Detect Evil, Variant (3.5e Spell)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 27th July 2019
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Detect Evil, Variant
Divination [Good]
Level: Cleric 2
Components: V, S
Casting time: Standard Action
Range: 60 ft.
Target: One Creature or Object
Duration: Concentration
Saving Throw: Will Partial (See Text)
Spell Resistance: Yes

Upon casting this spell, choose a single target within range. You may concentrate on this spell 3 rounds per creatures or object. On the 1st round you detect if the target has an aura or not, on the 2nd you detect the strength of the aura and on the 3rd the target is allowed a Will save or have any evil actions they were currently planning revealed to you (or the lack of thereof). If a target make it Will save on the 3rd round it is immune to having it evil thoughts divined for this casting of detect evil and it does not function on mindless creatures or objects. This do not reveal if the creature committed the action or was even planning to go through those thoughts.

You may change target as a free action, starting the process over again.You are able to see the difference between an active or a lingering aura inherently. The strength of the Aura is decided as such:

A creature with current evil intentions and thoughts, but otherwise not evil-aligned will detect as "Very Faint". Upon one more round of concentration, they will detect as what their planned action would dictate. An object which has been used by a character with a strong or stronger aura will detect as very faint for 1d4 days after being discarded as a lingering aura.
An evil-aligned creature, who exhibit selfishness, greed, narcissism and ruthlessness but otherwise do not seriously hurt others on a common or semi-common basis will detect as "Faint". This involve bullies, corrupted businessmen, crooked politician or a jealous lover. A magical item created by evil magic with a caster level of 2nd or lower will detect as faint as well.
An evil-aligned creature who regularly steal from others or hurt them from their own benefits or enjoyments will detect as "Moderate".This include burglars, thieves, highwaymen, muggers or an abusive lover. A magical item created by evil magic with a caster level of 8th or lower will detect as moderate as well. If it was used by a creature with an overwhelming aura it will detect as moderate for 1d4 weeks as a lingering aura.
An evil-aligned creature who murders, perform rituals to fiends or elder evils and deal with fiends for their own enjoyment or benefits will detect as "Strong". This include serial killers, assassins and active cultists of elder evil. A magical item created by evil magic with a caster level of 9th or higher will detect as strong as well.
An outsider with the [evil] subtype, a creature possessed by one, a creature destroys or deal with souls will detect as "Overwhelming". An evil artifact will also detect as overwhelming.

A creature with the Aura of Evil class feature or with [Vile] feats appear as one category more evil than they would by their actions. This spell will also detect non-evil creature who performed the actions above through compulsion, although as lingering auras. These lingering aura last for 1d8 days (faint), 1d6 weeks (moderate), 1d4 months (strong) or 1 year (overwhelming).

Alternatively you may cast this spell as a 60-ft cone-shaped emanation, which detect the absence or presence of evil aura on the 1st round, the strength of the strongest aura in the 2nd and it relative direction in the 3rd round.

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