Black Embers (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: December 06, 2012
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Black Embers[edit]

Black embers are rare items used for the creation of powerful weapons. The black embers are strange items, often held in a pot or wooden box, the embers when not burning are of jet black color. When burned, the embers are consumed in second, creating a dreadful black flame.

With 10 minute of preparation, the embers can be used for the creation of a black flame, creating a flame about the size of a small bonfire. The flame will last for 24 hours before dousing naturally, otherwise the fire will burn and cannot be doused by any known methods. Any living creature coming in contact with the black flame must make a DC 16 fortitude save or be consumed utterly, even if the save succeed they will take 10d6 pure magical damages as their essence is drawn into the fire. It is said creature slain by a black flame rise as powerful undead. However the true power of the flame is the creation of special weapons.

Mundane and magical weapons touching the flames are consumed outright, with two exception. Holy and unholy weapon react to the flame. It is possible to expose one of these weapon to the black flame, the embers will be immediately consumed setting the weapon alight with the black flame.

Holy weapons will be corrupted by the black flame, losing it it holy properties. The weapon will become anathemic, counting as bane against all divine creatures and spellcasters and bane and dreads against deities and epic divine spellcaster and entities. These weapon are powerful tools used to hunt the Gods themselves, conferring a great advantage to any would be Godslayer.

Unholy weapon will accept the black flame, burning them and leaving only a husk of the weapon. The weapon will look hollowed and broken, however it husk will have hardened to the point of being nearly unbreakable. The weapon material become identical to wyrmbone and the damage done by it unholy enchantment increase to 4d8.

Black embers are not created, although their origin is unknown (also depend greatly on the campaign setting). These rare items are rarely sold, especially by those who know what it is.

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