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  • Int VS Wis
  • Adventure modules
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Articles by The-Marksman[edit]

Marksman's Homebrews
Classes Battle Juggernaut, Bewitcher, Bounty Hunter, Cat Burglar, Divine Healer, Footpad, Grimslayer, Half-Nymph, Half-Rylvain, Hunter, Ki Warrior, Martial Artist, Noble, Platinum Dragoon, Radiant Champion, Rylvain, Saiyan Warrior, Scout, Socialite Deluxe, Spy, Undead Slayer, Undead Stalker, Warlord, Wolverine
Races Elven Nymph, Half-Drow, Elf, Half-Giant, Half-Nymph, Half-Rylvain, Half-Saiyan, Liantia, Moogle, Namekian, Ronso, Rylvain, Saiyans, Xanthian
Character Options Ascended Super Saiyan, Ascetic Juggernaut, Awesome Blow, Enhanced Ki Pool, Full Power Super Saiyan, Saiyan Elite, Tail Defense, Ultra Super Saiyan
Equipment Cloak of Bullshit, Cloak of Greater Bullshit, Cloak of Lesser Bullshit, Dragon Balls, Excalibur, Potion of Youth
Spells & Powers Condition, Eternal Charm Monster, Eternal Charm Person, Eternal Slumber, Fusion Dance, Reraise, Restore Youth, Steal Youth, Summon Wyvern
Invocations After Image, Alternate Delivery, Beam Blast, Candy Beam, Death Beam, Destructo Disc, Dragon Fist, Energy Channel, Energy Rings, Explosive Wave, Final Explosion, Flash Step, Four Witches, Greater Ki Transmutation, Healing Spirit, Improved Intimidating Ki, Improved Ki Charging, Improved Ki Flying, Improved Ki Volley, Instant Transmission, Intimidating Ki, Kaio-ken, Ki Barrage, Ki Charging, Ki Enhancement, Ki Flying, Ki Sense, Ki Shield, Ki Sight, Ki Supression, Ki Sword, Ki Transmutation, Ki Wind, Lesser Electrical Transmutation, Lesser Fire Transmuation, Lesser Frost Transmutation, Master Ki Transmutation, Multi-Form, Neo Tri Beam, Nova Chariot, Power Ball, Scatter Shot, Solar Flare, Spirit Ball, Spirit Bomb, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, Tri Beam, Warp Blast
Monsters Adamantoise, Ash Viper, Behemoth, Bomb, Cactuar, Drake, Malboro V.2, Murder of Crows, Tangle Tree, Tonberry
Other Aralhal, Celesdra, Golbez System, James Houlton, Levels That Spells Are Obtained, Rydel Taerun, Shenron, Spirit Beast
Sandbox 1 / Box 2 / Box 3 / Box 4 / Box 5 / Box 6 / Box 7 / Box 8 / Box 9 / Organized table of published races with statistics / Talk page

Ratings by The-Marksman[edit]

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Current Projects[edit]

  • A Final Fantasy Summoner class that accounts for Rydia, Dagger, Yuna, etc. Summons over 40 different classic Final Fantasy summons. Ifrit, Shiva, Ramah, Odin, Leviathan, Bahamut, etc. Want it to be a high damage class on par with TWF rogue sneak attacking level damage. With spell casting ability like Favored Soul.
  • Enchantress psionic prestige class. Thinking an odd mix of Minderbender CAr and ThrallherdEPH with full previous psionic class progression, with suggestion, charm person/monster, dominate person/monster at reduced power point cost, bonuses to caster level and DCs to resist saves against her enchantment/compulsion effects, 1 cohort at a time. Bonus equal to 1/2 class level on saves vs charm and compulsion, slippery mind, then spell resistance vs charm and compulsion near the end. Opposite of slippery mind for targets making them save twice against her charms/compulsions. Targets of charm spells do not gain bonus for being threatened or attacked by you or allies, and subjects of compulsion spells do not gain bonus on save due to actions against their nature.

