Huck Limpet (3.5e Monster)

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Author: Ganteka Future (talk)
Date Created: 31 March 2010
Status: Tentative Completion
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Huck Limpet[edit]

Huck Limpet

CR 1/2

N Tiny Magical Beast (Xenoblooded)
Init/Senses -3/Darkvision 30 ft., Tremorsense 10 ft.; Listen +5, Spot +0
AC 11, touch 9, flat-footed 11
(+2 size, +2 natural, -3 Dex)
hp 5 (1d8 HD)
Resist Energy Resistance 4 (acid, cold, fire)
Fort/Ref/Will 3/-1/0
Speed 5 ft. (1 squares), burrow 5 ft., climb 5 ft.
Melee Tentacles -4 melee (1d3–5 plus Nettles)
Space/Reach 2-1/2 ft./0 ft.
Base Atk/Grp +1/-11
Special Actions Amphibious, Endure Atmosphere, Energy Resistance, Nettles, Sovereign Hold, Tremorsense
Abilities Str 1, Dex 5, Con 13, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 2
Feats Endurance
Skills Climb +9, Hide +12, Listen +5
Amphibious (Ex) A huck limpet can survive breathing either air or water.
Endure Atmosphere (Ex) A huck limpet has the extraordinary ability to endure elements, suffering no ill effects from a hot or cold environment. In addition, it can breathe so long as there is an atmosphere or water to breathe. A huck limpet suffers no adverse condition to breathing smoke, volcanic gases or other vapors that are harmful to most creatures.
Energy Resistance 4 (acid, cold, fire) (Su) A huck limpet has the supernatural ability to resist acid, cold and fire damage.
Nettles (Ex) A huck limpet's tentacles delivers a dose of stinging toxins, released on tiny barbed hairs, causing muscle spasms and motor control impairment. This toxin deals sickness as a primary damage effect and 1d4 Dexterity damage as a secondary effect 1 minute later to anything it slaps with its tentacles.
Sovereign Hold (Ex) A huck limpet, as a standard action, can attach itself to a surface with a nearly impenetrable grip, preventing it from moving or being removed. This grip is treated as though the limpet had been attached with sovereign glue. A huck limpet can detach itself as a standard action.
Tremorsense (Ex) A huck limpet can detect and pinpoint any creature or object within 10 feet in contact with the ground due to it's sensitive feelers. When underwater, this effect is treated as a 10 foot globe around the huck limpet (though not extending into the air, but on land within range).

Strategies and Tactics[edit]

A huck limpet has little means to defend itself, other than it's hard shell and unappetizing flavor. Its stinging nettles do little to phase the great beasts that roam Messos Myonel on land and in the seas. They rely on their ability to hide and clamp tight to surfaces. When attacked, a huck limpet typically dies, being very small and weak. However, it tries to lash out with its stinging barbed nettles to discourage predators. It mainly uses these tentacles to feed on much smaller life-forms.

Table: Huck Limpet Toxin
Poison Type Initial Damage Secondary Damage
Nettle Toxin Injury DC 11 Sickened 1d4 Dex

Skills: Huck Limpets have a +4 racial bonus on Hide and Listen checks and a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks. A huck limpet can always choose to take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened. Huck limpets use either their Strength or Constitution modifier to Climb checks, whichever is higher.

Huck Limpet Ecology[edit]

Huck Limpets aren't quite limpets, being from the world of Messos Myonel. Their meager defenses and social bonding traits have made them a fair choice among owners of pets (and familiars), exotic or otherwise. Huck limpets have since made their way to other worlds in the hands of other folks.

A huck limpet appears to be a roughly textured, brownish cone of shell with a small hole at its top. Four long, reddish tentacles protrude from this hole, often waving about gently, though able to be retracted within (and the hole covered by flaps of shell. They reach a height of about a foot and are roughly a foot long. In this regard, it resembles somewhat a very miniature volcano. A huck limpet moves about on a muscular, adhesive foot, slowly moving about across hard rock and over (or underneath) sand. Several small, glassy eyes ring the base of its shell. These eyes are fairly poor and are only supplementary to its tremorsensing ability.

When a huck limpet is unable to catch prey or feed on scraps, it will feed off organic muck, clays and blooms of microorganisms.

Huck limpets produce pearls. Roughly once a year, a huck limpet will spit out surprisingly heavy blue-green pearl. Value varies, but typically it is worth about 10 gp to collectors. Occasionally, these pearls are used for bartering and currency on Messos Myonel.

Taming Huck Limpets[edit]

Huck limpets are easy to train, docile and generally long-lived. They are treated as animals for the purposes of training with Handle Animal checks. Huck limpets enjoy the safety that being in the care of a sentient creature brings.

A tame and trained huck limpet lives for 20+1d20 years in captivity. Four times a year, an adult huck limpet will desire to mate. Being hermaphroditic, a huck limpet may reproduce asexually if no mate is available. Huck limpets incubate their broods of eggs internally until they are nearly ready to hatch, at which time, they are deposited in shallow, loose earth. A typical brood of huck limpet eggs is 10+2d10 eggs. These eggs hatch a day later and grow to adulthood in 1 year.

A young huck limpet is worth 1 gp, hardly being worth bothering over.


Despite being a magical beast, the huck limpet can be selected as a familiar. Huck limpets grant their master the amphibious trait, allowing a limpet's master to breathe both air and water.

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BenefitAmphibious. +
Challenge Rating1/2 +
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