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Eiji-kun's Homebrew (4824 Articles)
Classes Aboleth Disciple, Adamantine Monk, Adventuring Fighter, Adversary of Faith, Air Cutter, Airship Pilot, Ambiko Paragon, Angel Disciple, Animal Soul, Arane Paragon, Arcane Trickmaster, Archblade, Archkineticist, Archpsion, Armored Monk, Augur, Autoplate Pilot, Autoplate Pilot, Variant, Ba Summoner, Backstabbing Bard, Bardic Familiar, Barrier Mage, Battle Chemist, Battle Robot, Battle Shinigami, Battlesmith, Biomancer, Biotechnician, Black Knight, Bloodletter, Bonded Object, Boneblade, Bookish Sorcerer, Brave Fighter, Builder, Butter Paladin, Cacophonous Knight, Capnomancer, Capra Spawn, Catertaur Metamorphosis, Chainlord, Chasseur, Cheerleader, Chemist, Church Hunter, Clairvoyant, Classic Healer, Clockwork Knight, Cloud Dancer Monk, Codex Roboticist, Colossus Knight, Combat Stylist, Combatant, Commander, Constructor, Courier, Crafter, Crimson Corsair, Cult Member, Cyborg Ninja, Daeijine Illithid, Darkwraith Assassin, Death Knight, Death Magus, Dedicated Manifester Wilder, Deva Champion, Direfrost Knight, Divine Ascendant, Divine Soul, Dracolichbound, Dragonblooded, Dragoon, Dread Vampire, Dreamer, Duelist, Dwarven Defender, Dwarven Destroyer, Earth Breaker, Eatshaper, Edgemaster, Eijilund Plushie Paragon, Eldritch Necromancer, Eldritch Weaver, Expanded Unique Powers, Expanded Variant Paladins, False Prophet, Fang of the Four Winds, Farmer, Farmhand, Farspawn Scion, Feat Sorcerer, Fencer, Fey Paragon, Fighter Elite, Flammenwerfer, Flare Buster, Fleshbender, Flurry Monk, Force Missile Specialist, Forsaker... further results
Feats and Traits 100 Fists, 3D Maneuver Gear Proficiency, 50/50, Ablative Armor, Absorb Ally, Accelerate Initiative, Accelerated Progression, Access Divine Spell-Likes, Acquire Skill, Adamantine Stomach, Adamantine Tracery, Addiction, Additional Magic Item Space-CE, Additional Spirit Bond, Adept of the Horological Mysteries, Advanced Companion, Advanced Dark Companion, Advanced Heal, Advanced Summoning, Advanced Sword Technique, Advanced Whip Tactics, Advantageous Poise, Adventuring Intern, Aged Well, Aiming, Air Juggle, Airship Improvement, Alchemical Extract, Alien Blood, Aligned Blood, Alignment Alteration, Alignment Heritage, All Range Style, Almost Dead, Alter Form, Alter Reality, Alter Size, Alternative Tradition, Always Skillful, Ambidextrous, Ambiguous Features, Anchored Object, Angel's Blessing, Anger Issues, Angled Arrow, Anima Toughness, Animal Head, Animal Whisperer, Annihilating Strike, Arcane Mastery, Archon's Blessing, Area Divine Shield, Armed Deflect Arrows, Armed Grip, Armor Channeling, Armor Skin-CE, Armor of Chaos, Armorborn, Armorforged Body, Art of Flying Daggers, As Young As You Feel, Ascetic Artist, Ascetic Priest, Ascetic Sage, Assassin Casting Greater, Assassin Casting Least, Assassin Casting Lesser, Assassin Casting Superior, Augment Sacrifice, Augmented Alchemy-CE, Aura Pressure, Aura of Decay, Aura of Life, Autolife, Automatic Quicken Spell-CE, Automatic Silent Spell-CE, Automatic Still Spell-CE, Average Initiative, Average Out, Awaken Core, Axe King, Axe Mastery Variant, Badly Drawn, Bag Full of Knick Knacks, Bane of Enemies-CE, Banestrike, Barbarian Irritation, Basic Hairstyle, Batman In Plain Sight, Battlesense, Blazing Hadoken, Bleeding Strike, Blinding Speed-CE, Blockout, Blood Rally, Blood Rejection, Body and Soul Style, Body of Iron, Bonus Spell Slot, Born Cursed... further results
