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Item Templates[edit]

A suit of armor, shield, or weapon might be special because of where it was forged, or the skill of the crafter who made it. Under the right conditions, the item can absorb some of the properties which reflect its construction. Though not magical, they are far more than a normal weapon.

Each template applies a minor special effect to a weapon, shield, or suit of armor. Typically these benefits take the form of bonuses granted to the user in certain situations. In addition, each template has a special affinity for one or more special abilities that can be applied (such as keen or glamered), as well as for specific items (such as the flame tongue or demon armor). This affinity manifests as a 10% discount on gold piece cost of the raw materials required to add the template to the designated item, or to craft a specific magic item from the templated weapon, shield, or armor. This adjustment does not effect XP costs, nor any extra cost that figure into the items price (including costly material components in construction). It does not affect the market price of the item.

Crafting an item templated armor, shield, or weapon requires a DC 25 Craft check as if you were crafting a masterwork item, and the crafter must have at least 10 ranks in the required craft skill. Sometimes other requirements, such as race, feat, skill rank, or location requirements are needed. Item templates can be added after an item has been made. Item templates were originally found in the Dungeon Master's Guide II.

Name Cost Summary
Barbed 600 gp (armor/shield), 1000 gp (weapon) A barbed item is covered in gnarly spikes. It looks like brushing against it would cause vicious bleeding wounds.
Bladebow 600 gp (weapon) Bladebows are both bows and melee weapons, typically either a double weapon or a pair of weapons.
Blunt Blade 0 gp A bladed weapon that is left intentionally unsharpened.
Broken Sword Hilt 0 gp (weapon) Your well made sword is broken, but you can still stab someone with the broken remains.
Chainsaw Weapon 1000 gp Why fight with a melee weapon instead of a melee weapon WITH A CHAINSAW?
Combiweapon Variable (weapon) A combiweapon is a weapon that can transform into another weapon.
Compact 500 (weapon) The compact item template is added to a ranged weapon to make it usable as if it was lighter.
Crystalbound 1000 gp (armor/shield), 2000 gp (weapon) A crystalbound weapon is given a symbiotic alien parasite which grips the exterior of the weapon, giving it semi-living properties and a desire to spread.
Crystalforged 2000 gp (armor/shield), 3200 gp (weapon) A crysrtalforged item appear glassy and is covered in tiny crystals. It is said a crystalforged item is capable of housing multiple enhancement crystals.
Double Weapon +50 gp (weapon only) or +350 (proficiency) Transform two normal longswords into one two-bladed sword.
Executioner's 1000 gp An executioner's item is big and heavy. They are the weapons used in public executions.
Focuswand The cost of the material component x 50 Focuswand items can be used to replace material components with a focus component. It can even be added to weapons, armors, and shields so you have your focus on hand.
Gunstock 200 gp (weapon) Gunstocks are applied to crossbows and other gun-like weapons, offering superior stability and a simple melee weapon in times of need.
Heavy-Plated Variable (Armor) With the advent of heavy armor, lighter armors could be retrofitted to improve protection at the cost of mobility. This included methods such as thickened plates, extra layers of chains, or else.
Kintsukuroi 1000 gp By repairing a sundered item with gold, not only does one bring itself a beautiful history but it restores properties once lost. Kintsukuroi is known as golden repair, and for some is considered an art form.
Knock-off On the upside, your items are cheaper. On the downside, your items are cheap.
Magic Implement Magic Implements are items, such as rings, staves, holy symbols or enchanted daggers, that improve the effectiveness of spellcasters.
Mastercraft Hilt 1000 gp (weapon) A mastercraft hilt weapon has a fine and and well crafted hilt made of an exotic material.
Mechanized Armor Variable (Armor) A mechanized armor has a limited ability to move on its own, assisting the wearer.
Musical 100 gp minimum Your weapon is also your instrument.
Obscuring 900 gp (armor) Obscuring armors cover the body entirely and hide one's identity from view.
Orgacraft 1000 gp (armor/shield), 2000 gp (weapon) An orgacraft item is partly organic, with tendon straps and rivets of bone. It moves and breathes in tune with its owner.
Powersaw 750 gp Turn your sword into a chainsword! Also works on piercing weapons as Powerdrill.
Prototype Laser Weapon 1,500 gp (weapon) A Prototype laser weapon is an energy weapon, based on conventional firearm or even crossbows.
Resized 300 gp (weapon) Resized weapons don't actually change in size, but are adjusted to be used by people of different sizes without penalty.
Self-Destruct The number of d6 damage dice squared x 25 Not typically placed on magical items (for obvious reasons), self-destruct items can be used as a weapon even after the weapon is used up, spent, or otherwise no longer needed.
Serpentine 1000 gp (armor/shield), 1000 gp (weapon) A serpentine item seems to have the pattern of scales on its surface, and a curved wavy appearance in either form or function.
Shadowcraft 400 gp (armor/shield), 800 gp (weapon) A shadowcraft item looked darker than normal, as if the lighting upon it was one step too dim for the environment.
Silvery 500 GP A silvery item is created with a mix of alchemical silver, allowing it to be used to bypass the damage reduction of many creatures such as lycanthropes and devils.
Skintight Variable Many thieves and spy need their armor to be easy to hide, although some prefer the added agility and good look of those armor.
Slender +50% A slender weapon is less damaging than a normal weapon of its kind. However it can be used to fight dexterously.
Smuggler's Pouch Variable Useful for thieves and spies, but also for anyone who doesn't want the wrong person taking their stuff.
Stingray Leather Grip 100 gp (weapon) This fine leather is bumpy and wicks away liquids, allowing a secure grip at all times.
Surfing 200 gp (shield) A surfing shield is specially made to practice shieldsurfing
Sword Breaker 300 gp (weapon) A sword breaker weapon is designed to break other weapons when the chance arises.
Talisman Item +6,000 gp Benefits from an item from being close instead of worn.
Telescopic Shaft 300 (shaft), 600 (hilt) A telescopic shaft allow the wielder to extend or retract the shaft of her weapon as a move action.
Titanslaying 2000 gp (weapon) A titanslaying item is designed to cause massive critical damage. These oversized weapon are capable of killing the biggest of brutes, especially while riding on it back.
Twinned 1000 gp (weapon) Twinned items apply to double weapons. They get all the enchantment on one side applied to both sides.
Unstable Fabric Coating Variable (Armor) This item template add a coat of unstable fabric on top of your armor.
Warforged Component 1000 gp (armor), 600 gp (weapon/shield) A warforged component for every weapon and armor there is out there. These items have the benefit of being unable to be disarmed, and able to be treated as natural weapons when beneficial. On the other hand, it takes up a hand or body slot.
Weaponized 150 gp "It turns out this is the legendary volleyball of ancient lore, able to take down kaijus." Weaponized items aren't normally weapons, but you've made them into one anyway.
Xenotech 50000 gp (armor/shield), 50000 gp (weapon) Xenotech weapons and armor come from worlds beyond the stars, they are extremely complex and are nigh indestructible