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This page contains the homebrew class spell list for the Cleric class. You may be looking for the SRD:Cleric Spell List.

Cleric Spells

0th-Level Cleric Spells

Air Dry: Wet clothes are such a drag. Dry clothes are where it's at.

Altimeter: You always know what altitude you are at compared to sea level.

Azore's Speaking Tome: Targeted book or scroll reads its contents aloud.

Cook: Cook food to make a delicious meal.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse Fruit Tree: Just like Jesus, you doom a tree to never bear fruit again.

Dark Shadows: A basic darkness spell that creates non-magical darkness.

Dazzle Ward: Ward against bright light with some cool eye protection.

Decency: Willing target sees veil over nude creatures.

Detect Disease: You determine whether a creature, object, or area is diseased.

Detect Radiation: Detect radioactive material at range.

Detect Virgin: A favorite of princess-kidnapping dragons, suspicious kings with princesses, evil cultists looking for sacrifices, and juvenile wizards in school. Detects if a creature is a virgin.

Discern Birthdays: Reveals birthdays

Discern Lighting Level: Determine how bright of light is shining on you

Egg Timer: Creates a small ball of light that slowly empties until disappearing.

Good Night: You grant a creature about to sleep (or who is sleeping) a comfortable night's rest.

Hindsight: Tells you whether certain actions will bring good or bad result, but only after the event has already transpired.

Incubate: This spell regulates the temperature, humidity, and environmental effects of a "nest".

Instant Bread: Create bread from nothing more that wheat or flour.

Instant Spittake: Always have a drink on hand to spit out in shock and surprise.

Invigoration: Gives a single re-roll on a d20 roll used within 1 round.

Know Distance: You can determine the distance away something is.

Lavation: Wash away the filth.

Lesser Dispel Magic: As dispel magic, but +0 on check and fewer options.

Lesser Refresh Magic: As refresh magic, but +0 on roll and fewer options.

Minor Harrow: Foretell the future of a person, which may spell good or bad luck for them.

Miracle Morning: Have a good start each morning!

Obscure Text: Obscure text under blurring, pixelization, or black bars.

Rag Doll: You loosen the targets muscles which gives them a nice massage... and makes them easier to bind.

Refrigerate: Cools objects, and keeps them as such.

Repel Liquid: Cover an object or a person in a liquid repelling substance.

Sense Spiders: You can sense the location of all spiderkind within 60'.

Spook: Spook someone with this simple cantrip. Prepare in a 1st level slot to do it as a swift action, or 2nd level as an immediate action.

Summon Rope of Spidersilk: Summons a length of Spider Silk.


Weakening: Weakens a single object, making it easier to break.

Woundbite: Aggravate existing injuries, often used for torment.

1st-Level Cleric Spells

Aarnott's Epidemic: The target comes down with a disease of your choice, which with some coaxing can be accelerated rapidly.

Agony Pin: Stab a creature with a magic pin which causes pain to the user.

Aligned Water Bomb: Convert thrown water into the appropriate aligned water on the fly. Cheaper, but costs spell slots.

Ancestral Weapon: You create a weapon wielded by your ancestors and imbued with their strength.

Astral Fugue: Travel to the astral in your sleep, allowing you to continue activities such as crafting while resting.

Aura Pulse: You fire a ray made of your aura, dealing magic bludgeoning damage.

Bel's Ambush: Reduce a creature's initiative so you and your allies can go first.

Biogel Mimic: Create a biogel mimic, a harmless creature that duplicates organic flesh to the point of being an effective simulacrum for it.

Blossom of Razors: Your foe's organs cut them apart from the inside.

Boiling Sphere: You conjure a hovering, superheated, steaming, boiling sphere of water that occupies a 5 foot square.

Call Minion: Call a humanoid with 1 HD or less to perform a task for you.

Condemning Smite: You condemn someone to be smote, and smote they shall be if you can hit them.

Corpse Puppet: Briefly make a skeleton or zombie under your control. Cheaper than animate dead, but only for a short time.

Create Shrine: This creates a shrine dedicated to your god, which you can use for other things.

Curative Touch: A rework of cure spells, designed to be more effective in and out of combat.

Cure Friendly Fire: Heal the target of friendly fire damage incurred since the previous round.

Cure Wounds: Repair hp damage with a touch. Designed to replace the cure series of spells.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Death's Door: Touched creature can survive at up to –20 hit points.

Desolate, Lesser:

Detect Alignment: All the alignment detection spells rolled into one.

Detect Heat: You detect heat sources visually.

Detect Laws: Determine the rules in the nearest settlement.

Detect Lifeforce: See hit dice/hit points of people viewed

Detect Parentage: Disc determines if subjects are parent and child.

Detect Power Level: You sense the presence of life force in an area.

Devilish Spew: You breath a cone of fire and brimstone all over the place.

Discern Portal Destination: Find the destination of a portal

Disturbing Visage: You grow a hideous cancer upon you which is so horrifying opponents cannot take aim at your hideousness.

Divine Brand: Your holy symbol burns the impure.

Drain Light Energy: Pull positive energy from your target.

Dry Ray: Water evaporates before your eyes, dessicating creatures and drying objects.

Dust Bomb: Throw a ball of dust and grit which obscures vision and reveals invisible beings.

Dust to Dust: Destroys corpse.

Extinguish Ball: Make a fire-eating ball which extinguishes flames. Can explode to extinguish a large area, or used to counterspell a single magical fire effect.

Faith's Inspiring Encouragement: Increase the bonus from aid another.

Fireproofing: Coat an object in a thin magical patina that protects it from fire damage.

Frighten: Subjects within cone flee for 5 rounds.

Gossamer Thread: Create a thread that binds a target. To them, it is strongest steel.

Half Shot: Far Shot? No, try half shot, and cut those ranges in two!

Healing Gust: A minor amount of healing to a wide area, at low levels.

Holy Bolt: A bolt of holy power that can be charged up for greater effect.

Identify Symbol: Gain 5 + your caster level as a bonus on checks to identify symbols for what they are.

Inflict Wounds: Cause hp damage with a touch. Designed to replace the inflict series of spells.

Inscribe: Writing implement writes on its own

Kiden's Harassing Spirit: Summon a spirit to annoy and possibly kill people if you invest enough into it.

Lesser Animate Dead: As animate dead, but you don't have control...

Lesser Boomshine: A burst of light damages opponents and leaves them dazzled.

Light Laser: Shoot a beam of light, deal damage and possibly blind.

Lightning Arrow: You fire an arrow made of lightning which deals damage, even if it fails to pierce SR.

