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Author: Foxwarrior (talk)
Date Created: 10/5/11
Status: Just started
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Homeworld Bound [General] Prerequisites: Possess a Monster Control Vault with at least 30 10' cubes of deployed space.Benefit: Your Monster Control Vault gains a clumsy fly speed of 40' + 10' per character level, both while it is deployed and while it isn't. If it isn't a creature, it can only fly under the direction of a pilot (seated inside it if deployed, and outside it if not). The Monster Control Vault gains a light load of 3000 pounds per character level; if it already had a carrying capacity, its light load increases by 3000 pounds per character level, and heavier loads increase proportionally.

The Monster Control Vault also gains a hyper drive for long-distance travel that can be used both while it is deployed and while it isn't. As a 1 minute action, the Monster Control Vault (if it's a creature) or a navigator (if not, or the Monster Control Vault has a worse skill check modifier) may plan and execute a teleportation maneuver by making a DC 30 Knowledge (The Planes) check and expending a gem worth 100 gp. The teleportation maneuver has no maximum range and the Monster Control Vault brings along any creatures and objects it's carrying, but the Monster Control Vault arrives in a random empty space a distance away from the targeted point equal to (1d10-1)% of the total distance traveled. If the Knowledge check is failed, the Monster Control Vault misses by (1d100+100)% of the distance traveled instead.

The hyper drive takes 10 hours to recharge. This decreases to 1 hour at character level 9, 6 minutes at character level 12, and 1 minute at character level 15. At character level 18, the action required to execute a teleportation maneuver decreases to a full-round action.

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