Fusion Dance (3.5e Invocation)

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Author: The-Marksman (talk)
Date Created: August 2011
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Fusion Dance
Saiyan Warrior Master 6th, Ki Warrior Master 6th

Fuuuu-ssionn HAA!!

You and another willing, corporeal, living creature of the same size, fuse into one being for 30 minutes. If the other creature cannot manifest this invocation you automatically control the actions of the fused being. If both creatures have access to this invocation, then as the invocation is being manifested, you and the other creature roll a Charisma check to see who controls the actions of the fused being for this manifesting. However, you can give up this control to the other creature. Once you give up control, you cannot regain it unless the other creature relinquishes it.

As the manifester, you decide what equipment is absorbed into the fused being and what equipment remains available for use. These fused items are restored once the invocation ends.

In order to manifest the invocation, both subjects must start with a 15 foot space between them, facing the same direction, and then must simultaneously make a perform (dance) skill check (which can be made untrained) as a full round action with each creature making a 5 foot step towards the other during the perform check. The fusion dance is a precise series of movements that each must do in mirror to the other that ends with them reaching across the 5 foot space left in between them, touching fingertips together in the empty 5 foot space. While doing the fusion dance as well, they must say the words "Fusion-ha" With the word 'fusion' beginning from the moment they move, and then dragging out until they say the word 'ha' just as their finger tips touch. As the finger tips touch you, as the manifester, must spend 30 ki points to start the process.

If either creature makes a 10 or lower perform (dance) check they misperfomed the dance so badly that the invocation simply does not get manifested, in which case both creatures have used up their actions for the round, but neither creature pays an experience point or ki point cost. If either creature gets an 11-19 perform (dance) check they have messed up their half of the dance in some way even if it's a minor or tiny way, and the fusion is still complete, and a fused being is still created. Both characters still pay the full experience point cost at the moment the fingers touch, but it is considered a “failed fusion” (see failed fusion here). To complete the fusion properly, both creatures must make at least a DC 20 perform (dance) check.

If the DC 20 perform (dance) checks were successful, then they successfully fuse. The fused beings created by this invocation have features that resemble as closely as possible a blend of the features of the two base creatures (with allowed adjustments for the higher ability scores, i.e. a fused being may have more defined muscles than either of the base creatures due to having a higher strength score, or may be slightly more attractive than either base creature due to having a higher charisma than either base creature, etc).

The fused being has all of the memories of both base creatures, but is a completely unique being separate of the base creatures, with his/her own personality, characteristics and traits. The personality of a fused being does not change from one manifesting to the next, and is permanently set on the first successful manifesting, and each pairing of different creatures creates a unique fused being with its own unique personality. The basic personality of a fused being is generally a magnified personality trait of one of the base creatures. Generally the magnified trait is one selected from the base creature which has the 'dominant personality' or the higher charisma score. The fused being speaks in a voice which sounds like both base creature's voices speaking together.

All fused beings created with this invocation which includes “failed fusions” begin play wearing a standard uniform created by the invocation (except in cases where the fused being retained armor from one of the base creatures). This uniform is customly colorized to each unique fusion pair. The uniform consists of a sleeveless vest of any color (typically darker colors) that stops at the mid rib area, with highly padded shoulder and neck lines of a yellow to orange or brown hue. It has wrist bands that match the vest in color. They also wear a long sash worn as a belt tied off on the fused being's hip, with the two ends hanging down on the outside of the fused being's leg to just below knee level. The uniform also consists of a pair of very baggy pants that are white to off white, ivory, cream, etc in color that is tucked into a wrap halfway down the calf, that matches the sash in color and covers a pair well-made smooth black boots. The fused being's uniform is composed of magic from the invocation itself, and if any piece of the uniform is removed or cut off, it simply dissipates into nothingness immediately.

The fused being starts out with a number of hit dice equal to your hit dice plus the other creatures hit dice all at the highest hit die from all available levels and starts play with the maximum amount of hit points from these hit dice. For example, if you have 13 levels of Wizard, and the other creature has 7 levels of fighter and 6 level of barbarian, than the fused being has 26 hit dice, all at d12 and gains the maximum 12 hit points + fused beings constitution score for each die.

The fused being has the best base attack bonus and base saves based on each base creature. So, for example. In this example we have a level 13 wizard, and level 7 Fighter / level 6 Barbarian, the fused being would have a good base attack bonus, good fortitude and good will save, but poor reflex save for a level 26 character.

For each of the six ability scores, the fused beings score is the higher of yours and the other creatures plus half of the lower ability score. So for example, if other creature's strength is 24 and yours is 12, the fused being has the other creatures 24 plus 6 for half of your strength, added together is 24 + 6 = 30, so the fused being has 30 strength. For odd numbers when dividing the lesser score in half, always round down.

The fused being also has the sum of both creatures skill points in each skill up to the maximum for his new level. Likewise, all feats, racial abilities, and class features are pooled (if both creatures have the same ability, the fused being gains it only once, except in cases where having the ability a second time would normally upgrade it, such as Evasion and Uncanny Dodge. If both base creatures have Evasion, but neither has Improved Evasion, the fused being still gains Improved Evasion). If the base creatures are of the same race, and gain a racial bonus on a skill check, this bonus is only granted once.

The fused being knows all of the psionic powers or invocations from any classes, including any prepared invocations you or the other creature possessed (if any) and has the higher spell/manifester level of you and the other creature. The fused being has the sum of your and the other creatures “maximum” power points or ki pool points regardless of how many you actually had during the manifesting.

When the power ends, or is dispelled through use of a targeted greater dispel magic, limited wish, wish or miracle, the fused being separates and both base creatures are in adjacent squares to one another. Both base creatures have all memories of the fused being. If separation occurs in a cramped space you appear in the space the fused being was occupying and the other creature is expelled through the astral plane, finally coming to rest materially in the nearest empty space and taking 1d4 damage for each 10 feet of solid material passed through, if applicable.

Damage taken by the fused being is split evenly between you and the other creature when the power ends. In a like manner the fused beings remaining power points or ki pool points are split between you and the other creature (you can leave the fusion with more points than you entered with as long as you don't exceed the maximum power points for your level and ability score). Ability damage and negative levels are also split evenly between you and the other creature. (If an odd number of negative levels or ability scores must be split, you decide whether you or the other creature receives the additional loss). Once unfused a creature cannot fuse again via this invocation for at least ten minutes.

If a fused being is killed, it separates into its constituent creatures both of which are also dead. You cannot use fission or an additional fusion invocation on a fused being. Any such attempted action simply fails.

XP Cost: 25 experience for each creature.

Name Market
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane invocation
Failure Chance
(30 ft) (20 ft) Weight
Fusion Uniform — gp +0 +5 N/A 0 0% 30 ft 20 ft 5 lbs


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