Lockstep: Sets your base land speed to 30 ft. Useful if you would be slower otherwise.

Loudness: Force a creature to remain silent, or suffer their own noise amplified to the extreme.

Love Ward: A favorite of adventurers, bards, and sorcerers in magic college. This spell protect you against the negative side effects of lovemaking.

Mastercrafting: Turn a non-masterwork item into a masterwork item.

Moral Guidance: Conjure an invisible mental celestial, fiend, slaadi, or inevitable to advise you on moral matters.

Object Insight: Gain some insight on the nature of objects and the lore surrounding them.

Orb of Light: Mobile ball of light provides illumination.

Paige's Bolt of Entropy: You fire a small bolt which deal 1d10 persisting damage.

Paranoia Haunt: Cause a creature to be treated as being flanked, and render them more susceptible to further fear effects.

Pathfinder: Obtain a vision of the correct path to take, shortening overland movement times, improving tracking, and teleporting with greater accuracy.

Perseverance: Grant a creature or several allies a second saving throw against a negative magical effect.

Phantom Palm: Make an incorporeal touch attack, and age your opponent briefly.

Pizizzap's Annoying Allergen: An annoying allergy that troubles a victim for a short period of time.

Predict Stability: Predict the stability of your plane of existence

Protection from Alignment, Variant: A remake of protection from alignment.

Punish Violence: If the afflicted target attacks, they take non-lethal damage.

Ray of Winter: You project a ray of cold that deal damage and potentiality slow down opponents.

Reattach: Reattaches a severed limb.

Regal Presence: Your knowledge of nobility gives you a commanding presence none can ignore.

Restructure, Lesser: As lesser vigor, but for unliving creatures and objects.

Resuscitating Jolt: Bring a target back from the brink, with a shock.

Retort: Gain a barrier which damages those who strike you in combat.

Sky Eye: Project a sensor above your head up to 20 ft/level high, to gain a superior vantage point when viewing.

Solar Lance: Call force spears of sunlight and attack with them.

Soul Tap: If your opponent acts against you, you drain energy from them.

Soundblast: Soundblast deals 1d6 points of sonic damage, +1 per caster level and possibly deafen a target.

Stork Call, Lesser: Makes one adult, conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another willing creature of the same species.

Strobe Lights: Your Dancing lights gain a ranged ray attack

Summon Bot: Summon a Bot to fight for you. Cast it in a higher level spell slot for a stronger effect.

Summon Esper I: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Summon Spider I: Calls spider to fight.

Suppress Influence: Suppress the influence and sign or one or more vestige, however doing so prevent the binder from using the vestige's powers.

Terrain Arcana: Enhance the ground with a constant magical effect, which grants its benefit or penalty to anyone standing on that square.

Thorns of Relentless Darkness: Attack with dark thorns, and take advantage of the surrounding shadows to increase the power of your attacks.

Withstand Energy: Grant resistance to one element based on caster level.

Withstand Energy Variant: In an instant, protect yourself from energy damage.

2nd-Level Cleric Spells

Ablative Jacket: Create a magical vest which grants a bit of temporary hit points.

Analyze Object: A greater form of identify which works on non-magical objects and delivers a more detailed mundane information.

Asepsis: Creature touched becomes immune to non-magical diseases.

Aura of Doom: Enemies that approach you take a -2 penalty on their saving throws.

Biting Mist: A fog bank that slowly digests everything inside it.

Blood Brothers: You take the target's blood and transform into a creature of his type and vice versa.

Bond of the Obnoxious Commander: A spirit of an ancient legend of war guides your martial maneuvers.

Bone Spurs: Generate painful bone spurs over your body. They hurt you, but they hurt the enemy more.

Bonfire's Rest: Magically infuse a bonfire or larger fires to increase rest's effectiveness.

Brand Heretic: You mark a target creature as an alignment of your choosing.

Celestial Lance: A piercing lance of light rains down and strikes through all enemies.

Cloth Shape: Like wood shape but for cloth objects.

Concussive Blast: Create a shockwave that knocks targets away.

Cone of Pebbles: Fire pebbles at your foes

Creeping Darkness: Muffle your presence, and phase out within the darkness.

Cure Light Magic Missile: What is magic missile was positive energy instead?

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Deform Body: Acquire the benefits of a Deformity feat you qualify for, ignoring the Willing Deformity requirement.

Detect Evil, Variant: You detect the evil inside a creature, divining it strength and possibly exposing evil intentions.

Directional Shielding: A six sided barrier appears around you, ablating damage and providing protection against flankers.

Dispater's Tower: Surround yourself with protective iron walls, even though it hampers your own ability to attack.

Divine Mount: Summons a steed from the outer planes to serve as your mount.

Drain Moderate Energy: Pull positive energy from your target.

Elemental Augmentation: Enhance yourself so that when you cast an elemental spell, you gain additional bonuses in that round.

Essence Rip: Tear away part of your target's Essence.

Fertilize: Heal swarms, flourish crops, contaminate areas, and cover objects in vines.

Focus Spell: Increase DC of next spell cast.

Force Pulse: You generate a quick pulse of force to knock people away from you, and possibly stagger them.

Foretell Pain: Foretell the next most likely damage you will take within 1 round.

Fungal Infection: Irritating mushrooms sprout from the victim's skin, making it hard to concentrate.

Galea's Get Up Get Down: Teleport a creature to be standing or laying down in the same space.

Gaze of Wrath: You fire a blast of divine retribution from your eyes.

Graviton Implosion: Pull targets together to a single point.

Guilt: Make your opponent feel guilt for what they've done.

Healing Whip: You conjure a whip made of positive energy, good for healing your guys and harming undead.

Hinder: You weaken foes with the effects of bane and make them susceptible to weapon attacks.

Hysteria: The target becomes unhinged, he can't stop giggling or weeping, or both at once. Can't you see it too?

Imminent Omen: Look into the immediate future for an action that is have planned.

Increase Susceptibility: You make your hapless victim more susceptible to diseases.

Infernal Lash: Restrain and damage foes with diabolic chains.

Judge Naughty or Nice: You call upon the power of the Holidays to detect a creature's behavior, much like the detect evil spell.

Karmic Justice: Retaliate with the accumulated spite from your enemies' assault.

Keepaway Shield: Summon a pair of shields which block flankers and provide cover.

Last Word: deal damage and silence target.

Life Eater: The touched creature gains the benefits of the Blood Rally feat for the duration.

Malbolt: You unleash a powerful ray of dark energy, dealing high damage and dazing the struck creature.

