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Class Tools and Skill Kits[edit]

Name Cost Summary
3.5e Magic Item Preload
Aiming Laser 240 gp Attached to projectile weapons, it improves aim at long range but makes you obvious.
Ballpoint Pen 8 gp A curious mechanical pen which has a fixed supply of ink, and is easily replaced.
Cane 5 gp This fancy wooden cane will make sure your bum leg won't make you fall over.
Coffin 20 gp (wood), 40 gp (stone), 60 gp (iron) It's the last thing you'll ever need.
Crossbow Assist Tool An assist tool to reload crossbows faster
Detonator 200 gp A remote detonator can be used to detonate traps and explosives up to a mile away.
Dilatantoplastic Tube 1 sp Dilatantoplastic tubing is pre-cut modular pipes which can be used in various applications thanks to their low cost, chemical resistance and ease of jointing.
Dinosaur Training Manual 120 gp Raise dinosaurs better with this handy guide.
Drop Forged Tools 250 gp large, sturdy tools meant to work on bigger projects, usable as weapons in a pinch
Durzite Boots 120 gp These boots function as masterwork skill tools for both Balance and Climb.
Durzite Cloak 140 gp This cloak functions as winter clothing and as masterwork skill tools for both Sleight of Hand (for concealing objects) and Hide.
Eternal Icebox 300 gp This icebox keeps things cold and food fresh.
Fidget Spinner 50 gp This spinning toy is used to focus one’s mind.
Flash Gun 150 gp An unconventional non-lethal modern weapon, this is a powerful flashlight that can blind, sicken, dazzle, and more.
Gas Mask 100 gp Protection against non-magical fumes.
Golem Heart 50 gp A small mechanical device of obscure purpose, it is required for non-construct users of the Golem Heart discipline, acting as a focus for their blade magic.
Hatchet 6 gp A small axe mainly used for chopping wood.
Healing Kit Varies Healing kits are specially prepared equipment for the purpose of general medical treatment in the field, usually in the shape of a well bound leather container or satchel.
Hookshot 675 gp A self-retracting grappling hook, it is fired like a crossbow.
Joke Kit 300 gp A collection of joke equipment.
Machete 6 gp
Magnetic Grapple 1000 gp A technological oddity, it appears to be a heavy crossbow to which some manner of grapple and rope is attached.
Malaquian Slip Suit 120 gp This form-fitting suit wears comfortably when wet and functions as masterwork skill tools for both Escape Artist and Swim.
Masterwork Ability Tools 200 gp A set of six items used to help increase your ability checks and ability skill checks.
Medi-Gel Varies The resulting substance can restore limited function to an injured limb or bodypart and allow a person to continue functioning at full capacity.
Mithral Water Clock 101000 gp A true show of wealth, this device is lavish to an extreme.
Monocular 500 gp A small spyglass that lets you see things that are far away.
Paperclip - It's a paperclip. It clips paper.
Portable Alchemist's Lab 750 gp Take an alchemy laboratory with you while traveling.
Punch Card 10 gp This sturdy sheet covered in holes contains preprogrammed instructions for digital machines of all kinds.
Punch Card Reader A small slotted machine that reads punch cards.
Raskovnik A mythical plant that can open any lock, but is notoriously difficult to find.
Repair Kit Varies Repair kits are toolkits assembled for the specific use of repairing constructs, and machinery without needing to have a large lab or machine shop at one's disposal.
Screwdriver 1 gp It's a screwdriver. The tool, not the drink.
Staff Chamber 400 gp A staff chamber is an complex construct, allowing magic staves to be inserted into large weapons.
Sunglasses 60 gp Eye-coverings that reduce the perceived brightness of one's surroundings.
Swim Flippers 90 gp These flippers fit on the feet and provide a superior swimming experience.
Tactical Marbles 15 gp Lay these marbles to knock down foes
Tattoo Kit 50 gp This kit includes a jar of concentrated ink paste, a needle with an ink well and a small wooden mallet.
Toxic Mine 300 gp This small mine is a quick trap that can poison unsuspecting opponents.
Umbrella 7 gp Keep out of the rain with a lovely umbrella.
War Paint 5 gp War paint is any kind of paint that can be used to make the wearer more frightening.

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