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Luigifan18's Homebrew (383 Articles)
Classes Art Flow User, Cavalier, Handyman, Luigifan18/Mogeko Snatcher, Mogeko Sage, Rider of the Storm, Soul Salvager, Surge Fighter, Luigifan18:Viewtiful Captain, Wind Mage
Character Options Accelerate Vestige, Adjusted Pact Making, Airborne Charge, Antsy, Asperger's Syndrome, Back Slash, Body As Hammer, Brew Twisted Potion, Bring My Brown Pants!, Buff Body, Burst Through, Cerulean Endurance, Cobalt Surge, Confounding Dwarven Defender, Contractual Boss Immunity, Counterfeint, Diligent Martial Study, Epic Trainee, Excellent Trainee, Exceptional Trainee, Expanded Surge Capacity, Extra Martial Recovery, Extra Surging, Flensing Strike, Fragile Lifeforce, Fury, Galeforce, Genre Savvy, Hands-Free Grapple, Hot-Blooded, Improved Psychic Renewal, Improved Wave Strike, Indigo Surge, Invigorating Dance, Irresistible Incarnum, Legendary Manifestation, Legendary Spellcasting, Logo Narcissist, Luigifan18/Everlasting Dream, Luigifan18/Restore Vestige, Luigifan18/Ukemi, Midnight Meldshaping, Multi-Chakra Binding, Mystic Cavalier, Natural Specialist, Opportunistic Counterspell, Overwhelming Incarnum, Pact, Pactcraft, Pain-Sensitive, Pathfinder, Relentless Combo Surge, Shield Efficiency, Speed Polka, Spell Ward, Super Skill Trickery, Super Snipe, Supreme Uncanny Dodge, Surge, Surge of Essentia, Tough Muscle, Tranquil Fury, Vicious Pounce, What'd You Say?, Wind Weaver Spell Cards
Equipment Beggar's Bedazzler, Chaos Bow, Chaos Gloves, Chaos Ring, Chaos Sword, Flesh Gloves, Healer's Periapt, Hungry Floor, Involuntary Rodeo Saddle, Justice Shuriken, Law Hammer, Lucky Horseshoe, Luigifan18/Fläsräpper, Luigifan18/Justice Pendant, Monado, Pseudopod, Raskovnik, Roulette Charm, Shutdown Serum, Sticky Saddle, VFX Gourd, VFX Helm
Creatures & Characters Articuno, Deino, Dialga, Dread Devourer, Electabuzz, Electivire, Elekid, Entei, Frostran, Gabite, Garchomp, Gible, Heatran, Heracross, Ho-Oh, Hydreigon, Joe Black, Jynx, Kyurem, Lugia, Luigifan18/Cheerful Chime, Luigifan18/Mephiles the Dark, Luigifan18/Mogeko, Magby, Magihexy, Magmar, Magmortar, Mew, Mistikal, Moltres, Palkia, Para-Matter, Quilava, Raikou, Reshiram, Rhiannon Ventus, Skarmory, Smoochum, Soul-Suffused, Suicune, Togekiss, Typhlosion, Unelven Drider, Victini, Volcarona, Voltran, Zapdos, Zekrom, Zweilous
Class Ability Components Aether, Aggravating Blow, Angel Bells, Annoying Blow, Arcane Aura, Arcane Key, Armory, Art Flow's Gift, Art Flow's Gift, Major, Art Flow's Gift, Masterpiece, Art Flow's Gift, Minor, Atlatl Arm, Aurora Assault, Awesome Atlatl Arm, Axe of Perun, Baleful Wind, Bane of Balance, Bio-Consume, Biotic Maintenance, Biotic Regrowth, Biotic Resilience, Blade, Body Speed, Brain Burn, Breaker's Bracers, Buff Lockdown, Buzzing Fly, Cadence of the Last Breath, Caress the One, the Never-Fading, Delay Demise, Demonic Megiddo, Deny Magic, Depress, Destroy Evasion, Destroy Immunity, Destroy Willpower, Digestive Charge, Digestive Ring, Distracting Blow, Draining Paint, Dreadful Wind, Dreadful Wind/Original Edition, E=mc^2, Earth Power, Eldritch Eruption, Eldritch Riverflow, Energy Weapon, Entrapment, Enzyme Claw, Enzyme Core, Evade the Arcane Eye, Exploding Blast, Extract Spell, Eye Scream, Eyebane, Feeblespell, Flatland's Abstraction, Fortify Critical Wounds, Fortify Grievous Wounds, Fortify Light Wounds, Fortify Moderate Wounds, Fortify Serious Wounds, Foul Frost, Frostran Shell, Goodbye Limbs, Greater Bamf, Greater Duelward, Greater Refresh Magic, Ground Kisser, Heal, Greater, Healing Flourish, Healing Lunge, Healing Riposte, Heatran Carapace, Hijack Power, Holy Bolt, Holy Hold, Hurricane Barrier, Ice Spike, Ideal Heart, Immunity Surge, Immunopromotion, Inescapable Embrace, Instant Antibodies, Introduction to Dirt, Invigorating Flourish, Invigorating Lunge, Invigorating Riposte, Irritating Blow, Jitterbug, Judo Flip, Know thy Enemy, Law of the Jungle, Leeroy's Emblem, Lesser Refresh Magic, Lie Detection, Life-Terminating Bite, Light Steps, Lightning Shooter, Look Out Below!... further results
Epic Class Ability Components Avada Estus Peto Kadavera, Declaration of Death, Electrocute, Enhance, Flames of Truth, Forever Fear, Frost of Void, Hunters of Undeath, Just 3 Days, Lightning of Ideals, Locomotive Breath, Perun Eagle, Purifying Sanctuary, Refresh, Supreme Counterspell, Ultimate Rage Burst, Ultimate Refresh Magic, Veles Serpent, Visage of Chaos
Other Stuff Arc of Effect, Aura Seal, Double Jump, Energy Anti-Resistance, Epic Spells from a Practical Viewpoint, Foxbane Virus, Identifying Vestiges, Knowledge as it Should Be, Limiting Points, Luigifan18/Art Flow, Paint, Pokémon, Pokémon Types, The Shrinks, Tinnitus
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