Archdemon's Ember (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 26th April 2017
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Archdemon's Ember[edit]

A once nameless bastard sword made of Holy Platinum used to slay a a Prideful Archdemon. The act of slaying the beast crippled it wielder and permanently melted her weapon into a rod of blackened metal. The demon's fierce spirit forever transformed the blade, melding with the weapon's own magic to form a powerful but dangerous artifact. The Archdemon's Ember is a priceless artifact but has an estimated worth of 139,000 gp, It can be destroyed by thrusting fully in the ices on top of Mount Celestia and being left to cool down for an entire decade, after which it will crumbled in chunk of blackened metal.

The Archdemon's Ember is a +4 Pure Fire Flaming Burst Overheat Vile Platinum Bastard Sword that deal bludgeoning damage. It is always extremely hot, dealing an additional 5 points of fire damage on every hit. The weapon is both Holy and Unholy as the once-holy blade has merged with the vile spirit of the archfiend, however this conflict allow it to be wielded no matter one's alignment.

If the wielder has slain a demon with a CR of 20 or higher she may ignite it as a standard action. Once ignited the Archdemon's Ember is shrouded in flame, increasing the fire damage dealt by the sword from +5 to +10 and granting the Archedmon's Ember Reach. Unlike most weapons with reach it can still be used to strike adjacent targets. While enflamed the weapon deal 1d6 damage that cannot be reduced or resisted to the wielder each round from the archdemon's pride and burning grip slowly eat away at the wielder.

While transformed the wielder is under a constant red fire shield effect and become able to use the following Weapon Arts:

Circle of Flames (Su): While taking Total Defense action you are under the effect of a Ishara's fiery ring effect.
Forbidden Sun (Su): As a standard action you may project a great orb of fire, replicating the effect of a 10-ft.-diameter great flaming sphere. However the spell only last 1 round and may be ended prematurely as a free action.
Molten Whirlwind (Su): As a 1 round action you perform a Whirlwind Attack you replicate the effect of molten tornado centered on yourself. You are not affected by the effect and it only last 1 round. Once used this ability may not be used for 5 rounds. If you possess the Whirlwind Attack you may make a second attack at a -5 penalty.

The blade can be cooled down as a free action, after which it must reignited manually again.

Prerequisites: N/A.
Cost to Create: Unique item, cannot be created.

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