Malevolent Touch: You touch an opponent, dealing damage and potentially dazing them.

Miracle Morning, Mass: Have a good start each morning for all your friends!

Open Wounds: With a word you aggravate the wounds of an enemy in a moment notice.

Pizizzap's Bothersome Allergen: A bothersome allergy that troubles a victim for a short period of time.

Planar Deportation: A minor version of Dismissal and Banishment.

Practice Field: Create sphere that allows creatures to deal nonlethal damage.

Punish the Kind: Whenever the cursed creature heals another, they are harmed an equal amount. In addition, they cannot heal themselves.

Purify Damage: Break vile damage but do not cure it.

Quick Crafting: When you cast this spell, any crafting you do goes three times as fast!

Red Line: You form a line that no one should cross.

Refit Limb: Reattaches cut off limbs that are still alive

Remove Critical: Remove the ability for your target to make critical hits.

Restful: Target sleeps better and quicker.

Restore Essence: Tear away part of your target's Essence.

Ritual of Resizing: Resize an item, typically a weapon or armor, or refit an armor to your use.

Sadist's Silence: painfully sews a victim's mouth shut so they can't speak or cast spells

Safety Bubble: A layered bubble of force protects you from a single attack.

Scan: Identifies creatures, and maybe their abilities as well.

Seeker Bee: Summon a ethereal honeybee that seeks out its target, then returns to you to rely instructions on how to get there.

Sense No Evil: If exposed to a gaze attack, sonic effect, or pain effect and similar while under this spell you can briefly turn off that sense to save yourself.

Share Perception: See as someone else sees, colors by their perceptions

Shared Sacrifice: Link two or more creatures so that the bloodshed or death of one heals the others.

Shock Sting: Taze your opponents to stun them, or take them in nonlethally.

Shylock's Revenge: With a touch you drain the fat from a creature, transferring it to yourself, simultaneously crippling an opponent and safeguarding yourself.

Siege Travel: Turn a siege weapon into an unconventional form of transportation.

Skeletal Restoration: You repair and harden a skeleton.

Slow Mirror: Enhance a mirror or other reflective surface to play it reflections late.

Soul Trap: Traps the targeted creature's essence into a soul gem when it dies.

Spell's-Eye View: See from the perspective of your spells.

Sterilize: Destroy weak creatures, including swarms, instantly.

Stork Call: Makes one adult, conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another willing creature of the same species.

Summon Esper II: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Summon Monster: Summon an encounter of monsters.

Summon Spider II: Calls spider to fight.

Summon Spider Swarm: You summon a swarm of spiders, which attacks all other creatures within its area.

Summon Sweaty Strongmen: Summons a musclebound humanoid to carry stuff for you, and other small tasks.

Swarm of Minions: Summon two minions per level, who act like a sort of swarm providing small but consistent damage.

Tag: You tag one creature or object, allowing you to follow its movements wherever it goes.

Tarn's Violent Prophet: Let a divine spellcaster lose all control and just smite the infidels!

Temper Curse: Convert hard-to-handle conditions into easier-to-manage counterparts.

Tesla Coil: Conjure a metal torus that shocks nearby creatures each round.

Thundershock: Hit a target with lightning, with accompanying thunder.

Totemic Power: A replacement of the Animal's X spells.

Undead Tooth: You turn an undead you control into a single tooth, allowing you to conceal and carry them.

Unseen Medic: An unseen servant that goes around healing people indiscriminately.

Vile Strike: Your next attack in the round deals vile damage.

Voluntary Coma: Alter your body to have reduced metabolic needs, or enter a state of false death.

Voodoo Doll: You stab a duplicate of the target with special needles, and the target suffers for it.

Wandering Soul: Separate body and soul to send the second out exploring, with a great risk.

3rd-Level Cleric Spells

Alhazarde Lance: A bolt of energy which only harms extraplanar beings and outsiders. On a critical hit, it might dismiss them as well.

Alhazarde's Sword: Your weapon gains the properties similar to starmetalCW, becoming super-effective against creatures not native to your plane.

Alien Limb: The enemy grows a violent tentacle which immediately attempts to slaughter its unwilling host.

Animate Objects, Variant: A remake of the animate objects spell.

Artificial Life: Create positive energy undead

Awesome Light: Show your opponents the light of your god, inspiring awe... or fear.

Bang Rounds: Create cherrybomb-like caltrops to either throw out immediately as explosives, or set as a trap.

Belladone's Fiendish Defender: Summon a fiendish warrior, though they are contained to an area.

Bestow Flaw: If you can't find an exploitable flaw in your enemy, then give them one.

Binding Contract: Make a powerful magical contract between two creatures.

Binding Pact: Create a magical alliance between sentient creatures that informs all pact members when you defect, or die.

Bio: Target takes 1d6 damage/level (max 10d6), 2 Constitution damage.

Bolster Spirit: Bravery and morale surges through you, carrying you towards victory in battle.

Bolt of Bones: You conjure a line of bone, which damage creatures and create skeletons.

Bond of the Harden Crusader: Learn to model your martial techniques with magic.

Borrowed Life: Temporarily raises one creature from the dead as a pseudo-zombie using the caster's own life force.

Bubble Shield: Create a barrier which absorbed damage going through it.

Burden of Sin: Your opponent's sins weight them down.

Bury the Dead: If you die, you are automatically buried and given blessings.

Cocoon of Quick Rest: By manipulating quantum energy you infuse the bed with accelaration that is released into the body of who sleeps in it, allowing a rapid and restful sleep.

Condition: Combines the effects of Status and Deathwatch

Continual Shade: A black continual flame which radiates darkness.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of Acting Manually: Curse your opponent with incompetence, so that they cannot focus on seeing and walking or other multiple tasks at the same time.

Curse of Ineptitude: Instead of a penalty to your rolls, this spell forces you to roll smaller dice.

Curse of the Burned Hands: A curse that makes the hands of the cursed one hot if he touches metal.

Dark Chaser: Release a line of negative energy that chases down opponents for 3 rounds.

Dark Seeker: Conjure a unliving mass of negative energy to chase your opponent down.

Defiance: Harden your body against foes, or make them regret outnumbering you.

Detect Survivors: You hunt down those pesky little survivors that try to hide from you.

Dibonation: Lets you critical hit or sneak attack creatures normally immune to such.

Disruption Sphere: An explosion of holy energy which injures undead.

Divine Chant: Chant and unleash a powerful wave of energy after it charged.

Divine Spear Fragments: A incomplete version of the divine spears spell, this spell fire spearheads made of light.