Spells, Powers, and Maneuvers Ablative Jacket, Absolute Maneuver Mastery, Absolute Resistance, Absorb Undead, Accelerated Decay, Adaptive Shell, Adipose Armor, Aerial Evasion, Agni's Blades of Destruction, Agony Pin, Aim for the Core, Air Axe Scramble, Airtight Architecture, Albedo Armor, Aldrenaline Burst, Alhazarde Lance, Alhazarde's Sword, Alien Limb, Aligned Water Bomb, All for One, Allied Alert, Alter Gravity, Alter Memory, Alternate Future, Altimeter, Analyze Event, Analyze Object, Anger Overwhelming, Angles of Tintalos, Anhydrous Shell, Anima Blast, Anima Explosion, Anima Wave, Animal Convoking, Apocalyptic Swarm, Aqua Snake, Arcane Bastion, Arcane Consumption Strike, Arcane Grace, Arcane Psionics, Arcane Space Program, Area Teleport, Argentum Scourge, Armored Wing Stance, Arms of the Guardian, Arms of the Tyrant Lizard, Art of the Lilliputian, Assassin's Escape, Astral Assistance, Astral Fugue, Astral Invader, Astral Mount, Astral Phantom, Astral Protector, Astral Tentacles, Atmospheric Press, Atmospheric Visualizer, Aura of Doom, Aura of Poison, Aura of the Despoiler, Authoritative Word, Autoimmune Reactor, Awaken Construct, Variant, Awaken Warrior Spirit, Awaken the Chaos, Awe-Inspiring Performance, Awesome Light, Babble, Backlash Wind, Backup Construct, Baneful Light, Bang Rounds, Barrel Roll, Bearpocalypse, Bel's Ambush, Belladone's Curse of Inconvenience, Belladone's Curse of Stolen Boons, Belladone's Death Curse of Snakes, Belladone's Fiendish Defender, Belladone's Shared Fortune/Misfortune, Belladone's Spore Wind, Berserk Soul, Binding of the Earth Spirit, Bio, Bio, Mass, Biological Decomposition, Biotic Inversion, Birth Brain Worm, Black Beast Blood, Black Bladestorm Wave, Black Blood Chains, Black Widow's Expertise, Bladewraith Storm, Blessed Journey, Blinding Spray, Bliss Overload, Blood Iron, Blood Jorum, Blood Mark, Blood Melt... further results
Variants and Terms Additional Combat Special Attacks, Additional Epic Spell Factors, Advanced Wars, All Ability Skills, Alternate Confusion, Bleedout, Blood Magic, Catalyst Magic, Chariot, Clumsy, Cosmic Damage Type, Critical Resistance, Dark Insight, Delayed Spellcasting, Dying 3.75 Edition, Expanded Psicrystal Personalities, Expanded Size Categories, Expanded Weapon Size Damage, Fortitude Dying Resistance, Functional Craft Item Rule, Functional Craft Trap, Functional Weapons of Legacy, Graze Damage, Headache, Hellfrost, Intoxicated, Knowledge DC Variant, Migraine, Nerfed Death, Non-Combat Confusion, Nonliving Critical, Proficiency Purchase, Psychosis, Quasi-gestalt, Refresh Spellcasting, Researching Spells, Scaling Benefits, Sniping Skills, Spell Chains, Stone Dragon Errata, Superior DR/Magic, Training for Skills, Truespeak Fix, Variant Combat Maneuver Checks