Ideas I'll be working on next[edit]

  • Updates to my Saiyan race and Saiyan Warrior class for the changes I've seen from watching Dragonball Super. Going to make more techniques like Hit's time skip, his fatal punch, his ethereal state. A feat for completely hiding your energy from ki sense, and a ki ability for projecting your energy to a different area as Hit did. A Kaioken that can be used with Super Saiyan Blue. Make a Delayed Onset Energy Disorder that Goku had from fighting Hit the first time. Make a technique for using your energy as a physical shockwave for Vegeta VS Magera. Make a feat to use less energy during epic transformations to represent the training Whis gives Vegeta and Goku. Make Potara Earrings artifact. An energy sword like the one used by Goku Black / Trunks, and a smaller dagger version used by Zamasu. A feat for a Super Saiyan Rose transformation. A technique for Zamasu's justice bolts that explode. A Sensu bean item which will probably replicate a heal spell. A feat for creatures who can regenerate limbs to be able to control the limb for x rounds after its severed. A technique where you absorb bludgeoning attacks to get stronger/bigger. Solar flare more intense like Krillin. Lightning hold and evil containment wave from Roshi. Also of course, Ultra Instinct rules for level 30.
  • Make a high/very high balance version of my cat burglar class with trap finding, trap sense, scaling bonus to search, disable device, open locks, hide, move silently, listen and spot, skill mastery, combine hide in plain sight and stealthy features into 1, pool of points like ninja to become invisible/ethereal per day, bard-like spell progression with beguiler like casting and Int for casting stat, have invisibility, glibness, lullaby, sleep, feather fall, suggestion, open, mage hand, telekinesis, maybe a teleport of some kind, divinations like augury / locate object, find the path, etc. Have a class ability to dispel magic doors/chests/traps quite often per day with bonus on roll.

Ideas I'll be working on down the road[edit]

  • A psionic prestige class to make a character that is a telepath and telekinetic, usable at will by the end of the class, gonna be able to physically move objects or creatures, fling objects or creatures, make grapple/disarm/trip/bullrush attmepts telekinetically, take apart complex items, gain immediate actions to catch projectiles (using an AoO), levitate/fly (including group flight, requiring concentraition), discintigrate objects or creatures
read minds, communicate telepathically, probe secret thoughts, force a thought onto others (empowered suggestion), memory manipulation/erasure (including total amnesia), telepathic illusion (make others see events that arnt happening), telepathic cloak (others do not percieve events that are actually happening), telepathic camouflage (make others see you as someone else), Telepathic possesion (actively controling the current physical actions taken by another creature), telepathic paralysis (put other creatures into suspended animation so that they dont percieve time having passed during an event)
  • A Night Elf race from World of Warcraft. Will have high bonuses to hide at night, SLA 3/day for invis or something similar. Maybe Camouflage as a racial trait. Some elf like traits.
  • Hyper Predatory race using some of the amazing abilities of real life animals, probably gonna include +str bonus, bite, claw/slam attacks, enhanced speed, scent, possibly poisonous spit or blood or something, maybe powerful build if it fits the theme I end up with, not 100% sure, and trying as hard as possible to avoid monstrous levels and ideally no more than a +2 ECL.
  • A race of shapeshifters with alter self as SLA, with no more than +2 ECL. Probably bonuses to Int and Dex, probably a disguise bonus, maybe non-detection Caster lvl = Char Lvl,
  • DBZ style scouter wonderous item that will do some kind of divination, maybe AC or hit points, maybe reveal power points of ki warriors/psions/ninjas/etc. Maybe be like status spell.
  • Want to create a unique custom spell page for each and every talent that I have listed on my Xanthian race page and link the custom spell on the actual race page to create a base line of rules for how talents should function to make the race more playable and viable based on feedback in the discussion page.

Completed Ideas[edit]

