Chainsaw Weapon (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Spanambula (talk)
Date Created: 9 October 2016
Status: Complete
Editing: No
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Chainsaw Weapon[edit]

Demented artificers bring you the ultimate in offensive weapon technology: The Chainsaw Weapon! Any melee weapon that is one-handed or heavier may have a chainsaw built into it. The links of serrated metal automatically begin spinning around the edge of the weapon when it is drawn. Weapons without edges can be made with different designs, like a spiral pattern running around the length of a club or mace head. Even boots designed for kicking and gauntlets can have chainsaws added to them! If the weapon's damage was something other than slashing, it adds slashing damage in addition to the normal damage type. The chainsaw element can be stopped or started as a swift action, but bestows a -4 nonproficiency on attack and damage rolls while stopped; the chainsaw weapon is not designed to be used without the chainsaw element.


The creator must have at least 9 ranks in the appropriate craft skill and at least 6 ranks in Knowledge (engineering).

Chainsaw Weapons[edit]

Cost: 1,000 gp

Bad news first, in addition to the cost of the item template, adding a chainsaw to the weapon increases the weight of the weapon by 50%, and any attempt to deal precision damage with a chainsaw weapon takes a -1 circumstance penalty to attack rolls. Active chainsaw weapons are not quiet, and while wielded impose a -5 penalty to any stealth-related check. If you wield multiple chainsaw weapons, each additional weapon bestows a cumulative -2 penalty to such checks. Lastly, simple weapons with this item template become martial weapons for the purposes of proficiency.

The good news! A chainsaw weapon deals more damage than normal weapons of the same kind, dealing damage as though it were one size larger.

Additionally, a chainsaw weapon sized for a medium creature ignores up to 5 points of hardness and damage reduction (this is not affected by the previously mentioned increase in damage). For every size above medium, a chainsaw weapon ignores an additional 2 points of hardness/ DR, and for every size below medium, the DR ignored decreases by 1.

Lastly, by making a melee attack as a standard action, the wielder of a chainsaw weapon can bestow 1d3 points of bleed on a successful attack in addition to the normal damage. By making an attack as a full-round action, the wielder of a chainsaw weapon can grind the weapon into their opponent, dealing double normal damage and inflicting 1d6 points of bleed on a successful attack.

By default, the chainsaw is made of steel. However, other metals and materials can be used instead for an additional cost equal to a light weapon to gain the benefit of that material.

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