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Author: Leziad (talk)
Co-Authors: MisterSinister
Date Created: May 5th, 2011
Status: In Construction.
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Black Sky[edit]

Dark fantasy spellpunk, set in the enlightened age.

Player Info World Reference Running the Setting
Character Creation
Rules and advice for Creating Characters.
The many races of Black Sky.
The classes available to characters.
Character Options
All the ways to customize characters.
Gear and Equipment
All the miscellaneous stuff you'll ever need.
The mystical forces of Black Sky.
History, times, eras.
  • [[Black Sky (3.5e Campaign Setting)/History#|]]
Rituals, hierarchies, legends, oral traditions.
Geography and Environment
Places and locations of interest in Black Sky here.
Deities, Demigods, and Heroes
All the divinity in the multiverse.
Cosmology and the Planes
The layout of the cosmos.
The groupings of people in Black Sky.
NPCs, Minions, and Notables
All the people your players may see, talk to, or kill.
Dangers and Diseases
Painful and disgusting things to torture players.
The vile beasts, horrid creatures, and savage species.
Information on this campaign and suggestions.
Running a Campaign
Basics on how to run a game with this setting.
Adventures and Quests
Things to do in Black Sky.

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