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Name Type Summary
3.5e Magic Item Preload
Amulet of the Everlasting Major The Wheel of Life and Death is dead, and in its place a soul gem remains embedded in a simple wrought iron chain. This amulet grants the user the power of immortality and the undying, at a small price...
Ancient Karakean Wardenset Light, Minor A crystalline armor made by ancient fey presumably for an explorer.
Annulus Major This long scepter is a self-contained portal to the far places where no mortal should tread.
Anvil of the Dwarvish Lords Major Forged by the dwarven gods to teach their children the ways of the dwarf, the anvil of dwarvish lords is part of a powerful artifact set which has been passed down through generations of royal dwarves since the beginning of their history.
Archdemon's Ember Major
Arm of Rokuromanes Major A graft artifact, this severed arm gives the power to extend it indefinitely to strike at any creature in the multiverse.
Armor of Mammon Major A cursed artifact armor with great powers, but invokes terrible greed.
Atma Weapon Major The atma weapon is a sword, or rather a sword's hilt, whose blade is made of light and whose size and shape depends on the user's current health. The healthier the user, the stronger the weapon.
Axe of the Dwarvish Lords Major Forged by the dwarven gods to teach their children the ways of the dwarf, the axe of dwarvish lords is part of a powerful artifact set which has been passed down through generations of royal dwarves since the beginning of their history.
Bag of the Cosmos Minor Like a bag of holding, except it can store entire mountains and contain entire lakes.
Balefire Pocket Watch Major This pocket watch's interior face glows a bright yellow and tells perfect time. Some believe it is called the Balefire Pocket Watch because it glows, but when broken, the real reason becomes obvious: it can rewind the universe, but it can't alter memories.
Black Embers Minor Black embers are rare items used for the creation of powerful weapons.
Black Ring of Immortality Minor A little black ring that grant immortality to the wearer, in a way.
Blood Armor Minor Hewn from blood red leather that gives the impression that it was colored such by the death of many foes, the blood armor inspires fear and awe into onlookers, and augments the force of presence of any savage warrior that wears it.
Book of Telling Stories Minor This book tells your story as you read it.
Box of Holding and Traveling Major The control panels can be used to transport the Box of Holding and Traveling to any place and time on the same plane, provided that you make sufficiently good Knowledge (Arcana) checks.
Carnage Major Carnage is the name given to a powerful set of gauntlets that contain a demon lord.
Champion's Wealdblade A blade which was carried and wielded by a forgotten champion. It can turn from a deadly blade to a protective shield.
Chaos Bow Major The blue Chaos Weapon, which commands the attributes of water and ice.
Chaos Gloves Major The green Chaos Weapon, which commands the attributes of earth and plants.
Chaos Ring Major The white Chaos Weapon, which commands the attributes of light and spirit.
Chaos Sword Major The purple Chaos Weapon, which commands the attributes of time and darkness.
Character Sheet Minor This fine white sheet of paper is criss crossed with strange arcane text and empty lines to fill in information. When filled in with the appropriate information, a unique living creature is conjured up matching the ability scores, class, race, items appropriate for their level, and history written down.
Choeden Kal Minor Any channeler of the correct type who holds the 1 pound replica can draw upon up to 100 points of energy per round from the gigantic statue's Energy Pool.
Coldsteel the Edgesword Major This edgy razor edge scimitar has a gleaming purple edge and is cursed to make the wielder into a tremendous edgelord amazing cool guy who everyone loves and fears.
Cosmic Razor This powerful magic knife cuts, manipulates, and dominates 'space'.
Crown of the Demiurge Minor This ornamental piece of headgear has the power to grant its wearer a semblance of Godhood.
Crown of the Undying Kingdom Minor, Major The crowns of the Undying Kingdom belonged to the Five Wraith Kings who ruled an ancient realm of unrivaled power. However, as they saw their death approaching, they sold everything for immortality. The crowns of the Undying Kingdom belonged to the Five Wraith Kings who ruled an ancient realm of unrivaled power. However, as they saw their death approaching, they sold everything for immortality.
Crowned Sword Nathyuhalt A powerful kingmaking blade bestowed upon a champion of Ilyodyne.
Cyclone Boots Minor Boots that allow the wearer to travel at great speeds either briefly or over a handful of hours.
Dagger of the Serpent Major Instead of cutting the physical, this kris cuts the ethereal.
Dayusk Major
Death Tear Minor Said to be the tears from the often unmoved visage of death itself, this shimmering clear jewel consumes the body on its death, and allows the beings restoration afterwards.
Death's Grain Minor A sickly yellow, white colored grain. It has no scent, and is rough in texture.
Divinity Gem Minor These divinity gems hold a divine spark within them, granting its wielder a salient ability.
Draugrplate Minor A terrible series of artifact armors made by a death-worshipping cult of human and giants.
Drimdoldrum Major An unassuming ashwood staff capable of drastically changing the land around it into swamp.
