Demonic Essence, Moderate (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: MisterSinister (talk)
Contributors: TK-Squared
Date Created: 9th June 2011
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Moderate Demonic Essence[edit]

A demon, having no separate soul or body, cannot have its soul taken from it and used like a mortal soul can be. However, if carefully distilled, the soul-body of a powerful enough demon can be made into an 'essence', which appears to be about a pint of a thick liquid that constantly changes colour based on the emotions of those around it.

A moderate demonic essence can be used in three ways: as a crafting component, as a potion or as an optional spell component. Any use of an essence permanently destroys it.

Moderate Demonic Essences as a Crafting Component[edit]

A moderate demonic essence can be used to craft a moderate demon weapon. Alternatively, it can be used to create any magic item, in which case it provides 260 XP towards its crafting costs. No more than one essence can be used per item in this way. If this is done, the item radiates an aura of evil (see the detect evil spell for more information about auras).

Moderate Demonic Essences as Potions[edit]

If swallowed, a moderate demonic essence has a strong, bitter taste and a thick, blood-like texture. A creature that swallows a lesser demonic essence as a potion is overcome with a flash of pain, and then becomes affected by a random emotion at immense strength. Roll 1d4 on the following chart to determine what emotion occurs. In all cases, these effects are considered supernatural.

Effect of Moderate Demonic Essence
1d4 Result Emotion Effect
1 Hope As greater heroism spell for 10 rounds
2 Despair As fear spell for 10 rounds
3 Rage As rage spell for 10 rounds (gives the same effect as a greater rage instead)
4 Pleasure As hold monster spell for 10 rounds

Additionally, a demonic essence is highly addictive. After its effects wear off, the drinker must make a DC 20 Will save. If this is failed, they become addicted to its effects (see rules on Addiction).

Moderate Demonic Essences as Optional Spell Components[edit]

A moderate demonic essence can be used up as an optional spell component. If the spell deals damage, this causes the spell to deal vile damage instead of its normal damage type. This also makes the spell gain the evil descriptor.

Creating A Moderate Demonic Essence[edit]

To make a moderate demonic essence, a demon of at least CR 10 is needed, along with an alchemy lab (either portable or fixed-location). The demon must be held immobile, unconscious, or in some other state that prevents it from escaping or interfering with the process. The would-be alchemist must also make a DC 25 Knowledge (the planes) or Craft (alchemy) check, and spend an hour of time. If the check is successful and the demon doesn't escape or interfere, it is completely destroyed, and it becomes a moderate demonic essence. This action can be completed only on the demon's home plane.

Price: 6,000 gp.

Demonic Essences and Availability
It should go without saying, but creation of demonic essences is approved of by very few civilized societies, for a very large number of reasons. While the price given here is one that can be considered 'average' insofar as such a thing is possible, your GM is under no obligation to make such things available, or if they choose to do so, available at this price. You have been warned.

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