Argent Aegis (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Elohim (talk)
Date Created: 24 April 2016
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Argent Aegis [General] Prerequisites: Know the Astral Construct power.Benefit: When manifesting an astral construct you may choose to have it form about you as silvery power armor. The construct forms in the basic body shape of the manifester, normally bipedal humanoid. The argent aegis does confer normal penalty to maximum dexterity bonus as if it were light armor, no matter its appearance. The argent aegis does not interfere with power manifestation.

The manifester may choose have the armor appear as any armor with which he has proficiency, or can see at the time of manifestation. Regardless, its abilities remain the same. The user must manifest the astral construct power, and its costs and limitations apply to the argent aegis armor. While manifested the construct armor provides several benefits & limitations, as follows:

While in effect, the manifester is protected from touch attacks, note however that the construct is not. The construct provides protection as the monster ability shield for the manifester, until its hit points are expended and the power fails. The construct's AC, DR and PR must be overcome as normal to damage it.

The manifester's strength in the argent aegis is equal to that of the construct, or his own if greater. The manifester uses the construct's dexterity, even if his own is greater than that of the construct.The manifester's movement is equal to the manifested construct.

The argent aegis does not provide the manifester protection to any attack.effect that would bypass the shield ability. The argent aegis does not provide the benefits of low light-vision, dark vision or the constructs PR (if any). The argent aegis does not provide the immunities of the construct type to the manifester; the constructed armor itself is still immune to all normal for its type. The argent aegis does not provide any additional actions, it is in effect armor. The construct is of minimum size equal to that of the manifester; it may be larger if wanted and construct level allows.

The manifester may only pick from the following menu choices, and is limited in number of picks as normal for manifesting the power:

•Menu A: Buff, Celerity, Deflection, Fly, Improved Slam Attack, Resistance and Swim.
•Menu B: Fast healing (construct only), Heavy Deflection, Imp. Buff, Imp. DR, Imp. Fly, Imp. Grab, Imp. Swim, Muscle and Trample.
•Menu C: Constrict, Extra Buff, Extreme DR, Extreme Deflection, Power Resistance and Rend.

The argent aegis power does not prohibit additional normal uses of the Astral Construct power. Normal: Your astral construct is formed as a separate entity.Special: The argent aegis can be manifested about the astral form of the manifester increasing the duration to 1 hour per manifester level; while so protected his silver cord is immune to attack. Additional manifesting of the Astral Construct power may be used to refresh duration and the shield's hit points, it does not allow changing the construct menu picks.

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