Dutenebra Major This blade carries an oppressive and chilling darkness; an attuned wielder can manipulate its aura.
Earthsoul Crossbow Minor A copy of a supposedly stronger and more ancient artifact, these rare crossbows resonate with the feelings of the earth itself. However because they are mere copies, they do not always communicate well with the strange and alien mind which is Gaia.
Eiji's Creation Chaos Engine Minor A strange barrel-like device supposedly from the mythical "Eijilund", this engine can create matter out of nothing! That can be a good or a bad thing...
Elemental Gate Rods Minor These rods, actually more like pitons, are inserted into an elemental medium they are attuned to and open a passage between your current plane and an inner plane.
Enchanted Lamp Minor Ohhhh! el diablo no!!!!!!!!!
Energized Eye Orb Minor A red stone eye which allows you to assassinate targets with your astral body.
Energized Soapstone Minor A white stone which can set down a sign that allows other people to summon you.
Epoch Major, Construct The Epoch is an incredible flying machine which comes from the distant future; its recorded data indicates that the world of its origin time is a burnt-out husk.
Excalibur Major
Eye of Ysfir Major A Black Eye which come from an unknown alien creature, if grafted to a creature it grant massive amounts of insight and power.
FATAL Grenade Minor There's a point where a bad joke goes too far; we clearly passed and weaponized it.
Fascade of Destrudo Minor, Major This bone mask locks to the wearer's face, filling them with a burning desire to fill the world with destruction and despair. It channels the power of a terrible demon known as Destrudo, Lord of Hate.
Forgettable Mask Minor Anything that happens while a character wearing a Forgettable Mask is in view will only be remembered while a character wearing a Forgettable Mask is in view.
Freeshooter Bullet Case Minor This bullet case enhances the bullets placed inside so that they never miss their target. However, one bullet will not be under your control.
Geomantic Globe Minor A gigantic terrestrial globe, use a curiosity and focus for spellcasters.
Glaive of Time Major A glaive that, myth says, is made out of material tied to the fabric of time itself.
Grimoire of Passing Minor The Grimoire of Passing allows the owner of the book to make anyone they know by face and name die.
Hammer of Reforging Minor Forged from the shattered remains of the Hammer of God, the Hammer of Reforging has but a fragment of power of the initial weapon yet can be manipulated by mortals to their ends.
Hammer of Titanic Force
Hammer of the Dwarvish Lords Major Forged by the dwarven gods to teach their children the ways of the dwarf, the hammer of dwarvish lords is part of a powerful artifact set which has been passed down through generations of royal dwarves since the beginning of their history.
Hammerman Hammer Major A legendary hammer with great crushing power
Heart of Air Minor A fragment of the plane of air that oozes power, born out of greatest of cataclysms.
Heart of Earth Minor A fragment of the plane of earth that oozes power, born out of greatest of cataclysms.
Heart of Fire Minor A fragment of the plane of fire that oozes power, born out of greatest of cataclysms.
Heart of Void Minor A fragment of raw void that oozes power, born out of greatest of cataclysms.
Heart of Water Minor A fragment of the plane of water that oozes power, born out of greatest of cataclysms.
His Scythe Major The scythe of one who wants challenged Asmodeus.
Horn of Harmony Minor The horn from the legendary and rare Rainbow Steel Unicorn, it is possessed of great magical powers.
Idol of Mammon Minor This unassuming statue of a fat demon god has the power to eat magic items and dispense various return gifts.
Idylean Smart Cube Minor A small golden cube, no bigger than an apple. It constantly make strange beeping noises.
Indra's Ceaseless Wrath Minor This amulet belongs to the high priest of Indra and makes lightning spells strike twice.
Indra's Undying Rule Minor This staff belongs to the high priest of Indra and focuses the power of lightning-based magic.
Indra's Vengeful Crown Minor This crown belongs to the high priest of Indra and transforms its wielder's pain into new spell power.
Justice Shuriken Major The sky blue Chaos Weapon, which commands the attributes of wind and vectors.
Kafkaite Minor This crystalline mineral of unknown origin is the key to faster than light travel for various alien species, among other uses.
Karmalith Minor The wearer of this mysterious gold-glowing stone can seemingly do anything they set their mind to, as if the universe itself is subtly manipulated to accommodate them.
Lamp of Hundred Wishes Minor Exactly what it says on the tin, with a catch...
Law Hammer Major The weapon of the Yellow Chaos Emerald, which commands the attributes of lightning and thunder.
Legionblood Fang Minor Not a single specific item but instead a type of artifact weapon in whatever form it takes, it is a weapon so bathed in blood and war it has collected the dead within and bound it to the power of an elder evil of endless necrotic power.
Life Flow Blade Minor Sword that heals as it harms
Lord of Ancient Ages Minor A suit of otherworldly spiked adamantine full plate mail.
Malazon Minor Often thought to be the tendons of powerful slain outsiders, these strings arm bows and violins alike.
Mask of the Forgotten Minor A cursed mask who cloaks the identity of its wearer, causing even its wearer to forget who they once were.
