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Author: Foxwarrior (talk)
Date Created: 4/4/11
Status: Just started
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Your flowery words and warmongering speeches bring others to your side, and occasionally help you in combat, too.

When Valizar Jabbermouth first saw martial adepts in action, he couldn't stop talking about how great they were. Eventually he got to discuss the details of their art in detail with some of the masters, and learned a great deal. While Valizar was an incorrigible coward, and never attempted to attack anyone, he managed to adapt the basic techniques to his speech, and found it to be quite effective.

Game Mechanics of the Eloquent Speech

Available To: Any

Discipline Skill: Diplomacy (Cha) - Diplomacy is the chief talking skill. Note that Bluff and Intimidate are also used by adepts of Eloquent Speech.

Discipline Weapons: None. - The only weapons you really need will be held by someone else. 

Saves: 10 + maneuver level + Charisma modifier. 

Special: If a creature successfully saves against an Eloquent Speech maneuver, they become immune to that maneuver for 24 hours.

Maneuvers of the Eloquent Speech Discipline[edit]

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1st-Level Maneuvers

  • Ad Hominem: Strike [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — You point out a character flaw in your opponent, and nobody listens to them any more.
  • Appeal to Ridicule: Counter [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Oppose a social check with your Bluff check.
  • Argument from Spurious Similarity: Counter [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Use Bluff check to maintain failing Disguise
  • Battle Taunt: Boost [Language-Dependent] — You taunt your opponent, making them attack you or feel really embarrassed.
  • Pep Talk: Strike [Language-Dependent] — Support your allies, granting an improved aid another at range.
  • Show Off: Counter — Whenever you defeat an opponent, you can finish them off with a snappy comeback or taunting pose which fills you with morale and heals you.
  • Showy Combat Stance: Stance — You show off whenever you defeat a foe, filling you with confidence and scaring your foes.

2nd-Level Maneuvers

  • False Dilemma: Strike [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Give target two choices. They must take one of them.
  • Flowery Speech: Stance — Add your charisma modifier to AC with restrictions.
  • Inflation of Conflict: Stance [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Inflate all scholarly disagreements so that all knowledge checks fail.
  • Taunt: Strike [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Force a creature to attack you.

3rd-Level Maneuvers

  • Appeal to Belief: Strike [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Use supporters to boost your Bluff.
  • Argument by Gibberish: Stance — Your abilities make sense to the mindless and people who can't understand you.
  • Argument from Small Numbers: Boost [X-Discipline] — Get same result for every roll.
  • Crushing Commentary: Strike [Language-Dependent Mind-Affecting] — Duplicate the effects of crushing despair on one target, or drive them even further into sadness, rendering them staggered.
  • Open Sesame: Boost [Language-Dependent] — Learn passwords and command words
  • Sarcasm Attack: Strike [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — You distract your opponent from your real argument with this cruel use of sarcasm.

4th-Level Maneuvers

  • Ad Misericordiam: Stance [Mind-Affecting] — You are so pitiful-looking, nobody would want to kill you.
  • Appeal to Spite: Strike [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Extraordinary suggestion to harm a shared enemy.
  • Cruel Comment: Boost [Language-Dependent] — You make a very mean and cruel comment., demoralizing your foe.
  • Incite Mob: Strike [Language-Dependent] — You incite a mob to come and kill you.
  • Scare Tactics: Strike [Mind-Affecting] — Scare your enemies away.

5th-Level Maneuvers

  • Argument by Dismissal: Stance — Ignore Diplomacy, Intimidate, and mind-affecting effects
  • Awe-Inspiring Performance: Boost [Mind-Affecting] — Your actions are so awe-inspiring, none have the will to touch you. Perhaps this is why armies of ninjas don't attack en masse.
  • Broken Window: Strike [X-Discipline Mind-Affecting] — Destroy something with great force, and expect its owner to be happy about it.
  • Everyone is Watching: Counter [Compulsion Language Dependent Mind Effecting] — Prevents a target from performing an action, at least in public.
  • Ignore the Elephant: Boost — You can perform obvious, even hostile actions in public and no one will notice.
  • Sheevian Advice: Counter [Language-Dependent] — You nudge a creature during a time of indecision.
  • Slippery Slope: Counter [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Certainly nobody would want to give food to the poor. Next you'd be giving food to your enemies while they're attacking you!

6th-Level Maneuvers

  • Appeal to Coincidence: Counter [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Escape blame for 3 rounds
  • Hard Bargain: Strike [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Save 10% on a purchase

7th-Level Maneuvers

  • Bad Analogy: Strike [Mind-Affecting X-Discipline Language-Dependent] — Compare enemy to thing. Beat up thing. Enemy dies.
  • Causal Reductionism: Counter [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Temporarily convince everyone that the target is to blame for some event.
  • Question Motivations: Strike [Language Dependent Mind Effecting] — Cause the target to question themselves, granting daunt levels.
  • Soul to Soul Conversation: Boost [Mind-Affecting X-Discipline] — Talk telepathically at any distance, uninvited.

8th-Level Maneuvers

  • Pretty Please!: Counter [Language-Dependent] — You make a creature reroll a save against one of your maneuvers or spell within limitations.
  • Straw Man: Strike [X-Discipline Creation] — Summon a parody of your political opponent who undermines them.

9th-Level Maneuvers

  • Hypothesis Contrary to Fact: Counter [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Target assumes blame for something that never happened.
  • Malicious Meme: Counter [Language Dependent Mind Effecting] — You make fun of the target so hard, they feel the burn for a lifetime.
  • Meaningless Questions: Strike [Mind-Affecting Language-Dependent] — Useless ideas cause Intelligence damage, daze

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