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This page contains the homebrew class ki abilities list for the Saiyan Warrior class.

Saiyan Warrior Invocations

Least Saiyan Warrior Invocations

Alternate Delivery: Learn to expel your beam attacks from your eyes or mouth instead of using your hand.

Bane of Balance: Knock a foe off-balance with your eldritch blast (or ki volley or wind bullet), uncentering him and imposing a −2 competence penalty to Balance and Tumble checks until the condition is cleared.

Energy Channel: You transfer an amount of of your available ki pool to another Saiyan Warrior or class with similar ki points

Four Witches: Grow two more arms to assist with attacking, defending and grappling

Healing Spirit: Use your ki to bolster the life force of others, but not yourself

Improved Ki Volley: Learn how to fire multiple ki volleys at a single target

Intimidating Ki: Your visible ki disturbs opponents that are near you, hindering their attacks.

Kaio-ken: Push your body beyond its limits graning enhanced strength, speed, agility sight and hearing

Ki Charging: Take ability point loss to replenish ki points

Ki Sense: You can detect the strength of life force in others especially when their ki is strong

Ki Shield: You create a protective 5 foot wide ki shield around yourself

Lesser Electrical Transmutation: Turn ½ of ki volley damage into electricity damage

Lesser Fire Transmuation: Turn ½ of ki volley damage into fire damage

Lesser Frost Transmutation: Turn ½ of ki volley damage into cold damage

Power Ball: Use your ki to create an artificial light source in the sky that functions much like a full moon.

Solar Flare: You create a quick but blinding flare of light to dazzle your opponent

Lesser Saiyan Warrior Invocations

Beam Blast: Your ki volley strengthens and you can channel your ki into a beam of destructive energy

Buff Lockdown: Stop enemies from benefiting from buff spells.

Energy Rings: Create solid rings of ki energy that can be used for ranged grapple/pin attempts.

Exploding Blast: Your basic invocating projectile becomes a fireball in all but name.

Flash Step: Using your ki, you enhance your speed to move faster than the eye can see.

Improved Intimidating Ki: Your ki aura disturbs your opponents within 30 feet at all times

Ki Barrage: Ki Volley now works with Flurry of Blows ability for a flurry of ki volleys

Ki Enhancement: Use your ki points to gain an enhancement to either your physical strength or endurance

Ki Flying: You use the power of your ki to give yourself flight with a speed of 80 ft with good maneuverability.

Ki Supression: You suppress you ki energy so as to not be detected by other ki warriors.

Ki Transmutation: Turn all of ki volley damage into proficient element or ½ of beam blast damage into proficient element

Ki Wind: Use your ki to create a strong wind that can blow small creatures or projectiles away or lacerate an unaware enemy.

Multi-Form: Make multiple weaker copies of yourself that move at your direction.

Spirit Ball: Make a ki volley that can be redirected and change directions if it misses.

Thunder Shock Surprise: You transform your ki into 20,00 volts of electricity and shoot it at an opponent.

Tri Beam: You use your life force to channel your ki volley into a shockwave of destructive energy

Greater Saiyan Warrior Invocations

After Image: If an opponent misses you badly enough, you can take advantage of their distraction to move before they even realize you're gone.

Candy Beam: You fire a pink beam of energy that transforms a target into an empowered Goodberry.

Death Beam: You fire a thin beam of energy that might kill the target.

Destructo Disc: You create a buzzsaw of ki energy that slices through anything in its path

Eldritch Eruption: You cast earth power, except it has the properties of your basic invocating projectile.

Explosive Wave: Your ki explodes from you, pushing all opponents back 15 feet, and then potentially knocking them back even further.

Greater Ki Transmutation: Turn all of beam blast damage into proficient element, and cause status effects when someone is hit by your elemental attacks

Improved Ki Charging: The user may now charge their ki pool without ability damage, or get more ki if ability damage is taken.

Improved Ki Flying: Increases your fly speed to 120 ft, with perfect maneuverability. Also gives you a 5X hustle speed as well.

Instant Transmission: Travel at the speed of light taking others with you, as greater teleport but more flexible

Ki Sight: Gain Blindsight and detect the presence of ki in others at a greater range and accuracy, even tell when someone is suppressing their full power.

Neo Tri Beam: You use your ki volley to channel your ki into a shockwave of destructive energy

Nova Chariot: A move that can counter beams and close distance.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: Use your ki to create small sentient ghosts that act as directed and explode upon any physical contact.

Master Saiyan Warrior Invocations

Dragon Fist: Create a dragon's head of ki energy around your fist and then attempt to use that ki to blast through the torso of an enemy potentially killing them.

Final Explosion: You sacrifice yourself, making the ultimate sacrifice to cause incalculable damage.

Ki Sword: You create a sword made of Ki Energy which can be used to slice through enemies and objects with ease.

Master Ki Transmutation: You shroud yourself in in you element for ultimate fighting power

Scatter Shot: Fire multiple ki volleys, purposely missing the target until they are surrounded, then, make the ki volleys fire at the target simultaneously.

Spirit Bomb: You ask all life on the planet to help you power your attack

Warp Blast: Start charging your Beam Blast from afar and then teleport right infront of the target to deliver it to a flat footed opponent.

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