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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 2 October 2013
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The draugrplates were made a long time ago by a cult of death-worshipping giants and humans, a mean to keep fighting to the very end. Their strongest and most revered warrior would be sealed in these +5 thrudstone tombplate as they laid dying. The draugrplates function much like a tombplate, however upon sealing the plate it show it real sinister powers and purposes. Any creatures donning the draugrplate immediately gain proficiency with it.

Creatures donning the draugrplate gain all immunities associated with the undead type, become healed by negative energy and completely immune to positive energy. Additionally as long as the creature is sealed inside the draugrplate it cannot die, if slain the creature will automatically be revived inside the draugrplate as per true resurrection within 24 hours (unless the plate is destroyed or the creature's corpse is removed from it. A draugrplate confer it wearer immunity to any body destroying effect, unless it also destroy the draugrplate (such as a sphere of annihilation).

However the draugrplate take as much as it give, the creature become unable to remove the plate as a powerful curse bind it. The only way to remove a draugrplates is three consecutive casting of remove curse followed by the wearer of the plate activating the lever inside the armor, thus opening the armor and dispelling it magic. This method is useless against creatures unwilling to open the armor, however a wish can force a creature outside the armor. However the price of removing the armor is high, the draugrplate took over most of the creature's vital function and any creature creature taken off the draugrplate are helpless and will die within 3 round unless a heal (or stronger effect) spell is casted on them before they die.


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