/x3)
Full Attack: Two Slams +33 melee (1d8+10, 20/x2) or Lathe Glaive +33/+28/+23/+18 melee (2d8+15, 20/x3)
Space/Reach: 10 ft/10 ft
Special Attacks: Alter Reality, Erasure, Lathe of Heaven, Spell-Like Abilities, Summon Nemesis, Voice of Heaven, World Destroyer Form
Special Qualities: Abomination Traits, Beyond Good and Evil, Blindsight 500 ft, Darkvision 60 ft, DR 20/epic, Hyperdimensional, Immunities, Incomprehensible, Low-Light Vision, Regeneration 20, Relative Size, Resist Cold/Fire 20, SR 32, Telepathy 1000 ft
Saves: Fort +32, Ref +22, Will +22
Abilities: Str 30, Dex 30, Con 40, Int 30, Wis 30, Cha 40
Skills: Balance +33, Bluff +48, Concentration +48, Diplomacy +48, Intimidate +52, Listen +33, Knowledge Arcana +33, Knowledge Dungeoneering +33, Knowledge Geography +33, Knowledge History +33, Knowledge Nature +33, Knowledge Religion +33, Knowledge The Planes +33, Sense Motive +33, Spellcraft +33, Spot +33, Tumble +33, Use Magic Device +48
Feats: Deflect ArrowsB, Pretty Cool BlowB, Whirlwind AttackB, Born Tough, Combat Reflexes, Power Attack, Combat Expertise, Dash, Penetrate Damage Reduction-CE (alignment), Exceptional Deflection-CE
Environment: Before Creation
Organization: Solitary or Expanse (2+)
Challenge Rating: 28
Treasure: None
Alignment: Beyond Good and Evil
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment:


The world was not always like this. There was a universe before this one, a universe devoid of magic and its pools of life suspended far from another in harsh conditions. It was a universe that life never the less found a grip upon, and one day that life birthed intelligence, science, reason, engineering, and physicists. Using the laws of the universe a race took to the stars, conquered their galaxy and then the next and next and next until the known universe lay under their grasp. And after 100,000 eons of peace, growth, and scientific breakthroughs the universe began to finally wind itself down.

Entropy was inevitable. The scientists of the age took their best minds to solve the problem, but found naught one. Eventually their minds ascended to higher and greater forms into shapes which are barely spoken of as life to creatures of this age. The universe continued to dim and they came upon a possibility; however small. They could not save the universe, but if they continued to ascend they may yet survive the death of their own universe and return to it after it had undergone a natural cycle of death and rebirth. And so the people, now a hivemind of thoughts and powers, waited.

The universe went dark.

And then there was light.

It was as they had predicted, and the living beings of old touched its strange and alien surface. They were of different physics, different form, and everywhere they walked strange ripples churned the new world into chaos and confusion. To them it was merely interactions of waves on the surface of truth but for us we know it as magic, the power to bend reality to something strange and alien to us, and perfectly understood to them.

And now, they have returned to claim the universe once again and restore its physics, its sanity, its substance back to how it used to be. They only need clear out the dust that has collected in this world.

The antemagus are not a thing which can exist in the normal universe. The universe interprets them as beings of raw magical power, but it is simply their interaction which seems to produce such results. They are a finger, a shadow on our pool of reality of something greater. It is unclear if they are the representation of many of people from the previous world, or a hivemind born of the previous world, but what is most terrifying to know is that these world-destroying beings are not individuals but one of an unknown many. It is fortunate then that they simply cannot exist, not without the stars being right and all things being primed for their rebirth.

Its appearance is hazy and uncertain even after one can break through its incomprehensible existance, but some details are certain. They are a black blot on the world of deepest vantablack, whose edges seem to crackle like fire or lightning and whose facial features are made of similar scratchy and unclear scribbles of stark blank white forming eyes, mouth, and patterns of unknown eldritch nature and meaning. Its voices echo with the shouts of billions in unison, and its presence seems to bend light around it. And most worrisome of all: they are humanoid in shape. Why these things beyond existance would take the form of something so normal to our world is uncertain, or perhaps it is humanity which has taken the form of them. After all they seem unusually focused on our existance and well being or lack there-of, and seem to plot and scheme rather than employ brute force. Perhaps they are aware of a truth mankind knows not.

The antemagus' size varies greatly and it is not believed to be a creature of mass or even traditional matter. It typically stands 10 ft tall with bald head and blank and uncaring expression. They speak all languages, and communicate telepathically to most.


The antemagus comes with a purpose, and typically does not even entertain the idea of a direct fight until roused to anger or attention. Even in the midst of battle it may not take the threat seriously, and so weep for any who provoke it to strike with all its might. In these cases the fate of its obelisks are set aside, its long term plans are delayed, and it may even take on world destruction form to complete its task.