Drain Serious Energy: Pull positive energy from your target.

Drillbeam Cannon: A powerful ray of ki, which is capable of going through multiple creatures.

Dull Weapon: This minimizes the damage on a weapon.

Empower Royal Kiss: Give aristocrat the ability to break an enchantment with a kiss

Enhance Potion: This spell raises a potion's caster level among other possibilities.

Entropic Blast: A conical blast of Entropy.

Erzebet's Soul-Flensing Ligature: Grabs target's soul, positive damage in area, daze.

Essence Ward: A spell that wards the target from Essence damage.

Extermination Beam: You conjure a beam which finishes off wounded target, lightly damaging others.

Force Fence: You create a weaker miniature wall of force to act as a barrier.

Golden Body: Become incredibly resilient to any form of attack for an instant.

Grave's Chill: Call the coldness of the grave upon your enemies.

Greater Endure Elements: Endure elements now will protect you from any temperature extreme, and allows you to perform acts of physical endurance.

Heavenly Voice: A celestial voice shouts down aerial creatures with divine might.

Honey Ambrosia: Conjure a cup of honey ambrosia, which is good for eating, patching up wounds, disinfecting, preservation, and a host of other things.

Impale: Impale your enemies into the air, then watch them fall.

Infectious Affliction: When you are afflicted by a status effect, your body becomes a carrier capable of passing the effect off to another by touch.

Instant Cure Light Wounds: Cure Light Wounds as an swift action

Last Rites: Choose the afterlife the dead character goes to.

Leidenfrost Shell: Cover yourself in a protective shell of water, warding off fire damage.

Lethal to Nonlethal: Convert lethal damage you have into nonlethal damage.

Life Support: Keep someone from dying even through they should be dead.

Locate Interdimensional Connections: Senses direction towards interdimensional connection(s) to another plane.

Magma Missile: As the magic missile spell except it deals high fire damage, deals splash damage and cause the creatures damaged by it to catch on fire .

Mark of Summoning: Places a mark on a creature or object that allows the caster to summon it to him with summoning magic.

Mental Mirror: causes a mind-affecting spell targeting you to rebound back at the caster

Nonlethal Field: Create field that blocks most lethal damage.

Obedience: Any order given to the target is treated as a suggestion spell.

Party Crown: Empower the target with the joy of the party

Path to Redemption: Provides instructions for target’s atonement.

Pearl Shape: You alter the shape of an object made of pearl.

Persistent Summon Monster: As the summon monster spells, but when your summons die they come right back!

Piercing Evocation: Make your evocations effective against magical defenses.

Poison Needle: Conjure a poison dart to throw at your enemy.

Protection from Radiation: Protect yourself against the harmful effects of excessive radiation and [Light] effects.

Reboot: Dazes a creature for 1 round, and then removes any status effects (good or ill) they were under from a large list.

Rebuild the Body and Mind: Restores ability score drain.

Refresh Magic: The antithesis of dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Regenerate, Lesser: Regrow or reattach limbs. Heal some damage.

Restructure: As vigor, but for unliving creatures.

Restructure, Mass Lesser: As mass lesser vigor, but for unliving creatures.

Reveal Doom: You overload your target's mind with harmful forbidden knowledge.

Revigorize: Heal 1 ability damage each round.

Sacred Bayonet I: Calls into being a powerful weapon guided by divine will.

Sealing Force: As a ranged touch attack, deal 1d6 damage per level, deals increase damage against evil spirits and immobilize them.

See Through Fog: See through fogs, smoke, and gases as if they weren't there.

Share Malady: You're hurt, but you can share your suffering.

Sibling Rivalry: Target grows jealous of allies and attacks them.

Solar Bolt: You fire a bolt of sunlight that roasts people alive and hurts the undead a lot more.

Solar Denial: The target can no longer see the sun, and is cursed to live in darkness.

Solar Flare: A blinding flash of light erupts from your body.

Solidify: Metal objects touched become nigh-indestructible and rustproof.

Stork Call, Greater: Makes one conscious, living, willing creature pregnant by another.

Summon Kamikaze Fiend: Summon a "kamikaze fiend" to act as a minion. As the name implies, they seem most effective when their self destructing on your opponents.

Summon Spider III: Calls spider to fight.

Suppress Curse: Suppress the effects of a curse, or a cursed or intelligent item, for the duration.

Suppress Enchantment: As break enchantment except temporary.

Swanlight: Manifests multiple lights which can be turned off and on for the duration.

Séance: Summon the spirits of the dead to talk to you.

Temper: You temper materials, making them unnaturally rugged.

Temper Weapon: This maximizes the damage on a weapon.

Tonguebite: Prevent your foes from talking, lest they bite their tongue.

Train Link: Links multiple creatures or objects in a "train", moving at the speed and patterns of its lead.

Undetectable Presence: An undetectable presence spell conceals the life and magic presence of an object or a creature from all forms of divination.

Vibralloy: Make the metal vibrate until it breaks like glass.

Warmth: Creates an orb of warm healing light.

Water Gel: Thicken water, making it difficult terrain and difficult to breathe for aquatic creatures.

Withering Glare: Briefly ages target.

Zone of OSHA-Compliance: Creates a bubble around you in which nothing can go wrong. Trust me.

4th-Level Cleric Spells

All in the Family: Spread a condition, buff, or debuff to all members of the same type closeby.

Animate Blessed Dead: Raise an undead a nonhostile servant of good.

Babble: Curse a creature to never be understood again.

Bone Shape: Morph bone into any shape you desire, or use it to fuse a skeleton solid and paralyze your victim.

Boomshine: A burst of light damages opponents and leaves them blinded and deafened.

Burning Sunlight Greatblade: You conjure a blade of pure sunlight.

Chantry of Goog: Summon an altar to the forgotten deity Goog, gaining divinations based on the public knowledge of others.

Chapalu's Desert Control: Manipulate sand to form waves and moving dunes that can attack, reposition, reshape, and bury.

Chill Object: Can chill cloth, wood, metal, stone, water, earth, air - and fire.

Cloudshape: Become a fog

Contract Seal: Touched creature immediately loses all contracts with called creatures.

Corpse Reanimation: A cheaper necromantic raise dead.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse Object: Curse an object (or a track of land). Those who touch said object are subject to bestow curse.

Curse of Cacophonous Chorus: You curse the target to be hounded by a terrible noise almost 24/7. They simply cannot concentrate.

Curse of Misfortune: You force the target of this spell to reroll many dices and

Curse of the Silent: The target will lose hp and spells until it casts a spell.

