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Author: YX33A (talk)
Date Created: January 17, 2011
Status: Just Started
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Creation Ex Xeno [Xenotheric] Energy can be made from converting matter from one form to another. With this feat, you can do that backwards. By using Bio-Energy to weave quantum energy strands into a solid state, one can take little more then a small amount of quantum foam and spit out a diamond.Prerequisites: Con 18, Craft Xeno-Alchemy 5 ranksBenefit: By spending at least 1 bio-energy point, you may create up to 5 GP worth of raw material, which lasts for one hour per Bio-Energy charge you have when your pool is full, unless stabilized by taking three Bio-Energy Drain when creating the matter. Doing so is a full-round action which does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity, unless the first craft check does not finish the object (if making an object rather then a mass of matter). When you activate this feat, you must make a Craft: Xeno-Alchemy check DC 15, with the DC increasing by 1 per Bio-Energy spent on value, and by 5 per bio-energy drain fueling value increases.

Each extra Bio-Energy point increases the value of the raw matter by 5 GP, and each point of Bio-Energy Drain you take doubles the value, calculated after you spend Bio-Energy.

You may make a Craft check when you create said matter but decrease the time between checks to ten minutes, with the first one being made instantly, and add half again the amount of silver pieces you make per check (times by +1.5). You may only make the object a masterwork item if you start off by making it one, increasing the DC by 10 for each check, unless the object is Xenotheric in origin, in which case, use the standard DCs presented under Craft Xeno-. When Crafting Xenotheric objects, increase the value of each check success by x10 instead of x1.5.

You can make a weapon you are not proficient with, but the DC is raised by 5. Making a weapon out of a special material (such as Mithral or an Aligned Crystal) adds 5 to the DC, and increases the cost of the item.

Unless you make it out of a special material, the weapon material is assumed to be steel quality, but may appear to be made of anything, though if mimicking any special material, any one who feels it can tell it is not really made of it.

Whatever shape and form the item takes, it is obviously unnatural, and attempts to sell it are likely to be met with a torch and pitchfork crew unless the buyer is also Xenotheric.

Yet, the real limit is skill. One can only make their effective Craft Xeno-alchemy skill cubed in gold in one day. Mass is even more limited, being limited to using your effective Craft Xeno-alchemy skill in place of your strength, up to your maximum load, with your unmodified Knowledge Xeno-alchemy skill as your size modifier (0 ranks: Small; 4 ranks: Medium; 12 ranks: Large; 36 ranks: Huge). Thus, if you have a effective Craft: Xeno-Alchemy rank of 11, you can create only 1331 GP per day, and with a Knowledge Xeno-alchemy rank of 11, but you have 18 INT, you can craft 115 lbs of matter per day.

Making a dagger of aligned crystal will take a few days to create enough weapons grade crystal, but once made, it can be crafted at speeds unmatched by the greatest of smiths. Example: Say S'zrira the V'Kai wants to make a weapon for her companion, but doesn't have a working forge or enough time. She has 4 Bio-Energy at the time, and this feat. She spends all four Bio-Energy to pay for the 20 GP worth of weapons grade matter she will need to make her friend a Greatsword. She then makes a Craft check to make the weapon. She has 7 ranks in Craft: Xeno-Alchemy, and an Intelligence of 18, for a total of +11 to her check She rolls a 8, barely making the DC of 19, but she is able to continue. She has 7 ranks in Craft: Weapon Smithing, for a total skill bonus of +11. She is not proficient with the weapon, so the DC is increased by 5. She rolls a 12, for a total of 23. She thus can craft the Greatsword in one turn. Had she chose to make it a masterwork item, she would have not made her check, since that would require her to have made a DC of 25.Normal: You can't pull a chainblade out of your ass, unless you had it there ahead of time.Special: All DC increases to the check do not raise or the amount of GP you make per craft check, only make it harder for you to craft said item. Thus, a Martial Weapon you are not proficient with is a DC 20 item, but assuming you pass DC 20, you tally your GP per check as the DC were 15. This is used in the example presented.

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