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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 12-11-14
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Size/Type: Tiny Aberration (Psionic)
Hit Dice: 2d8+9 (18 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 5 ft, fly 15 ft (perfect)
Armor Class: 15 (+3 natural, +2 size), touch 12, flat-footed 13
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/-7
Attack: Slam +3 melee (1d3-2, 20/x2)
Full Attack: Slam +3 melee (1d3-2, 20/x2)
Space/Reach: 2 1/2 ft/0 ft
Special Attacks: Scream
Special Qualities: Aura of Sleep, Dim Awareness, Immune to Sonic, Jet, Rubbery Body, Uncanny Dodge
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +4 (+8 vs mind-affecting)
Abilities: Str 6, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 13
Skills: Autohypnosis +6
Feats: Weapon FinesseB, Toughness
Environment: Temperate Forests
Organization: Solitary or Foam (2-6)
Challenge Rating: 1
Treasure: None
Alignment: Always True Neutral
Advancement: 3-4 HD (Tiny), 5-6 (Small)
Level Adjustment:

Floating before you is a pink and purple spotted creature not unlike a piglet's head blown up to form its entire body, tiny stubby nubs wiggling on the bottom as some excuse for legs. Its eyes are closed and its expression one of peaceful bliss as it dreams and drifts unaware. Do not disturb it, you wouldn't like being woken up from sleep either.

A bizarre creature thought to somehow be related to the Plane of Dreams, the drowzeeble is something of a floating pig head which is entirely head, with stubby legs and cute expression. They are almost always asleep, seeming to need no food. They drift at random, typically caught on a wind and deposited miles away from home, only to slowly drift back without even knowing. Their peaceful nature extends beyond themselves and tends to make others drowsy as well, making the otherwise harmless critters dangerous to adventurers who may be in danger from other reasons.

Drowzeebles are sometimes taken as exotic pets, but they are difficult to care for. If not careful an owner could starve to death as they enter an eternal slumber.

Drowzeebles are about the size of your average balloon and just as light.


Drowzeebles never start a fight, they simply drift randomly only dimly aware of their situation. However once awoken they are cacophonous beings whose screams drive men insane and shatter bone. The screams continue until the danger is over or it and its kin successfully run away.

Aura of Sleep (Su): Drowzeebles are constantly emitting an aura of sleep whenever they are asleep, though this is suppressed when they are awake. All creatures within 10 ft of a drowzeeble must make a Will save, DC 12, or fall asleep for 8 hours. Even on a successful save, the creature is rendered fatigued, but this does not stack to become exhaustion and ends 1 round after the creature leaves the area. The saving throw is Charisma based.

Dim Awareness (Ex): When asleep, drowzeebles are dimly aware of their surroundings and will avoid drifting purposefully into dangerous situations. They are also not considered helpless while asleep, either from their own volition or by magic. When asleep, they are immune to mind-affecting effects. They lose this immunity when awake, but still gain a +4 racial bonus against mind-affecting effects.

Jet (Ex): Once per hour a drowzeeble may take a move action going 10x normal speed for 1 round. This movement must be in a straight line.

Rubbery Body (Ex): Drowzeebles are very bouncy. They are immune to bludgeoning damage, take half damage from slashing, and full damage from piercing. They are also immune to fall damage.

Scream (Su): When awoken, drowzeebles typically choose to scream every round until the threat is over. As a standard action they project a 15 ft radius centered on them of sonic damage, dealing 2d4 damage with a Fortitude save for half damage, DC 14. The scream is can be heard up to 1 mile away. This is a sonic effect, and the saving throw is Constitution based.

The scream lasts for 1 round, reverberating in the area it was deployed. Any physical projectiles passing through this area take damage from the sonic waves. If this is enough to destroy the projectile, it is destroyed before it hits its target.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Drowzeebles possess uncanny dodge as a barbarian of their HD.

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