Equipment 3D Maneuver Gear, 50/50 Coin, Ability Blow, Ability Striking, Ability Trickster, Aboleth Pustule, Ace Feathered Crest, Achiralium, Adorable, Advanced Ballista Bolt, Advanced Cannon, Advanced Cannonball, Advanced Heavy Ballista, Advanced Light Ballista, Aemulus, Aeon Parchment, Aerosilk, Agaric Spores, Air Hike Boots, Alchemical Hellfire, Alchemical Lava, Alchemical Pumpkin Spice, Alchemical Quiver, Alchemical Saltanium, Alchemical Shaped Charge Iolite Injector, Alchemical Shaped Crystal Clip, Alchemist Robe, Allemetic Serum, Alliance Gong, Amplifying Horn, Amulet of Armor Skin, Amulet of Devilbane, Amulet of Elemental Summons, Amulet of Mediocre Health, Amulet of the Everlasting, Analysis Helm, Anarchic, Revised, Anechoic Steel, Angel Wing Shield, Anima Channeling Belt, Animated Dispenser, Animated Manipulators, Animated Wheels, Ankheg Paddies, Anti-Bio Beam Cannon, Antifreeze, Antler Mace, Anvil of the Dwarvish Lords, Apocrypha Engine, Apparatus of the Lobster, Aqueous Slipskin, Arcana Fundamentum, Arcane Buster, Arch Blade, Arm of Rokuromanes, Armor Busting, Armor of Mammon, Armor of Obedience, Armor of the Cat, Armor of the Planes, Armored Cart, Armored Collar, Arrow of Bob's Bane, Arrow of Dragonsight, Artificer Battery Pack, Astral Dewfrost, Astral Escape Vest, Astral Shudder, Atma Weapon, Atmawater, Atmosphere Helmet, Attunement Staff, Autoloading, Automail Graft, Automobile, Autorepair, Autoscribe, Axe of Grinding, Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, Axiomatic, Revised, Baby Flail, Backcar, Bag of Magic Spikes, Bag of Minions, Balance, Balance Spear, Ball & Chain, Ballpoint Pen, Bane Oil, Barbed, Baroqueblade, Bastion Shield, Baton, Battle Book, Battle Ram, Battle Rifle, Battle Shears, Battle Shotgun, Battle Sling, Battlegolf Club... further results
Monsters Abyssal Marauder, Accel XLV-5 Autocycle, Adamantine Devil, Admin, Inevitable, Agarican, Air Elemental Tiny, Aker-Oros, Algollied, Almond Cow, Amarok AL-04a Attack Hound, Android Warforged, Anenekro, Antemagus, Aran-388 Hunter Starship, Arch-vile, Argus Sheep, Armaboulder, Arsenal Titan, Arson Gremlin, Asabikeshiinh, Asclepius-1928 Medibot, Ashgeist Ultra Trooper, Assimilated, Assimilated Legionnaire, Assimilator, Athanas-1923 Autonomous Bulldozer, Atma Weapon, Aubergine Lizard, Automag Armor Glint, Automag Armor Goliath, Automag Armor Zmeu, Auxiliel, Avatar of Consumption, Azter, Baatorian Enslaver - Edolicentia, Battlemind Docent, Bee Dragon, Bee Swarm, Beeholder, Beheliter Gargoyle, Behemothian, Belatucadros, Bifrovs, BigDog-2005 Robotic Mule, Binesi AL-05a Drone Fighter, Bio-Ascendant, Biozombie, Birdemic, Blanket Golem, Blattodea, Blind King Statue, Blood Creature, Blood Dragon, Bloodstorm Devil, Bobcat, Boneswarm, Boredom Dragon, Botforged, Boubaball, Brainlick, Brilliant Enemy, Bronzeform Clanker, Buster MW-10 Ride Armor, Butter Golem, Canolacat, Capgras Demon, Capra Demon, Catoblepas ATW-225 Armored Walker, Cave Demon Crab, Ceiling Knight, Centipedeshark Tornadoman, Cepholathe, Champa, Chaos Knight, Chef Homunculus, Chelamazikin, Cibatel, Clockwork, Clockwork Assassin, Clothling, Drifter, Clothling, Flagbird, Clothling, Stormbird, Cloudrail Golem, Collector Homunculus, Color Thief, Colossal Ruin, Compost Bear, Cooler Homunculus, Corgi Archon, Corpseblood Gel, Corrupted Blood, Crimping Crawler, Crossbow Scorpion, Crying Owl, Cynoduat, Daeijine Illithid, Daggerling, Dancing Dead, Dark Pygmy, Dark Spirit Plush... further results
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