Curse of the Tortured Sleep:

Daunting Ray: A ray which breaks your opponent's will to fight.

Deific Light: You call beams of light from the heaven, allowing you to heal or damage creatures.


Devil's Pact: You bargain with a powerful devil to bring a fallen companion back to life.

Divine Swords Storm: You summon a hail of swords made of light, which damage foes and can be used as a weapon.

Drain Critical Energy: Pull positive energy from your target.

Enchant Item: Magically enchant weapons, shields or armor.

Espoir: Cures a list of conditions and debuffs.

Essence Inhalation: Inhale a part of your target's Essence.

Fated Consequences: Predict doom to creatures who perform a particular action.

Feast or Famine: If the victims or this curse does not eats, they start starving.

Field of Blades: You make it rain swords.

Galea's Energy Corona: Surround yourself in a damaging corona of magic.

Ghostly Chant: Why wait for a spell with a long casting time to finish, when you can have magic finish casting itself?

Heat Object: Can heat cloth, wood, metal, stone, water, earth, air - and fire.

Holy Light Grenades: Create a mote of light which may be aimed at a creature, or left in a square as a trap.

Inner Darkness: Upon being wounded you create a cloud of devouring darkness.

Instant Cure Moderate Wounds: Cure Moderate Wounds as a swift action

Legally Dead: Save or die! For a round or two, that is.

Lesser Regenerate: Like regenerate but much slower. However it does provide protection for a longer time.

Leziad's Lazy Loafing: Rest your wounds away, you slacker.

Life Lock: Seal off an area, and the only way out is defeating a creature whose life force is the key.

Maintenance: Your possessions become unwilling to leave your side.

Mask of Forbidden Horror: Creatures best not look at you, lest they gaze into an endless paradox which taxes the brain and sickens the body.

Minor Miracle: Miracles are granted in many sizes.

Neutrality: Suppress effects based on alignment on the target.

Object Haunt: A spell which allow a large group of people to avoid certain death.

Pearlescent Cloud: a silvery cloud that blocks sight for non-good creatures and creatures you exempt.

Positive Stream: Give your victim fast healing that overheals; if it gets too high, they drop to 1 hit point.

Protective Aura: Golden sphere protects you from outside threats.

Raise Soul Mask: This spell turns the spirit of a dead being into a mask, allowing them to live again as long as they have a willing host.

Ray of Dark Sacrifice: Drain the life out of your friends to fuel your death lasers.

Restrain: Holds a creature or object in place.

Retributive Discharge: You resist, absorb, and eventually release electrical damage onto your opponents.

Reveal Greatest Sin: Reveals the target's greatest sin.

Reverse Cure: Effects that would cure the target wound them instead.

Rocks Fall: The DM's angry, rocks fall you die. This spell ensures the eventual death of those cursed with it.

Second Coming: The target creature becomes an undead if they die while under the effect of this spell.

Sedah’s Counterspell of Superfluous Detail: A counterspell that adds erroneous rules and excessive detail to another’s spell – thus making the other’s spell unusable for a time. All who use the spell in the region are also affected.

Shards of Winter: Shards of ice pierce an area

Shared Affliction: Gain a protective ward. If you are struck with a status effect, the opponent is also afflicted.

Shinespark Weapon: Enhance your weapon with magical light which not only deals more damage, but leaves explosive spheres upon a miss or critical hit.

Skeleton Self: Summon your own skeleton to fight for you. Be careful not to let your body get hurt.

Spellburke: Suppresses one or more of the target creature's spell-like or supernatural abilities for the duration of the spell.

Stygian Blackness: a smokey cloud that blocks sight for non-evil creatures and creatures you exempt.

Summon Esper III: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Summon Spider IV: Calls spider to fight.

Surge of Life: A healing spell which is super effective at healing dying or unconscious targets, grant them action if they are brought back top consciousness.

Tazer Beam: Zap a creature with an electrical pulse that overloads their muscles, robbing them of the ability to do anything but feebly convulse for a short time.

Throw Force: Throw a pulse of kinetic force that damages and knocks creatures away.

Tyranny of Movement: For when you want people to be tyrannous with movement!

Unrelenting Focus: You fortify yourself to take less damage, and be immune to effects which would inhibit your actions or movement.

Vampire Skin: You gain the benefits, and dangers, of vampire skin. Can be used as a buff or a curse.

Wall of Crabs: Form a wall of crabs, providing a pinching danger to those passing by.

5th-Level Cleric Spells

Absorb Undead: Absorb your undead minions into your body, empowering you, or dismiss it to summon your army back to your command. Also serves as a form of death throes.

Accept Soul: Like Reincarnate, but all in your head. The target is reincarnated as a Sentient Illusion.

Analyze Event: You enhance a crystal orb to record a 360 scene for you in full detail.

Baleform Burst: This spell transforms several nearby targets into an animal of the caster's choosing for a short time.

Bio, Mass: As bio, but 20d6 maximum damage and affects all creatures in a spread and it deals 4 Con damage.

Black Blood Chains: Create strands of black hooks and chains to latch onto and pull opponents out of the sky or closer towards you.

Blood to Adrenaline: Turn the blood of a creature into adrenaline.

Bolt of Creation: Create a bolt of lightning that forms into a commoner.

Borrowed Life, Greater: Temporarily raises one creature from the dead as a pseudo-vampire using the caster's own life force.

Brand of the Dark Sigil: Gain a dark symbol that revives you from the dead endlessly, at the low cost of your sanity.

Chain Solar Bolt: You fire a bolt of harmful positive energy that roast people alive and hurt undead a lot more. Arc to other targets.

Cryostasis: Freeze a creature into a state of stasis. It can be used for utility, or offensively.

Cure Deadly Wounds: Fifth level Cure Wounds spell; can heal post-death

Cure Extended Wounds: Cures 5d8 damage +1/level (max +25).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse of the Dust Body: The body of the target vanishes of fine dust as the time past.

Denial: You deny a creature use of its special abilities, or deny an object its intended function.

Divine Spears: You summon a row of divine spears which pierce from the ground, impaling your foes.

Dominating Dogma: Alter the alignment of a target to that of your own. It may spell atonement for the creature, or rebellion.

Dreadful Affliction: You inflict permanent massive ability penalties to all ability scores of the target.

Evince Lineage: Give someone a racial "half-" template.

Falling Wall: Let those high walls fall down.

Freeze Blood: Freezes the blood or other life components of a creature; death soon follows.