Beyond this, the antemagus is both caster supreme and a powerful fighter who could adopt any size or shape. Adaptability is its name, and so its greatest weakness is simply a lack of actions.

Abomination Traits: Abominations are not subject to death from massive damage, and they have maximum hit points per Hit Die. Abominations can choose both nonepic and epic feats as part of their feat selection. Abominations resist detection, and are all treated as if affected by a nondetection spell of a caster level equal to the abomination’s HD. They count as rank 0 deities, though they possess no divine spark.

While there is more than one antemagus possible, each antemagus is treated as a unique creature for the purpose of interacting with spells and other effects. In fact, they are so unique that the universe cannot abide clones. They are immune to any effect which would willingly or unwillingly duplicate themselves or their bodies, including effects such as simulacrum or clone.

Alter Reality (Su): The antemagus can slowly but inevitably alter the environment around them to fit their wishes 1/day as a standard action. This functions like wish but the effect does not come into play immediately. Instead a magical column appears in the place they altered reality, an obelisk, which begins to alter the world over time. For effects which could be pulled off by 3rd level spells or less the change occurs over the next 24 hours after which the obelisk vanishes once its work is done. For changes which can be done by 6th level spells or less, the effect takes place over a week. For 9th level spells or less, the effect takes place over a month. Lastly they can pull off epic events such as a worldwide occurrence or altering fundamental laws on how magic functions, but the effect takes place over a year and a day.

Fortunately for the world, these changes are not subtle. In the area or on the people affected by the change come strange and obvious omens such as the sky turning black or alien runes appearing and vanishing. Those capable of making a DC 40 Knowledge Arcana check can determine that this is the result of an obelisk. If the obelisk is found before the altered reality goes into effect it can be destroyed and the effort wasted. An obelisk is a Medium object with AC 5, hardness 20, and 200 hp. It is helpless on its own, so the antemagus often ensures it is well defended and automatically becomes aware if one has been destroyed.

Beyond Good and Evil: The antemagus has no concept of this universe and its sense of alignment. It has no alignment, and counts as whatever alignment is most beneficial for the purpose of interacting with spells and other effects.

Erasure (Su): If an antemagus wills it instead of killing a creature or destroying an object, they can instead erase them from existance. Creatures and objects are left 1 point away from death or destruction but shunted out of reality as per time hop of indefinate duration. They cannot return until the antemagus is slain or willingly releases them, and since they are not dead they are not viable targets for revival. In addition with a touch the antemagus can simply delete a 10 ft cube of non-magical material or remove force effects as if using disintegrate.

Hyperdimensional (Ex): To the antemagus, all spaces are equally close in the universe. As a 1 round action the antemagus can move to any square in the universe no matter the distance. It is teleportation and the antemagus does need to know where it is going and cannot appear in an occupied space.

In addition, the antemagus is considered to possess ghost touch weapons.

Immunities (Ex): The antemagus is immune to Force damage, Ability Damage, Ability Drain, Death Effects, Disease, Energy Drain, Mind-Affecting Effects, Paralysis, Petrification, Poison, Polymorphing or any form-altering attack.

Incomprehensible (Ex): To even witness the antemagus requires no small amount of help. If one comes into visual sight of it, one must make a DC 35 Will save or be unable to see, smell, or detect the antemagus in any way. Any attacks would seem to arrive from out of nowhere. Creatures that succeed immediately gain 2 points of dark insight (or gain a dark insight score of 0 if they had none) and need not make any more saves as they can see it forevermore. Creatures are entitled to additional saves any time the antemagus makes a change in the environment which is noticed or an attack.

Lathe of Heaven (Ex): The antemagus wields a weapon forged from the void itself. It takes the form of a Large Glaive by default, but can be any weapon. It is proficient in all weapons, and said weapons deal untyped damage as they erase the reality of beings they strike. For this reason they count as disintegrate for the purpose of interacting with spells and other abilities, for interacting with 10 ft cubes of non-living material, and for what happens to a creature which hits 0 hp or less.

Regeneration (Ex): The antemagi's regeneration is bypassed by epic weapons and untyped magic damage.

Relative Size (Ex): As a 1 round action the antemagus can alter its size anywhere between Fine to Colossal, gaining or losing the appropriate size bonuses and penalties as appropriate, though it usually defaults to Large size. It is also believed this is behind the power of its world destroyer form, with its size taken to the extreme.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): The antemagus possesses all spells from all spell lists as spell-like abilities, with some limitations. They may cast spells from 1st-3rd level at will. They may cast spells from 4th-6th level once every 1d4 rounds. They may cast spells level 7th-9th once every 5 rounds. Spells with expensive material and XP components raise the cooldown period to 24 hours, though as spell-like abilities they do not pay these components. For example they possess wish once per day, but meteor swarm every 5 rounds. The DC for these spells is Charisma based, or DC 25 + spell level and caster level 20th.

