Bolt of Bones (3.5e Spell)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 16th December 2017
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Bolt of Bones
Level: Cleric 3, Death Knight 2, Sorcerer/Wizard 4
Components: V, S
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: 30 ft.
Area: 30-ft. line
Duration: Instantaneous and 1/Round Level
Saving Throw: Reflex Half
Spell Resistance: No

This spell fire a 30-ft line bolt made of bones emanating from you, dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage per caster level (maximum 10d4) with a Reflex allowed for half. In each square not occupied by a creature in the line become difficult terrain as the grounds covered in bones. At the start of your next turn, the bone covering these square animate as Human Skeleton Warriors under your command, they last for 1 round per level.

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AuthorLeziad +
ComponentV + and S +
Identifier3.5e Spell +
LevelCleric 3 +, Death Knight 2 + and Sorcerer/Wizard 4 +
RangeOther +
RatingUndiscussed +
SchoolNecromancy +
SummaryYou conjure a line of bone, which damage creatures and create skeletons. +
TitleBolt of Bones +