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Author: YX33A (talk)
Date Created: January 30th, 2011
Status: Just Started
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Gravatic Node [Xenotheric] Prerequisites: Con 17, Gravatic ChargeBenefit: This feat grants you three special abilities, which may not be used at the same time. Switching between them takes a move action.

  • You gain the Shield Trait, using your Con score modifier as a deflection bonus. You may also use the Perimeter Shielding function, with a variable radius (max 5'/ECL), but you may not move when using this function (exception: If you are not moving via external force or previous effort, you continue doing so). Regaining any HP the shield has lost requires spending 1 Bio-Energy, once per minute, or by taking Bio-Energy Drain, as a immediate action. This can only be done while using the Shielding option of this feat.

If you switch modes while your shield is damaged, you must recharge your shield as if it was completely disabled when you switch back to this mode.

  • You gain a Bio-Weapon of sorts, dealing 1d8 force damage as a touch attack with a range increment of 120', which can be used as an attack action. By spending Bio-Energy, it functions as a long range Gravatic Charge, except that it always detonates upon reaching its target instead of being delayed.
  • You gain a Fly Speed of 30', perfect maneuverability. By spending Bio-Energy, you may increase the speed by 30' per charge for 1d10 rounds, each point rolled individually. As a upshot, you get a extraordinary Feather Fall effect when in this mode, preventing fall damage you might suffer.

As a bonus, your Gravatic Charge feat gets slightly stronger, dealing d8 normally, and increasing to d12 when taking Bio-Energy drain. Special: Taking this feat a second time requires 23 Con, and allows you to use two modes at the same time. It can not be taken again.

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