Indra's Vengeful Crown (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: May 5, 2014
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Indra's Vengeful Crown[edit]

"Pain and suffering is power; power to pay the same pain unto the one who slighted you."

This jagged crown of intricately engraved orichalcum is hewn with fierce lines and sharp tips, extending out from what appears to be a circlet shape spanning the crown of the wearer's head. In the centre of the crown lays a black tourmaline gemstone, surruonded on both sides by two smaller stones. Indra's Vengeful Crown, along with the amulet Indra's Ceaseless Wrath and the sceptre Indra's Undying Rule, is part of a series of powerful magical items named the Thunder God's Regalia. Like the rest of the regalia, it was crafted by the followers of the ancient deity Indra, who presided over rain and thunderstorms, and was originally used by Indra's high priests in defense of His temple.

The wearer of the crown finds his thought process quickened by the powerful energy surging through it, granting him a +20 circumstance bonus to Concentration checks for the purpose of maintaining his spells when being dealt damage. He also receives a +4 sacred bonus to all saving throws.

When the wearer of Indra's Vengeful Crown takes damage from an enemy attack during a particular round of combat, he rolls a d%. For every subsequent attack against him, he adds +1 to the roll result. At the start of his next turn, he regains a spell slot as per the table below, depending on the final result. The wearer may spontaneously convert any spell slots gained from the crown, but only to evocation spells with the Electricity descriptor that he had prepared that day (in case of a wizard or other prepared spellcaster), or that he knows (in case of a sorcerer of other spontaneuous spellcaster).

Table: Indra's Vengeful Crown's Spell Return

Roll Result Level of spell slot gained1
1-19 0
20-36 1st
37-51 2nd
52-64 3rd
65-75 4th
76-84 5th
85-91 6th
92-96 7th
97-99 8th
100 or more 9th
  1. The crown cannot grant a spell slot of a higher level than the wearer can cast naturally. If the
    roll exceeds the wearer's maximum spell level, he gains a slot of the highest level he can cast.

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