Gravehorde: Curse an area to endlessly spawn an endless stream of undead which harass, entangle, and damage opponents.

Gravel of Grovel: Use gravel to make your foes grovel

Great Lightning Arrow: An upgraded version of lightning arrows, which pierce through targets.

Ground Lightning: An area is protected from electrical damage by funneling all possible shocks into its center.

Heal Disease: You cure all afflictions hampering the diseases in the area.

Holy Hold: Create a large ring of light that shrinks into a singularity over the course of 5 rounds, perfectly binding any who fail to escape.

Host to Madness: Your enemy is possessed with a legion of insane spirits, driving him to kill, kill, kill!

Instant Cure Serious Wounds: Cure Serious Wounds as an swift action

Inversion Scope: you find yourself able to hit at long range, but unable to focus at close range. For some a buff, and others a bane.

Lesser Healing Spirit: A mobile healing spirit for you and your allies that can also damage undead foes.

Lich's Touch: Permanently paralyze a creature, leaving them in a death-like coma.

Measure of Character: A powerful curse which is placed upon those which fail a test of moral fiber and ethics. Through the curse, it attempts to alter behavior to the preferred course of action.

Pizizzap's Epidemic Allergen: An epidemic allergy that troubles several victims for a period of time.

Ploishing: Ploishing: The act of falling out of the world. Use it to throw your enemies out of the battlefield, or transport yourself away.

Power Word Regenerate: A non-enchantment power word buff, it grants fast healing based on how much hp remains.

Profanity: An all-purpose Word of X spell, opposing the selected alignment.

Protector of the Commons: Protect the weak within Long range from harm, so long as they themselves do not engage in battle.

Restructure, Greater: As greater vigor, but for unliving creatures.

Restructuring Circle: As Vigorous Circle, but for unliving creatures.

Rien's Rotting Touch: The target magically ages and rots away, sustaining penalties to physical ability scores and possibly even dying.

Sacred Weapon: Casts a weapon in holy light that repels the dark and vanquishes evil.

Sasha's Skull Servant: The target creature's skeleton rips itself from its body. Delightful.

Shun Aberration: Project an aura where aberrations and other strange things cannot cross.

Spell Dampen: Gain spell dampening, reducing the effectiveness of magic on you.

Spider Calling: You summon swarms of spiders.

Summon Horde: Summon an encounter with a CR equal to your caster level, with no individual creatures' CR exceeding one half your caster level.

Summon Self: You summon yourself, with all of the benefits and penalties of being a summoned creature.

Summon Spider V: Calls spider to fight.

Summon Wyvern: This spell summons 1 Wyvern to temporarily assist you in battle.

Switch Health: Switch hp totals for yourself and your target. This could be used to heal allies at your expense, or harm enemies.

Taunt: Taunt creatures to attack you.

Torture Room: Create an area filled with malevolent chains that torture those in it.

Ultimate Doom: You promise death to a number of creatures, and they have only 8 rounds to stop you.

Unending Flame Twister: A tornado of fire that gains power as it consumes.

Wall of Flesh: Create a wall of flesh, a literal meatshield.

Wind Wall, Balmz:

Zone of Vigor: Small zone heals living creatures.

6th-Level Cleric Spells

Angelic Lance: A powerful lance of holy light strikes down through all enemies.

Asepsis, Mass: As asepsis, with multiple targets and improved protection.

Black Chains of Durance: Chains of shadowstuff ensnare the target, preventing it from fleeing.

Blazestorm: You summon a storm of fiery blaze, which scorch everything in it way.

Blood Storm: Fills an area with a horrible downpour of dark red, necromantic blood.

Bolster Spirit, Greater: Yet more bravery and morale surges through you, carrying faster you towards victory in battle.

Call of the Reaper: Calling forth a Reaper, a mystical being beyond time, you bargain for a soul.

Consumptive Field: You radiate an aura that kills wounded people and harvests their souls.

Contagion, Greater: Like contagion, but more spells to choose from.

Countdown: You mark your words, all your opponents will be dead within 1 minute, so help you...

Create Undead, GT Variant:

Cure Massive Wounds: Cures 6d8 damage +1/level (max +30).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Curse Transfer: You extract a curse from a creature and cast it on another creature

Curse of the Kender: You curse a creature to the most miserable experience of all time: living with a kender.

Deathball: This is a powerful blast of negative energy that animates the creatures that die as the result of this spell

Divine Lightning: Call upon a divine bolt of lightning, which can stun foes.

Dopple Arms: You gain an extra pair of arms.

Espoir, Mass: As espoir, but affects up to one creature per caster level.

Eyefire: Shoot two fiery rays from your eyes at any creature within range for 1 round/CL

Fatal Geas: Target must complete geas or die, but is under no other compulsion.

Greater Cone of Pebbles: Fire stronger pebbles at your foes

Greater Nonlethal Field: Create sphere where lethal damage is not.

Greater Refresh Magic: The antithesis of greater dispel magic; a spell that prolongs magical effects.

Haunting Death Curse: If you die with this spell active, you will return as a ghost, giving you a chance to avenge your death.

Healing Spirit: A slightly improved mobile healing spirit for you and your allies that can also damage undead foes.

Instant Cure Critical Wounds: Cure Critical Wounds as a swift action

Lesser Crown of Vermin: It's not quite crown of vermin, but its close. A swarm of bugs acts both as shield and a weapon!

Mass Blindness: Blinds multiple creatures.

Passage of the Warp: You slip into the far realm to travel great distances. This is how you teleport, reckless style.

Planar Soulbind: Call and bind an extraplanar spirit to your aid and bind it to a creature. The host benefits from the spirit, and gains their support and advice for the duration.

Revive Construct: As Raise Dead, but for Constructs

Sacred Bayonet II: Calls into being a powerful weapon guided by divine will.

Sasha's Sunny Day: Hinder or destroy enemies with harsh light.

Sins of the Father: Bind a creature and their entire bloodline to your cause and inject a sense of urgency into their lives.

Spell Sink: Create a point in space that absorbs any spells cast through it or targeted within it.

Steal Voice: The target permanently loses the ability to speak.

Summon Esper IV: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Summon Spider VI: Calls spider to fight.

Sunlight Slash: A wake of burning sunlight burn your foes to a crisp and possibly blind them.

Sunlight Spear: Creates a crackling spear fashioned from raw sunlight that pierces foes.

Supreme Golden Body: Become nigh-invulnerable to any form of attack for an instant.

Transform into Light: Touch a creature or object and transform part... or all... of its mass into light.

