Enhanced Reality Headset (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Foxwarrior (talk)
Date Created: 7/31/12
Status: Inspired by a backcar.
Editing: If the edit is good, don't hesitate.
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Enhanced Reality Headset[edit]

Enhanced Reality Headset
Price: 10000 gp
Body Slot: Face
Caster Level: 11
Aura: Moderate Illusion
Activation: Command word
Weight: 3 lbs.

This is a smooth metal helmet, which covers the wearer's entire head. While active, it resembles a particularly intimidating helmet, as chosen by the creator during its creation.

Pads on the inside isolate the wearer from all sounds, sights, smells, and tastes. This is nonmagical, so while in an antimagic field or turned off, the wearer is deaf, blind, and incapable of breathing.

While activated, a programmed image replicates the sensory inputs outside, allowing the wearer to see, hear, and smell, as well as taste things smeared against the front of the helmet. Because these inputs are illusory, they do not pass on their magical effects, such as gaze attacks, poisons, illusory Patterns, and bardic music. However, the illusory nature goes both ways: audio and visual attacks which come from the wearer's head are simply replicated by the helmet, possibly with some sort of intimidating (or otherwise unusual) filter applied, so the wearer can't use gaze attacks, breath weapons, bardic music, or similar things while wearing the helmet. The helmet also generates sufficient air to breathe.

The helmet can also be used to magnify sensory inputs: as a standard action, the wearer can cause the helmet to focus on a single 20' radius area to which the helmet has line of sight. While focused in this way, the wearer suffers no penalties to Spot, Listen, or Scent due to distance to detect things in that area, but cannot see, hear, or smell things anywhere else. Deactivating this focus mode is also a standard action.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, programmed image, water breathing.
Cost to Create: 5000 gp, 400 EXP, 10 days.

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