Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun (3.5e Monster)

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Author: Leziad (talk)
Date Created: 11th April 2015
Status: Finished, but unpolished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun
Size/Type: Macro-Tiny Construct (Bot)
Hit Dice: 200d10+2000 (4000 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: Fly 100 ft. (Perfect)
Armor Class: 20, touch -50, flat-footed 20
Base Attack/Grapple: +75/+X
Attack: +0 Jupiter Super Railgun (see text) or +70 Siege Railgun (20d8 20/x4)
Full Attack: 4 +50/+45/+45/+45 Siege Railguns (20d8 20/x4)
Space/Reach: 480 ft./480 ft.
Special Attacks: Jupiter Super Railgun
Special Qualities: DR 50/-, Fast Healing 10, Superb Construction
Saves: Fort +30, Ref +30, Will +37
Abilities: Str 104, Dex 10, Con -, Int -, Wis 24, Cha 1
Feats: Flyby AttackB
Environment: Orbit
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 26
Treasure: Triple Standard
Alignment: Always True Neutral
Advancement: -
Level Adjustment: -

The Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun is essentially a fully autonomous battle station, it is named so because the lead engineer did not add the Jupiter Super Railgun to a battle station, he added the battle station to the Jupiter Super Railgun. The Jupiter-9 is in appearance a massive round hunk of metal, with a massive railgun sticking out and two smaller railguns on each pole. The railguns are capable of rotating 360 degree both horizontally and vertically, allowing for a massive arc of fire. The station itself possess a powerful gravsteel reactor allowing it to stay afloat despite it massive weight.

Jupiter-9 is constantly being repaired by microscopic bot, any holes made in it' hull are very short lived, although they cannot repair damage fast enough for it to be particularly effective in combat.

Since the Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun is very slow for it size and it main gun has a very limited close range it is typically protected by other bots.


The Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun is easily overwhelmed by many foe, it will typically attempt to gun them down with it siege railgun as fast as possible while requesting backup ASAP.

Crew: The Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun is itself automated, however inside it maintain large crew of bots. It basic crew is:

The crew is used for various purposes, the Jupiter-9 may even fire it own crew using it Jupiter Super Railgun (see rules below).

Death Throe (Ex): If destroyed the Jupiter-9 explode as the tactical nuke spell. It may also self-destruct as a 1 round action, destroying itself and triggering a much deadlier megaton death throe.

Digistruct Station (Su): The Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun can create as a standard action start construct a one or more bot of it choice; the amount of time it take to complete the bot depend on it size. It may construct a medium or smaller bot within 1 round, a large bot in 3 rounds or a huge bot in 5 rounds. Only initiating the construction require an action on the part of the Jupiter-9, and it may build up to 5 bots at a time.

Limited Programming (Ex): The Jupiter-9 uses its Wisdom score as a stand-in intelligence score, though it does not gain skills or feats. It is capable of thinking and acting tactically, but has no free will and will follow its programming the best of its ability, using its intelligence to reach the goal with the greatest chance of success. Short term planning and reacting is allowed, but long term planning is usually beyond it.

As a result of its superior intellect, it is capable of taking complex orders up to one paragraph, with multiple exceptions, exclusions, and up to 5 contingencies or if/than statements. However any command done through the program skill override this superior intellect. The Jupiter-9 is considered a complex machine.

Limited Range (Ex): The Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun cannot attack creatures within 10 mile of itself with it Jupiter Super Railgun.

Limited Targeting (Ex): The Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun can only attacks square transmitted to it by a SkyEye-767 Autonomous Scout with it Jupiter Super Railgun.

Jupiter Super Railgun (Ex): The massive main railgun on the Jupiter-9, the Jupiter Super Railgun take most of the bot's interior space and is incredibly potent. In order to aim the Jupiter Super Railgun the Jupiter-9 must take a full-round action to aim it, each round it aim that way it gets a cumulative +20 bonus on it attacks (as some method of fire involve multiple attacks), the Jupiter Super Railgun has a range increment of 100 mile and has 25 its range increment instead of 5. It always aim at a square, however if a creature or object occupy the square it count as being hit. If the Jupiter Super Railgun miss a square, the shot land 1d10 miles in a random direction away from the original target. The Jupiter Super Railgun has multiple method of firing:

Bot Shot: The Jupiter Super Railgun may fire up to 12 bots in a single round, the bots arrive unharmed at the square the Jupiter Super Railgun fired at. If the Jupiter Super Railgun miss the square or the square is occupied, both the bot and any creatures/object on the square take 20d8 bludgeoning and fire damage.
Container Shot: As bot shot except the railgun fire a single 10x30 or 20x60 container which can contain bots or various material. The containers are very resistant, being made of adamantine, each possess 100 hit point with a hardness of 20. If the container take damage during the fall, it cargo is only damaged if it completely destroyed.
Doomsday: The Jupiter Super Railgun fire a single nuclear warhead, causing a tactical nuke effect centered on the square it hit.
Volley: The Jupiter Super Railgun fire up to 5 consecutive shot each round, it maintain it volley, treat these as huge siege railgun (20d12) attacks. Sadly volley quickly lose accuracy, halve the aim bonus to attack roll each round the Jupiter Super Railgun maintain it volley.

After the Jupiter-9 cease firing it must cool it Jupiter Super Railgun with a full-round action before firing again.

SkyEye Launcher: As a swift action the may launch up to 10 SkyEye-767 Autonomous Scout, each appearing in a space adjacent to it.

Siege Railguns (Ex): The Jupiter-9 also possess 4 siege railguns, which it can fire one as a standard action or all three as a full-round action. Each siege railgun is tended by a crew of 8 Schaft-6006 General Purpose Robot who will reload, repair and generally maintain each siege railgun in optimal condition.

Superb Construction (Ex): The Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun receive maximum hit point per hit dice and gain an additional 2000 hit points (accounted for on the table above).

Superior Communication (Ex): SkyEye-767 Autonomous Scout can send information to the Jupiter-9 from 100 miles away. It is also capable of replicating the effect of sending at will as a free action.

Terrain Physiology (Ex): The Jupiter-9 Autonomous Railgun is very much terrain as well as a creature, it is possible to enter it by dealing at least 100 point of damage to it hull, however the hole will close within 5 rounds. Creatures inside of it ignore it DR and cannot be targeted by it regular attack however they will need to deal with it crew and the station is capable of dealing with intruder in the following way.

Deadly Neurotoxin: As a standard or swift action, the can fill a single room with cloudkill.
Forcefield: As a move or swift action , the can create a forcecage or a wall of force anywhere within it interior.

If intruder are about to make it to the main command console, the Jupiter-9 will typically self destruct. It is programmed to be spiteful.

Warded Interior (Su): The interior of the Jupiter-9 is constantly under the effect of dimensional lock.

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