  • A Rogueish character that utilizes SRD abilities from numerous classes to make a better Rogue the way I did for Warriors with Warlord. Want it to be a skill monkey and support. with trapfinding, trap sense, imp evasion, uncanny dodge, skill mastery from rogue, track, swift tracker, camouflage, hide in plain sight from ranger, weapon finesse, insightful strike, acrobatic charge, lucky from swashbuckler, imp poison use, great leap, speed climb, acrobatics progression for different skills and movement speed from Monk.
  • A spy prestige class based on the characters of the show Burn Notice, having the abilities of a choke hold grapple to knock someone out, sneaking bonuses, cover ids, bonuses for making people believe you belong somewhere, possibly unarmed strike progression and creating explosives, create 'bug' item where you enchant a mundane item without a magic aura, and can later use it for clairaudince/clairvoyance at will, ability where you make diplomacy/bluff check and opponent believes its most trusted allies are thier enemies.
  • A race for Namekians from DBZ representing Piccolo, Kami and such.
  • Making a non-race specific Ki Warrior class that could also explain Piccolo, Krillan, Yamcha and others having similar abilities to the Saiyan Warrior.
  • A race of magic users with intelligence and wisdom bonus, +2 save vs spell, increased caster level / bonus power points, +2 spellcraft and appraise for magic items, identify 3/day and detect magic, light and prestidigitation 1/day, dream sight (see ethereal creatures as easily as material ones), superior literacy (always literate regardless of class, speak language always a class skill), 4 skill points at 1st level and 1 pt there after with long lives like Elans from EPH.
  • A witch base class that is more in line with common witches of lore and stories. More neutral in nature, with a familiar, with focus on transformations, divinations, extended potion brewing, and eternal life and a strong connection to nature.
  • An Undead Hunter prestige class inspired by the one from Complete Warrior, but better. One that still gets detect undead at will, smite undead and extra turn undead. But make it better, add favored enemy bonuses, immunity to energy drain, empowered then maximized then empowered and maximized turn undead, and +1 level of previous spellcasting class every level. Accessable as 5th level.
  • Custom non-psionics based Half-Giant race with +4 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, low light vision, powerful build, +2 natural armor, bonus to thrown attacks and able to hurl rocks if increased to large, +4 Intimidate, human blood
  • A healer / healing focused prestige class that would get more powerful heals than the ones in the game, some lower ones at will and make having a healer relevant. Have lay on hands, maybe wholeness of body but renamed, maybe add some utility abilities like a bardic music-like ability that would be "sing hymn" that would give party bonuses. Have a say prayer ability that would grant allies combat bonuses. Inspired by Priest Hobb from Record of Lodoss Wars anime.
  • A high balance DPS combat orientated class, with OP dual weilding feats for free, sneak attack progression, bleed damage attack, improved flanking, increased threat range, ability damage, poisons, save vs death abilities. Also a single attack at highest bab that denies target dexterity, number of times per day by con bonus can make twice the amount of attacks in a single round and fatigued afterwards.
  • Want to completely rework my Battle Juggernaut class. It was one of my first works and had almost no originality to it, it was all SRD stuff. Want to incorporate this feel of an actual Juggernaut on the battle field. Maybe use a rage like ability that grants increased size rather than Str and Con, which then gets used to later give the character all the sub feats of power attack (bullrush, trample, overrun, etc). Throw attack.
  • A Hunter class, a class focused in Archery who gets an animal companion, and various types of shots that have various quasi magical effects, trap creation, etc. Inspired by the World of Warcraft class. A heavily zone controller style class.
  • Thinking about going back and revamping my Saiyan items and completing the Invocations and organizing the page the give it a more polished feel
  • Street fighter / Martial Artist: a good BAB combat class that uses unarmed strike/flurry progression with damage bonuses, improved trip, improved disarm, improved grapple, grappling bonuses, close quarters combat, improved uncanny dodge, grapple a nearby opponent and use them to take incoming attacks for you for rest of the round, opponent hits its ally opposite of the martial artist, opponent who misses by X amount provokes choice of disarm or trip attempt, roundhouse trip, whirlwind roundhouse kick, damage reduction.
  • A tanking base class, gonna use a defensive stance style ability, a taunt vs will save, magical Area Of Effect and anyone inside it must make a will save or attack the tank, a slight World of Warcraft paladin flavor and theme with other abilities to allow him to circumvent death in several ways.
  • Revamping my Bounty Hunter class. Not happy with how the original came out, tweaking it to be more cool and more to my liking. Streamlining abilities to make room for more originality.
  • A 5 level aristocrat class inspired by Cid's aristocrat, but rather than using the spoiled, bossy, bratty, lazy, fat kid concept, make one from the concept of a child who grew up with over bearing, demanding parents with high expectations; whos parents sent them to private schools and/or hired tutors, provided fencing lessons, and enforced strict manners etc. All to give the child the best circumstances possible to start their life, whether the child appreciated it at the time or not.