Breaker's Bracers (3.5e Soulmeld)

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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: October 5, 2015
Status: Complete (more or less)
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Breaker's Bracers
Classes: Soulborn
Chakra: Arms, Crown, Feet, Hands, Shoulders, Throat, Waist
Saving Throw: None

You don't let anything stand in your way. No, seriously, you don't let anything stand in your way.

You gain a +2 competence bonus to Strength checks to break objects. Your damage when attacking objects is improved by 1d6 per point of invested essentia.  

Chakra Bind (Crown)

You are treated as having the trapfinding class feature, as a rogue, and gain a +2 competence bonus to Disable Device checks, +2 per point of invested essentia. 

Chakra Bind (Throat)

Once per minute, you may cast passwall, as the spell, with your caster level being equal to your meldshaper level + 2 per point of essentia you had invested in this soulmeld. Unlike the spell, this ability can even carve holes in metal. 

Chakra Bind (Shoulders)

Whenever you score a hit on a foe who is wearing armor or a shield, half of the damage you deal is dealt to their armor or shield. (Your opponent still takes the full damage; their armor or shield simply takes half as much damage as they do. Shields are affected before armor, as normal.) 

Chakra Bind (Arms)

Your attacks bypass the hardness of objects. 

Chakra Bind (Hands)

You gain a +2 bonus to sunder checks, which improves by 1 per point of invested essentia. 

Chakra Bind (Waist)

Your competence bonus for Strength checks to break objects is increased to +4. 

Chakra Bind (Feet)

Whenever you intentionally jump from a cliff, half of the lethal falling damage you would sustain is dealt to whatever you landed on, instead of you. This includes floors. If the damage you would deal to a floor is sufficient to break it, you continue falling, but you are treated as falling from where you broke through the floor. In addition, 1d6 falling damage is converted to nonlethal damage for every point of essentia you invest into this soulmeld.

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