Drop Forged Tools (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Spanambula (talk)
Date Created: 31 August 2016
Status: in progress
Editing: no
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"No, I said get the BIG wrench..."

Drop Forged Tools[edit]

Need to repair a Ballista? Airship? Iron golem? Yeah, that 3/16ths wrench isn't gonna cut it.

Some things need big tools, often ones made specifically for that task. Drop forged tools are usually made of steel and of masterwork quality, and bestow a +2 circumstance bonus on crafting checks made to create or repair large devices. Due to their size and heft, they require a minimum Strength score of 11 in order to wield effectively, using one without the required Strength score gives you no bonus to skill checks.

While not specifically made for combat, drop forged tools are very durable. If you have 4 or more ranks in a craft skill, you are familiar enough with drop forged tools to wield them as weapons without taking penalties for improvised weapons. Drop forged tools deal damage equal to a light mace of the appropriate size (usually medium). Drop forged tools have hardness 10 and 20 hp.

Drop forged tools weigh 12 pounds each and cost 250 gp each.

Special: Drop forged tools bestow an additional +2 bonus to craft checks made as part of the concussive maintenance skill trick.

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