Master Do Wand Major The prime Do Wand, original and most powerful of its kind.
Monado Major The legendary Monado, the blade of Bionis.
Murderborn Major There once was a string of horrific murders within the sleepy victorian town of York, a sadistic killer known as the Red Queen who would dismember her victims and steal body parts away. Witnesses, what few their were, claimed that she would use a signature oversized butcher knife for her crimes.
Nightmare Blade Major The Nightmare Blade is a terrible cursed shapeshifting blade which is nevertheless prized for its destructive capabilities. It takes on an organic appearance, forged from meat and bone, but is as hard as steel.
Nitrion Minor Nitrion is an extremely rare and deadly substance. It generate incredible magical radiation and possess great energy.
Omnidimensional Cube Major A psionic artifact which allow the user to bend reality in limited ways.
Orb of Power Amplification Major An ancient orb that allows those who touch it to become a Gestalt character.
Paragon Exoskeleton Minor A powerful exoskeleton which augments the user to superhuman levels and abilities.
Philosopher's Stone, Variant Minor A rewritten philosopher stone artifact.
Planar Idol Major Planar Idols are powerful magical objects that reside upon the Plane of Power. Planar idols are adamantine statues approximately 100 feet tall and thirty feet wide at the base.
Polarity Shard Minor A fragment of the Polarity Crystal, this shard gives greater bonuses when steeped in actions of some particular alignment.
Potion of UnDeath Minor Causes the drinker to fall in to an eternal dreamless sleep.
Restorative Timestone Minor An extremely rare magical crystal that has the power to warp time, refreshing all of your abilities and hit points as if you had rested for 8 hours.
Rod of Nerdkind Major You can manipulate the actions of nerds around you.
Sanctified Bone Minor This bone is a holy relic, a fragment of a skeleton of a saint or martyr. Sometimes these holy relics are blessed with divine power of their own.
Santa Engine Minor An engine that converts happiness and good-will into materials.
Sark Minor A web-like skein of a dead creature's nerves and hindbrain, a sark turns you into the type of creature it was made from.
Shimshon's Shmasher Major This unassuming donkey's jaw holds within it a power beyond mortal ken.
Skycutter Major A rather curious artifact, the blade Skycutter was forged by an oni smith who forsook alcohol, in exchange for a release on an oath. It was forged from a slab of deisteel and enhanced with the essence of the sky.
Skyfather's Might Major The weapon of a terrible warlord, this thunderous mace can destroy opponents outright and rule over lighting.
Slide Rule of Alternatives Minor A device for traveling between alternate universes in a more or less random fashion.
Soulbite Minor A demon (or perhaps a fragment of a demon) imbued into the form of a dagger, this soul devouring monster drives its user to murderous impulse and excessive effort to their goals.
Soulflame Candle Minor This golden candlestick is topped with a candle made of blood red wax, and burning with a ghostly blue flame that gives off no heat. It grants the user immortality as their soul is now tied to the fate of the candle.
Staff of Unification Major An immensely powerful magic staff capable of unifying all things.
Suit of the Shifter of Time, Type II Minor A powerful full-body suit that grants the ability to manipulate time and shrug off blows, this item was all it took for a single soldier to almost singlehandedly destroy an entire empire.
Superior Orb of Clear Air Minor An orb of clear air with artifact status, this orb auto-adjusts to whatever structure it is embedded in. It proves to be stronger than its normal kin.
Sword of Ego Death Minor This blade strikes not merely the heart, but the mind, and instills a bizarre calm within the opponent.
Terminatus Armor Minor A great suit of armor made for Gods who Walk Amongst men, each suits are prized artifact turning a warrior into a killing machine..
The Demi Samich Minor The Half-eaten Food of the Gods!
The Great Flayer Major The Great Flayer is a large great axe apparently made of meteoric iron. The ritual in order to unlock it potential can only be performed by a wolfblooded slayer.
The Holy Grail Major An old story with a D&D twist.
The Plot Device Major An artifact of immeasurable power.
The Scepter of Positive Command Major Scepter that allows control of positive energy
The Three Skulls Major The Three Skulls were originally the skulls of three beings; an angel, a king, and a jackal.
Thousand Knight Weapon Minor A rare weapon capable of absorbing the enchantments from other weapons to empower itself.
Tome of Sublime Insight Major An artifact tome meant for sublime characters.
True Love's Kiss Minor Divine Love from the gods, bottled.
Twin Nova Rods Major
Wailing Dark Major Wailing Dark is a massive +6 greater shockwave adamantine zanbato (use the statistics of a greatsword with an 18-20/x2 critical) encased in a massive curved sheath. It is gifted with the power to alter its length dramatically, and rend the earth asunder in its bloodlust.
Yama's Invitation This cursed dagger manipulates the forces of life and death.
Zenitt Forge Set Major A set of tools owned by the frost giant armor smith Lokk Stonehold in the ancient land of Zenitt.

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