Spell Resistance (Ex): The antemagus possess spell resistance 32, but unlike normal spell resistance if they block a spell with their spell resistance, they instead heal 10 points of damage for every spell level the spell possessed. They may raise and lower their spell resistance as a non-action at will.

Curiously the antemagus seems to have a hard limit on how many spells they can have active on themselves at any one time. Regardless how many they cast, they may only have up to 3 buff effects on them at any one time as they naturally cannibalize older spells in place for new ones.

Summon Nemesis (Su): One per day the antemagus is capable of summoning non-unique creatures as if using gate, up to its CR -10. Each individual antemagus is associated with particular creatures, though the meaning of these creatures is uncertain. They typically summon creatures to guard their obelisks, or to perform tasks where they themselves do not wish to be seen.

Voice of Heaven (Su): If the antemagus wishes it, it can make itself heard across an entire world with a voice which seems to eminate from the air itself, up to 13,000 miles away. It can even speak underwater or in the vacuum of space, and as such they are effectively immune to silence spells. They typically have no need for this other than to proclaim some matter of doom to a world they have come to judge.

World Destroyer Form: As a 1 round action the antemagus can grow taller and taller, thinner and thinner, until it is little more than a black line that vanishes from view. From the location it activated this a 20 sided Large sized black crystal anchor not unlike its own obelisks appear, a 3D shadow of its own multidimensional body. Like the obelisks it has hardness 20 and 200 hp and behaves as an attended magical object, though its AC is that of the antemagus's flatfooted AC as the antemagus is immobile.

Meanwhile within the skies above a planetary-scale antemagus appears, typically only expressing head, hands, and sometimes its torso. This aspect of the creature is far beyond any hopes of serious injury, but its weak point is the crystal anchor it left behind. If the crystal is destroyed it is forced to revert to its normal dimensions dazed for 1 round, and it cannot take world destruction form again for 24 hours.

The crystal anchor is capable to acting though it can only use its spell-like abilities to defend itself. Meanwhile its planetary sized manifestation takes its own slow actions as listed below. Attackers must try and break the crystal anchor as quickly as possible for the attacks of its planetary manifestation are devastation to the world at large. The DC for any abilities is 35, and the DC is Charisma based.

Eye of Judgement (Su): The antemagus sweeps its gaze over an area for a precision surgical strike. Over the course of 5 rounds it can duplicate the effect of orbital laser.
Meteoric Crush (Ex): With a single finger the antemagus crushes an entire area under its press. Over the course of 5 rounds an area up to 1000 ft radius is subjected to their finger coming down like a meteor, dealing 20d6 fire and 20d6 bludgeoning damage with a Reflex save for half. It can keep its finger pressed down (duration of concentration) dealing an additional 20d6 bludgeoning every round in the area and pinning all creatures still alive who failed their initial Reflex save. Fortunately for creatures attacking the crystal anchor, it never aims for them as doing so might entail crushing its own anchor.
Move Planet (Ex): Over the course of 5 minutes the antemagus begins to push the entire planet out of its orbit. If left uncontested at the end of 5 minutes the orbit has taken it either closer or further from the sun, raising or lowering worldwide temperatures by 75 degrees F each time. The effects are catastrophic and permanent short of physically moving the planet back into its correct orbit. Given enough time (1 hour) it will eventually throw the planet into the sun or into deep space, ending all hope.
Reshape Landscape (Ex): The antemagus sweeps their hand over the landscape reshaping it to how they see fit over the course of 1 minute in an area up to 10 mile radius. This acts as reticulating splines except the changes occur over the course of 1 minute instead of 30, and the area is wracked with a minute long earthquake spell.
Spread Waters (Ex): The antemagus presses their hand upon the waters of the world, forming a great flooding along the sores. Over the course of 5 rounds along a shoreline up to 10 miles the water rises dramatically deluging anything in the area with water up to 100 ft higher than normal. Any structure standing on open ground takes 100 points of damage, enough to collapse a typical wooden or masonry building, but not a structure built of stone or reinforced masonry. Hardness does not reduce this damage, nor is it halved as damage dealt to objects normally is. Any creature caught inside a collapsing structure takes 8d6 points of bludgeoning damage (Reflex DC 15 half) and is pinned beneath the rubble (see below). The antemagus can concentrate on it to keep the waters at their heightened level, or release and allow the water to drain out naturally at its own pace.

It goes without saying that the world destroyer form is a form noticed by all. It takes this form only when it is serious about the destruction of life upon the planet.

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