Unlucky Backlash: You cause the bad karma of others to manifest as destructive pulses of energy. Extra effective if they fumble against you.

Veles Whirl: A spell that draws upon the power of Veles, Slavic god of earth and water, to blend the two elements together and form a whirlpool anywhere... yes, you can make a whirlpool of dirt, rock, or trees with this spell, among other things.

Vital Source: Gain a pool of healing which you can spend all at once, or over the course of the day.

Wall of Holy: A wall made of holy positive energy which wards off evil and heals good creatures.

White Flare: Also know erroneously as "Holy", this rift to the positive energy plane destroys all life it touches!

Zone of Restructuring: Small zone repairs unliving creatures.

7th-Level Cleric Spells

Abolishing Flames: You hurl a mass of divine fire at your enemy that expands into an explosive burst.

Arrow of White Bloom: Imbues an arrow drawn with the clearest frost.

Astral Assistance: Protect an area, so that if it is ever invaded you can summon yourself to protect it without threat of death.

Authoritative Word: A replacement for the dictum spell, which invokes divine power words to punish the opposing alignment.

Break Morale: The target takes as many daunt levels as their HD.

Came Back Wrong: You briefly return the target to the living... but they've come back wrong.

Control Undead, GT Variant: Controlling undead is not, not, NOT LAME!

Crawl Away Head: This spell causes the target's head to detach and grow limbs.

Cure Surgical Wounds: Cures 7d8 damage +1/level (max +35).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Degenerate: With a touch you cause a body to start eating away at itself.

Desaturated Spray: A spray of beams bursts forth, ranging in value from white to black, but having no saturation. Each value has a different effect on targets.

Encroaching Doubt: Every round the target gains another daunt level.

Exalted Word: A replacement for the holy word spell, which invokes divine power words to punish the opposing alignment.

Glorious Vision: Create the image of your god to break morale into enemies and reinforce your allies.

Greater Boomshine: A burst of light severely damages opponents and leaves them blind and deaf permenantly.

Greater Healing Spirit: A more improved mobile healing spirit for you and your allies that can also damage undead foes.

Instant Hypothermia: You cause a creature to freeze to death instantly.

Iron Body: You or someone you touch turns into Colossus from X-Men.

Jewel/Gem Creation: create jewels/gems for material components

Lesser Miracle: Limited wish eye for the divine guy

Lewellyn's Guardian Angel: The target is unknowingly protected by an invisible guardian angel.

Lightning Battery: Become immune to electricity, and absorb it to deploy later against attackers.

Lithos Shield: Summon an animated wall of stone which blocks line of sight in one direction.

Objective Word: A form of holy word for neutral beings, which invokes divine power words to punish the extreme alignments.

Portal Barrier: Create an invisible bubble which none can teleport or plane shift through.

Psychotic Decay: You drive the enemies into such confusion that their minds begin to decay from the madness in their brain.

Rejuvenate: Make the target of the spell younger.

Reraise: If the target dies in the next 5mins/caster level they can choose to come back to life in the following 2 minutes.

Sasha's Skeleton Crew: Lots of creatures around you just seem compelled to jump out of their skin.

Smiting Lightning: Summon a lightning storm that devastates evil creatures.

Spiritual Channeling: Absorb the spirits of your ancestors and benefit from their experience.

Suddenly Doomtrain: Suddenly, everyone is run over by a train. WHUMP!

Summon Esper V: You summon the manifestation of a powerful creature to make an instantaneous attack.

Summon Opponent: You summon your target to do your bidding.

Summon Spider VII: Calls spider to fight.

Superior Darkness: This spell projects a field of utter darkness, consuming all light within the area into the void.

Tabiris's Instant Epidemic: You really know how to share.

Templar's Declaration: Any nongood character who currently opposses you is evil to you. None shall obstruct the cause.

Tumultuous Word: A replacement for the word of chaos spell, which invokes divine power words to punish the opposing alignment.

Vile Word: A replacement for the blasphemy spell, which invokes divine power words to punish the opposing alignment.

Warding Shell: Create a bubble which magic can neither enter nor leave, by breaking line of effect.

Zone of Invulnerability: All creatures within the area of effect cannot fall below 40 hp, and cannot die as long as the spell persists.

8th-Level Cleric Spells

Antimagic Field: A version of the spell without as many questionable cases.

Antimaneuver Field: Like antimagic field, for maneuvers.

Art of the Gigantes: You cause the target of the spell to grow one size category per five caster levels.

Astral Invader: Summon yourself into the area of your target so you may assassinate him, without the threat of death of yourself.

Consumptive Field, Greater: As consumptive field, but works even out of turn.

Crippling Blow: Reduce a target to 1 hp with extreme vile damage.

Cure Fatal Wounds: Cures 8d8 damage +1/level (max +40).

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Desolate, Greater: Enchant a weapon to do increased damage to creatures without any allies.

Eclipse: Create a zone of darkness around yourself.

Enspell Field: Developed as a counter against Dispel and Antimagic Fields, it floods an area or target with magical energy.

Forbidden Call: You call that which waits behind the wall. Oh god, what have you don- HE COMES!

Form Philosopher's Stone: You convert irrelevant people into wonderful wonderful power.

Golden Chains of Kronos: These golden chains lock the creature or object that they bind in temporal stasis.

Greater Freedom of Movement: Gain freedom of movement, plus avoid attacks of opportunity and move faster.

Guillotine: Because there's no kill like overkill.

Gutwrench: You take the most important part of the opponent’s body and rip it out.

Heat Draining Vortex: A badass version of heat drain from spell compendium. Drain away all the heat in the room to heal yourself.

Hellfire Void: You make a ball of flames that sap magical energy from those within to sustain itself.

Hijacking Dispel: Dispel, steal spells.

Illuminating Blast: Light-force wave similar to Delayed Fireball

Indra's Arrow: Imbues an arrow drawn with divine black lightning.

Life Bond: Revive an ally immediately by bonding yourself to them. You will share their fate if you both fall.

Life Wave Cannon: Release a line of positive and negative energy that both heals and harms.

Oath of Blood: The most powerful of all geas spells, you may bind a creature to a particular task to the end of their life and beyond.

Ontology Deinertializer: Everything your target has created will be unmade upon their demise

Perun Bolt: A superior version of flame strike which draws upon the power of Perun, the Slavic deity of thunder/lightning and fire.

Planar Rip: Open up a planar rip to another plane, sucking in everything around it.

Portal Recall: Cause a portal to invert itself and begin to suck in all creatures which had recently traversed it within the last 24 hours.

Rimus's Gate: This spell summons the Gate for teleportation only.

Rithaniel's Revert: Banishes a creature to the place they were born.

Schism of the Helix: Kill living creatures of a particular type.

Scream: A terrible scream escapes your lips, damaging all caught along its path.

Shards of Winter, Greater: Shards of ice pierce an area

Soul Restoration: You rebuild, free, or otherwise restore a soul.

Soulbinding Sword: Enhance your weapon so that instead of killing a creature, they are subject to trap the soul instead.

Spring of Life: Creates an oasis with positive energy enriched water that heals and cures living creatures and keeps undead away.

Steal Life: Literally consume someone's life away, possibly getting younger.

Suddenly Phantom Train: Suddenly everybody is run over by the train of the dead, and it carries away their souls to the afterlife.

Summon Esper VI: The ultimate expression of summon esper line of spell.

Summon Spider VIII: Calls spider to fight.

Svarog's Sword: A variant of black blade of disaster that draws upon the power of Svarog, Slavic deity of fire and the forge.

Toxic: Deadly toxins persistantly waste away at the enemy's body.

Wall of Ironize: The targeted object cannot be sold or used as crafting ingredients.

Zombie Apocalypse: You ever watch zombie movies as a kid? You know how this goes.

9th-Level Cleric Spells

An Eternal Curse Upon Thee: Dying curses are feared for good reason; this spell is an exceptionally powerful and permanent one.

Apocalypse From The Sky: Call down destruction on a wide radius.

Apocalyptic Swarm: Recreate divine plagues, and ravage the land with an endless swarm of insects.

Archangelic Lance: A blazing storm of holy lances of light rain down and strike through all enemies.

Avasculate, Greater: You purge the enemy's blood vessels from their body even more violently, potentially killing them and causing the blood vessels to attempt to kill their former hosts.

Axe of Perun: An electrical supreme variant of ice axe that draws upon the power of Perun, leader of the Slavic pantheon and deity of thunder and lightning.

Charge of Darkness: Charge at your enemy cross-country, encountering them harder than a Rhino.

Cloister: Keep out most magical travel and ward creatures except those of a designated type.

Complete Restoration: Removes all damage and negative effects from a creature.

Create Synthetic Soul: Creates a Synthetic Soul for use within a base creature.

Create Ultimate Undead: Make basically any undead creature. Then allow it access to its own portion undead followers.

Cure Wounds - Zhen Variant:

Cursed One: The target is struck with a terrible streak of bad luck that will never end.

Damnation of the Earth: Through an intense rapture, you save the soul of good-aligned creature, punish evil-aligned one and them into walking corpses.

Dark Reckoning: A massive emanation of purest darkness blinds, deafens and destroys all that you consider as infidels.

Death Field: A pulsating zone of negative energy deals 3d6 + CL damage to everyone in a 30 ft radius around you for multiple rounds.

Demise Unseen: Destroy a creature and transform it into a controlled ghoul.

Demonic Megiddo: Nuke your surroundings with raw darkness.

Divine Retribution: A massive column of divine light descends to judge everyone and everything you consider to be an enemy.

Evil Within: Why animate skeletons from the dead, when you can harvest them from the still living...

Final Salvation: Everyone tries out being Good for a while. If this contradicts their fundamental nature, bad Good things might happen to them instead.

Fist of God: You summon a fist made of divine energy that smash into your enemies.

Force Disturbance: You call forth countless souls and slay them, frying the minds of psionic and incarnum users.

Genesis: Create a demiplane

Harm, Greater: Subject suffers 15 points of damage per caster level.

Heal, Greater: Heal 15 damage per caster level.

Instant Wall of Invincibility: Create a massive wall that prevents all movement through it.

Invincible Golden Body: Become invincible to any form of attack for an instant.

Life Surge: Many creatures get fast healing 20 and haste

Mantle: You absorb all damage dealt to you or close allies and deal it back to the enemy.

Masque of the Red Death: They'll pay dearly for not inviting you to the ball...

Memento Mori: The ultimate magic devised by mortals gives the eternal, the immortal and the divine a taste of true mortality, at the cost of one's own mortal coil.

Meteor Strike: You drop a meteor from the sky. Self-explanatory, really.

Miracle: You request a favor from your deity, or philosophy, or some other supernatural superbeing. This lets you do some pretty amazing stuff.

Nightmare Steel Cage: This prison doesn't need bars, but it has them anyway.


Normalize: Eliminates most buffs and penalties in an area.

Norton's Copied Casting: You copy any spell or spell-like ability that you have witnessed since your last turn.

Orbital Laser: Focus and launch a beam of focused light to the surface, drilling a hole and vaporizing everything in its path.

Raise Dead Enemy: Restores life to unwilling subject.

Recreation: Bring back known construct based on prior knowledge.

Regenerate, Greater: Heals damage and restores lost limbs in multiple creatures.

Reject: Returns a subject to a recent state, leaving them as if the intervening time had not occurred.

Restore Ancient Soul: Bring a soul back to a medium, even if it would otherwise be unable to be recovered through most means. With the medium, it is possible to revive those who have been dead for an extreme time, or those who died from old age.

Rimus's Summon Monster: This spell summons some extraplanar beings, permanently.

Rimus's Summon Person: This spell summons some normal people, permanently.

Rithaniel's Extraplanar Homestead: Creates an entirely customizable plane of existance.

Rithaniel's Mystic Debar: You create a barrier that allows magic to neither enter nor leave it.

Rod's Boon: A competence-boosting spell that draws upon the power of Rod, Slavic deity of creation.

Sacred Bayonet III: Calls into being a powerful weapon guided by divine will.

Sans' Karmic Bone Barrage: Dunk on mass murderers by assaulting them with a furious barrage of bones dealing damage over time.

Shadows of the Mage-Lords: Call up shadows, deal negative levels in area.

Sky Horns: Invoke the aid of angels to your side, comforting your good allies and wreaking havoc between evil creatures.

Soul Booster: Gain boosts to skill checks based on essentia! It's Rod's boon for non-Slavs!

Spell Void: Deadmagic Sphere which engulfs target.

Spiral of Depression: The target takes as many daunt levels as their HD, and then remains daunted in a way that remains difficult to lift.

Summon Spider IX: Calls spider to fight.

That Which Hungers: You allow an Elder Evil to grab victims through your portals, where they shall be devoured.

True Daylight: Call forth true daylight

Veles Missile: A supreme variant of magic missile that draws upon the power of Veles, Slavic deity of magic.

White Incantation: Fog petrifies or kills.

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